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PHOTOS: Collage of a Local Coyote Pup

BTB Contributor Brett Fish sent us this great collage of a Coyote he spotted recently, obviously from a very close distance:

CoyoteCollage123012 [1]

“This coyote pup is a regular visitor doing the daily maintenance of keeping the place free of rodents,” Brett told us. “They also hunt down rabbits, loose cats and small dogs if they get hungry enough.”

Be wary of your pets, and heed this advice from the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife [2] if you encounter a Coyote:

Coyotes are curious but timid animals and will generally run away if challenged. However, remember that any wild animal will protect itself or its young. Never instigate a close encounter.

If a coyote ever approaches too closely, pick up small children immediately and act aggressively toward the animal. Wave your arms, throw stones, and shout at the coyote. If necessary, make yourself appear larger by standing up (if sitting) or stepping up onto a rock, stump, or stair. The idea is to convince the coyote that you are not prey, but a potential danger.

Where coyote encounters occur regularly, keep noisemaking and other scare devices nearby. A starter pistol can be effective; so can a vinegar-filled super soaker or a powerful spray of water from a hose. Where pyrotechnics are out of the question, construct a “clapper” (Fig. 5). A solid walking stick, pepper spray, or paintball gun are powerful deterrents at close range.

If a coyote continues to act in an aggressive or unusual way, call your local wildlife office or state patrol.

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