FOLLOWUP: More Details Released on Family-Run Drug Ring Bust in Area

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An 8-month investigation conducted by the King County Sheriff’s Office resulted in the seizure of narcotics, guns, money and the arrest of eight people – seven of whom were family members – for trafficking narcotics in the Burien area (read our previous coverage here).

The investigation started in April when detectives learned about a narcotics dealer that had the reputation of selling high-quality cocaine and heroin in the Burien area. Detectives learned that the suspect had been sought by investigators before for dealing narcotics but would shut down his operation when he suspected police were closing in.

Detectives spent months conducting surveillance on the suspect’s residence and other locations they learned were connected to the operation. On Tuesday (Dec. 18), the King County Sheriff’s Office served search warrants on six locations including a residence in the 1600 block of SW 116 Street in Burien and a residence in the 1200 block of SW 107th Street in White Center. The other locations included a residence and storage unit in Renton, along with a house in Federal Way.

Eight adults, seven of them family members, were arrested in the raids and 6 children were placed in CPS custody.

In total items seized were:

  • 1.25 pound of cocaine with a street value of $22,000
  • 6 ounces of heroin with a street value of $2,000
  • $65,371 in US Currency
  • 5 firearms all of which appeared to be packaged for transport into Mexico
  • 5 vehicles valued at $60,000

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17 Responses to “FOLLOWUP: More Details Released on Family-Run Drug Ring Bust in Area”
  1. Coverofnight says:

    That’s a mean-looking shotgun; anyone know what kind that is?

  2. Feral dog says:

    I do, Its a Mossberg 500 persuader

  3. Feral Dog says:

    Matter of fact, I do, It`s a Mossberg 500 persuader..
    One of if not the best for home-defense.
    If you ever want to try one let me know.

    • Coverofnight says:

      Feral: Thanks for the invite (’cause I would like to try one), but I may have ticked off some people on this blog and, if you’re one of them, I don’t want to walk into a trap!

      They do look pretty awesome on the YouTube demonstation videos…..!

  4. Wanker says:

    Another reason guns should be outlawed. Who knows If this gun has been used to kill in the past to commit a crime, but the intent in the future was there, or else they wouldn’t have had it.

    The argument of outlawing guns just ensures that legal owners don’t have them, but criminals still do, is valid, but only for a period of time. Eventually, as criminals guns are confiscated, the overall amount and availability of guns will drop. Plus, as it was reported, packaged money was found with the belief it was to be shipped to MX. You would have to think the reduction in weapons heading south would assist our neighbors to the south with their bloodshed.

    • Karl says:

      But the US government has been sending guns south (See the “Fast and Furious” gun running scheme by the ATF ). So this must be a good thing! Even a ATF agent’s personal handgun was found at a Mexican murder scene.

      • Coverofnight says:

        Good point, Karl….having this government try to control gun ownership by responsible, law-abiding citizens (like me) while at the same time sending these same weapons down to known criminals to use on citizens (Mexican and American) is the height of hypocrisy!

        And about outlawing guns completely to keep them off the streets….one only needs to look at what making meth, cocaine and heroin illegal has done to keep those off the streets!

        Am SO disappointed with our “representative” government on all levels – they truly can’t see the forest for the trees on any issue!

      • Wanker says:

        What does that have to do with anything? That is a major blunder that happened in the past. Gun control is more about what happens going forward.

        Regardless of weather we agree or not, have a merry Christmas.

        • Karl says:

          Gun control seems like a poor way to fix a broken mental health system.

          Wanker… that firearm could also be used by a single mother defending herself and her children from a violent home invasion. Are you willing to say her and her child’s life should be forfeited to the larger, stronger invader using a bat or knife or fists to kill?

    • Barry says:

      Sounds like a Big Brother sort of thing. Take away the guns, then it will be something else, then something else. Do you really want governmental controls over your life more than what you have now? You and many like you will be the first one’s complaining when something does happen and the cops can’t get there. You’ll be yelling fowl and wondering why your government didn’t protect you.

      How many times do people have to say it. Guns are not the issue or the problem. It’s the people behind them. Stop the people and you stop the issues. Education people and youth about guns and violence and you will do way better than removing guns. Those same people, will just find something else to do violent things with. Bats, knives, bombs, cars, poisonous chemicals, and the list can go on. So maybe we should outlaw everything on the planet then you would be happy.

  5. Armed and safe says:

    As the NRA stated, the only thing that stops bad people with guns are good people with guns. In fact if everyone had a gun then there would be no question we when a criminal thought about commiting a crime; they would know each person was armed and could defend themself. We should make commiting crimes with guns a much more harsh penalty; maybe we should cut their hands off so they can never do it again. This is pretty extrereme, but so is the crazy thought of taking every gun away.

    Criminals have lots of time on their hands to thing about doing bad things and will always come up with new ways to commit crimes against us. Taking our guns away just means it will be that much easier for them to do what they want.

  6. Hotrodgal says:

    Whoa…amazing how an article about these lowlifes running a drug operation in YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD rolls into a lengthily discussion on gun control. If the guns were destined south to worsen conditions in a warring country, so be it. Let them shoot themselves.

    What probably would have stayed here in our area were the drugs and the spreading culture of the people selling and using them.
    Put yourself in the shoes of someone (maybe your kid?) looking for easy money with a social group to boot. THAT scenario is what your kids see…big bucks, influential groups of party people, flashy clothes, plus cheap, easy to score drugs.

    ABOVE ALL, keep a very close eye on your kid’s peer choices. We DO have the power to help prevent the next generation of gun toting, drug dealing lowlifes.
    We need to report ALL suspicious activity and run these slime out of our neighborhoods!

    Kudos to all involved in removing these creeps from our area!

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