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LETTER: ‘Why? The Criminals Have Now Resorted to Complete Vandalism…’

Why? After car robberies on our own property this past summer the criminals have now resorted to complete vandalism. It’s so unnecessary and cruel. And although we have some helpful evidence; the police dept. doesn’t have the “resources” to investigate this further. We even have confirmation from a vendor (where they used our stolen credit card) of a video tape of the thieves and DNA from a cigarette butt and match case they left. So although we “could potentially” catch these guys (and there are two of them) we are at a standstill. That’s why I ask you to post this so that anyone that has any information about robberies or other criminal activity in Burien/Shorewood be on the “ALERT”. They seem to come between 2:-4:30 a.m. We are up before and after these times and stay close at bay. And although the area was well lit with light~ they don’t care, they will break in and steal from you anyway.

We’ve been hit 4 times (that we know of ) so far. The first incident was on August 25th, the 2nd August 28th and the third Sept. 4th. Then this last one as seen below was Monday November 26th. We have camera’s hidden now however it doesn’t replace how violated we feel!!!  also to note some of the items stolen (that we recall); I.D., cash, credit cards, $2,500.00 racing bike, iPhone, coach briefcase and leather business folder and jewelry. Granted we should not be leaving such items in our car (and certainly won’t again). We thought we were in a safe neighborhood, so it just goes to show you… Stay alert and let your neighbors know what’s going on so everyone can “WATCH”. Let’s catch these guys so they don’t think our town is a free for all!!

Tammy (last name redacted at sender’s request)

Here are photos that accompanied this letter – click images to see larger versions/slideshow:

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