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LETTER: ‘Grinch’ Steals Christmas Lights from Bushes Near Home on 21st SW

I live on 21st Ave SW and thought I would put some lights out on the bushes near my home when to my dismay they were only up for 3 days and they were stolen.

And I have noticed that some of my neighbors lights are missing as well.

Maybe our police patrols could spend more time on 21st since it is a VERY popular walking route for many people and there pets. I see and/or hear cars as well as Metro buses speeding way past the 25 mph.

Can we get a little more attention over here on the west side of Burien?

Looks like cameras are on my to do list this weekend.

I hope they needed the lights more than I and that it was just not malicious teenage behavior.

How morally low to do this on Christmas of all times.

– Diane

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