PHOTO: Fir on Maplewild Ave SW Has Been Turned Into a Holiday Tree

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On the west side of Maplewild Ave SW, just north of where it turns into SW 156th Street as it makes its windy loop down to Burien’s Three Tree Point, a wild fir tree has been adorned with some holiday decorations.

Some red balls have been strategically placed on some branches, and a white flower sits on the top of the tree.

Founder/Publisher Scott Schaefer took a pic of the tree, which luckily survived Monday’s wild windstorm (click image to see larger version):

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5 Responses to “PHOTO: Fir on Maplewild Ave SW Has Been Turned Into a Holiday Tree”
  1. I don’t know who started decorating this tree, but it’s received additions of new ornaments every few days. What fun. What a simple bright spot for us all. “Thank you” to the mystery tree decorator(s).

  2. Feral Dog says:

    Looks like Christmas tree to me,,
    But then again, I`m not really sure what WTF a holiday tree is..
    Could somebody maybe explain to me what a holiday tree is?
    Is it something that somebody who doesn`t believe in Christ puts up because their neighbors did and they think they should or is it something someone who doesn`t know what else to around this time of year and doesn`t want to be classified a scrooge or answer questions as to why they have no CHRISTMAS tree or anything up or is it someone who fears they may offend somebody who doesn`t believe the same as they do so they suppress their beliefs or (which if that is the reason, you truly don`t belief anyways or what.??? Because I`ll tell you. I still and will always say
    Merry Christmas. …if it offends you, tough.
    Actually, nobody needs to answer of this, I really don`t give a rats behind about any holiday tree, but maybe somebody could tell me why if they are a holiday tree, why are they only sold around CHRISTMAS time?
    What was that saying many years ago, when in Rome,,,,,

    • othersideofthetracks says:

      I dont know why because like you, there is no such thing as a but I`ll give you a possibility. A holiday tree is what atheists call it because they cant think of a more “politically correct” term for it and still protect their
      paganism beliefs..*lol*..

  3. carol devos says:

    What is a wild fir tree? It looks like a self-seeded Douglas-fir to me. We have no domesticated Douglas-fir. Even those started in nurseries will grow the same as trees self-seeded in the forest.

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