LETTER: ‘I was Dismayed to find that Burien has Installed a New Traffic Light…’

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I was dismayed to find that Burien has installed a new traffic light on 1st Avenue at 150th.

One of the things I really like about Burien is that it is NOT the kind of town that needs a traffic light every two blocks. Our traffic planners should be trying to help traffic flow better…not be clogging 1st Avenue more.

I can only assume the light was put in for Toyota customers.

A simple “No Left Turn” sign would have resolved any safety issues from folks trying to make a left turn onto 1st Avenue from 150th.

– Pat Brda

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21 Responses to “LETTER: ‘I was Dismayed to find that Burien has Installed a New Traffic Light…’”
  1. Burienite says:

    You have got to be kidding me. A traffic signal at 1st and 150th was WAY overdue. That is one of the more difficult intersections to turn westward on, and people having to take a free right hand turn to head south on 1st end up waiting a month of Sundays to go.

    Not sure why this is such a shocker. Also, had you paid attention, you would have noticed that the infrastructure for the traffic signal had been in place for some time–going back to when the 1st Ave South Phase-1 project initially started.

    Thank you City of Burien for addressing the long-standing issue of that dangerous intersection.

  2. John says:

    Never had any issues getting onto 1st ave from 150th. Sure you may sit for a car or three but then off I go. Too many lights are bothersome. Used to be able to get through Burien in a lick but now takes 15 minutes sometimes to get from one end to the other. I don’t call that progress.

  3. Rob says:

    I agree with Burienite- That intersection was just unsafe. I personally am glad the city took the initiative to put that signal in.

  4. VERY TIRED says:

    Waste of money. Period.

  5. sallie tierney says:

    Glad we have a light there now. Nearly got hit at that intersection myself on the way to the bank – and have seen a few near-misses. Light is way overdue.

  6. Brian says:

    Personally I’m glad the light is there. I would always avoid turning there because of the traffic and wait time.

    Metro also using that intersection as an alternate reroute. Now it’s much safer now for the busses.

    If you want to talk about clogging traffic on 1st Ave…look at how long the project has gone. Plus with lanes being blocked for weeks when construction is not happening. They can easily open and close the lanes daily or when needed. They are just lazy.

  7. TooManyLights! says:

    I used to purposefully take 150th to 1st (and then take a left) before the addition of other lights on the road. In my opinion, Burien is too light happy. They should change a lot of them to blinking during non peak hours. Although I find people don’t even understand those anymore either.

  8. Wheels says:

    The light was put in so that Burien’s paid staff can get out of Burien as quick as possible at the end of the day and return home to the cities where they prefer to live.

  9. Danthedog says:

    I guess Burien likes to have Christmas trees on every corner

  10. Banker Bob says:

    The light is great! It serves the new Burien Transit Center “Back door” as us riders like to call it. Also, it has become an alternate route for me to get to SR 518. Good job Ciy of Burien. (This time)

  11. Sandy says:

    I agree that was a dangerous intersection …I am glad it was put in it was really hard to cross there…

  12. Lisa says:

    I almost got creamed at that intersection once, kinda glad there’s a light there now.

  13. Patti says:

    I have often thought Burien got a sale (or perhaps kickback) from the traffic light vendor – there are so many on 153rd where stops signs would suffice. We have way many more than are necessary for traffic safety for a city this size.

  14. Unnecessary, a time-waster. “Wheels” is right. Just another example of the City admins squandering your money making small monuments to themselves. This one is no doubt a convenience to themselves, and to the cops. The cops could, of course, always switch on their flashing lights if they were really in a hurry.

    But hey, why not have traffic lights at ALL intersections?! The poor souls here who are trembling over the “dangers” can then have their lives totally under the control of officialdom that wants us 100% safe, filling our lives with warning lights and beepers and buzzers and lock-outs, all computer-controlled for our own good. Just think, soon our official protectors will take the controls of the cars entirely away from us and we’ll be nothing but passengers in our own computer-driven cars. Will you finally feel safe enough at that point?

  15. TcB says:

    It just goes to show the state of mind today when something as truly mundane and trivial as a traffic light on 1st ave can engender such highly emotional responses. I get the feeling that some of you are sitting in your chairs vibrating with energy and just waiting for the next little local story so that you can take “a side”. And when I imagine it, I imagine you as Ren the chihuahua just before he goes on a berserk.
    Calm yourselves down.

  16. SwampCity Smitty says:

    TcB, Elizebeth2,

    Funny! This thread was crucial enough to YOU that YOU had to make your opinions public. So calm yourselves, and don’t get so worked up when others feel like opinionating. Or pick a side and join the fun.

    • TcB says:

      We’re still heading for that “all caps” cliff in the new year. Please do your part to help save capital letters before we’re all in trouble. Also, what a neat moniker.

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