PHOTOS: Some Scenes from Monday’s Devastating Windstorm

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As light illuminated the Burien area, it became obvious that Monday morning’s strong windstorm caused a lot of damage to the south end.

Power is out for many, Comcast was out for us (but is back now), Sylvester Road is blocked from a fallen tree hanging over a power line, the field at the Cove in Normandy Park is underwater, as are parts of the north parking lot at the Des Moines Marina.

SW 172nd at Three Tree Point is taking a hammering as well, with many cabanas being damaged and debris in the roadway.

As we learn more we’ll update this post. If you have any reports or photos please email [email protected] and we’ll try to post them.

We’re also updating our Facebook Page as well so find us there too!

Here are some pics from this morning’s aftermath:

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8 Responses to “PHOTOS: Some Scenes from Monday’s Devastating Windstorm”
  1. Rob Halpin says:

    14ft king tides really didn’t help us out much.
    Such terrible timing.
    My heart goes out to all those affected.

  2. Eaton B. Verz says:

    Cmon Scott, that’s no Fiat, that’s a LEAF!!! Your Greenie neighbors will have your head on a paper platter for that one. Good thing it had a full charge!!

  3. W J says:

    I remember about 30 years ago there was a storm that was just as bad, if not worse, at 3TP.

  4. Hotrodgal says:

    Century Link went on the fritz at about 5:15 am and I saw a huge dead tree destined for
    street-side power lines in Boulevard Park…it was weighed down by tons of ivy growing in it.

  5. PattieB says:

    I don’t know when people claimed that beach area on 172 but it’s time RIGHT NOW to reclaim that as public access. A friend of mine who has had legal beach access for 50 yrs took. his 2yr old down at low tide and had his toddler in a little floatations boat. A resident came out and screamed that he was trespassing. She called some neighbors to help keep him there. She ran back to her house and came back with a knife and slashed the babies boat up. It was a horrible situation. This is not infrequent. The public needs access to our waterfront and it simply wrong for people to “appropriate” waterfront public property building on it at night (permits? Taxes? Building codes and permits?). We used to have some access on the corner until huge concrete blocks were put there. Now is the time to take back that property as at the very least “eminent domain”.

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