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LETTER: Reader Has Warning About Holiday Season Mail Thefts in Burien

I wanted to report that last Wednesday (12/5) we had mail and packages stolen from our Burien mailbox. I was home at the time of the theft and checked my mailbox within 30 minutes of the package’s arrival according to tracking information. I can only assume these thieves were stalking the mail truck, watching for package deliveries. The packages were opened just a couple of blocks away, merchandise taken, and packaging left behind.

A kind neighbor brought the empty packaging back to our house.

I have reported this to the police, but also want to let residents know that just being home when their packages arrive is not necessarily good enough, since they are being taken almost immediately from the box.

I also wanted to suggest we have a forum where citizens could post descriptions of their stolen items. Purchasers could then check and see if what they’re buying from Craigslist or other local sales sites is listed. Other communities have implemented systems like this (in particular related to bicycle thefts) and successfully decreased the number of local thefts.

I feel like prevention starts in our communities, with individuals taking a stand and watching out for one another. Just reporting an incident to the police isn’t enough.

We must work together locally.

– Kara

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