LETTER: ‘Grinch’ Steals Christmas Lights from Bushes Near Home on 21st SW

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I live on 21st Ave SW and thought I would put some lights out on the bushes near my home when to my dismay they were only up for 3 days and they were stolen.

And I have noticed that some of my neighbors lights are missing as well.

Maybe our police patrols could spend more time on 21st since it is a VERY popular walking route for many people and there pets. I see and/or hear cars as well as Metro buses speeding way past the 25 mph.

Can we get a little more attention over here on the west side of Burien?

Looks like cameras are on my to do list this weekend.

I hope they needed the lights more than I and that it was just not malicious teenage behavior.

How morally low to do this on Christmas of all times.

– Diane

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17 Responses to “LETTER: ‘Grinch’ Steals Christmas Lights from Bushes Near Home on 21st SW”
  1. jimmy says:

    contact king county metro for the bus speeding they track stuff like that or buy a speed radar gun it may also just seem as if there going fast and your light were probly snatch by some dumb kid that dident think twice about it next time mayby hook up a electric fence next to the lights so if they grab the light’s they get a nice zapp teach the punk a lesson also you could try zip tying your lights to the bushes to make it harder for them to be pulled off

  2. Nathan says:

    Maybe it was your neighbor and they just couldn’t stand looking at your tacky lights.

  3. Burienite says:

    I just saw a fellow on my security camera do a drive-up-grab outside my house in Gregory Heights- he took an old piece of metal that’s been sitting out for a while (we missed pulling it for a dump rum), so I’m not upset about it going, but… huh.

  4. sallie tierney says:

    Theft is never a pretty matter – but it’s rather poetic that some poor soul was so desperate for light in a dark time that they would steal the light from shrubbery. Have to hope it brings them joy. (Up until they get the City Light bill. :-))

  5. Kim says:

    Our neighborhood just had a garage broken into and all the mail boxes along Occidental between 128th and 112th were opened and mail stolen,all happen on Christmas Eve…

  6. John Poitras says:

    Its a no brainer we need to hire more police for Burien. Jack Block has tried to introduce legislation more than once mandating the city manager hire more police especially since there is federal funding available to mitigate the cost and has been stymied by the majority on the council.
    Rose Clark Brian Bennett Jerry Robison and Joan McGilton who are in the majority on the council apparently think we have enough police.
    Ever noticed that speeding is endemic in Burien and the reason for that is we do not have enough police to enforce speeding laws as they are too busy addressing higher priority crimes.
    Don’t get me wrong. What police we have on duty do a great job. We just need more of them.

    • PanderBear Jack says:

      I remember watching that vote on the internet broadcast. It was ALSO shot down by your own buddy, Councilmember Robert Edgar.

      • John Poitras says:

        Are you saying you don’t think we need more police in Burien?
        I hope not.

        Btw .. Bob Edgar is FOR increasing police services in our city along with Lucy and Jack.

        • jimmy says:

          of corse we need more cops in burien but if that happen then in a year or so john you and the 6 others can write along borning letter to editor about why you keep getting pulled over all the time and then blame it on the city and mike martin

          • John Poitras says:

            The only way we will get more cops is if one or more of the current majority are voted out of office and if that happens Mike Martin will soon follow..

            Try and keep up Jimmy… or whoever you are really.

  7. Mike says:

    Does anyone know what heppened to the crime maps on this site? I like to check it daily to spot crime trends.

    • We removed the Crime Map after receiving numerous requests to correct what someone claimed was the wrong photo for a Registered Sex Offender in Burien. FYI, we had NO control over what R.S.O. photos appeared, and we did our best to correct the mistake via the company (crimereports.com) that provides the map. However, the company then told us the only way to get the correct photo was to “upgrade” the map and pay $100/month for the “correct” version. Then the person who requested correcting the sex offender photo mentioned that they were considering suing us for posting the wrong photo. We then removed the map. There ya go – some behind-the-scenes fun of doing a local blog! thanks, scott

  8. Jeff Healea says:

    I believe I know one of the people involved in the possibly the mail theft.garage break in, but also in dozens of other theft related crimes that have been happening recently. If you have had anything stolen lately check craigslist. My cousin has been supporting his meth addiction for quite sometime by stealing from anyone he possibly can. He is homeless and often rides around at night on a bike with a few other meth addicts, stealing from open garages, unlocked cars, mailboxes… He has no job or income yet is able to stay high on meth 24/7 every single day by stealing from the community of Burien/White Center/Normandy Park. I have filed police reports, chased him in my car after catching him car prowling a neighbors car, but nothing has come of any of this. All I know is he is a menace to the community.

    His latest steals have been adult/elderly care items and breathing apparatuses, ski books and snowboarding equiptment, a starbyucks barista machine, a inflatable minnie mouse xmas lawn decoration, a slow cooker, a cake vice, headgear, a juicer, snow helmuts, some car ports and hoses for a vw i believe, various computers and laptops, a pacific cyclone bike…..

    • tophat topcat says:

      Sounds like my son and his friends. These are the kind of people living in our neighborhoods that we should all be aware of. Tweekers will always take what is not theirs and sell it to support their meth habit. Why are the cops not onto these lowlife criminals?

    • Concerned citizen says:

      This wouldnt have anything to do with the group of homeless adults walking the neighborhood talking to themselves and pushing shopping carts full of items would it? Saw the one thin blond lady with two overflowing carts walking down 136th towards 8th Ave South the other day…..chiristmas lights and lawn decorations and luggage and all sorts of things stacked on them, very odd. I guess what is even odder is I drove on by not knowing if I should call the cops or not…. The other day when I saw her, the cart was empty, so I seriously wonder if she just walks the streets picking stuff up!

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