PHOTOS: Dock Washed Up on Burien Beach Most Likely NOT Tsunami Debris

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Story & Photos by Scott Schaefer

We knew it’d be unlikely – since it’d have to have drifted all the way from Japan, through the Strait of Juan de Fuca, down through Puget Sound and to our ‘hood – but just to make sure, we conducted our own inspection of a dock that washed up on the beach in Burien’s Three Tree Point neighborhood Monday (Jan. 7; read our previous coverage here).

And we can safely say we’re 99% certain that it is NOT tsunami debris from Japan, like other docks that have washed up on the Washington and Oregon coasts.

The dock, which appears to be from a marina, currently rests on the upper part of the beach in the 3500 block of SW 172nd. BTB Founder/Publisher Scott Schaefer crawled all over and around the dock Tuesday afternoon (Jan. 8), looking for any kind of Japanese writing or other evidence that the structure might be tsunami debris.

He found none.

In fact, there’s strong evidence to indicate that this dock is from within Puget Sound and made right here in America, as there is English lettering around rusty bolts that secure wooden bumpers to the top, as well as on the cleats (see closeup photos below).

Heck, this dock even had a connection for cable TV, as part of a severed coax cable is still attached to it!

The bad news is that apparently the responsibility for removing the large dock lies on the shoulders of the property owner whose beach it’s on (nobody appeared to be home when we were there), and Styrofoam particles are now spreading all over the beach, broken off by waves that continue to hammer it at high tide. In fact, there’s so much Styrofoam on the beach near the dock that at first glance it looks like snow.

So, all you workers at state agencies, or Producers for the Japanese network NHK (one actually called us last night asking about the dock!), there’s no need to worry that this is tsunami debris.

At least we think so.

Of course, we could be wrong – what if it’s an American-made dock that was at a Japanese marina? Hmmm…anyone want to go scour it for invasive marine life?

Here are some pics of the dock (click images to see larger versions/slideshow):

3TPDock-1 3TPDock-2 3TPDock-4 3TPDock-5 3TPDock-7 3TPDock-9 3TPDock-8 3TPDock-12 3TPDock-13 3TPDock-10 3TPDock-11

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One Response to “PHOTOS: Dock Washed Up on Burien Beach Most Likely NOT Tsunami Debris”
  1. Jean Spohn says:

    The dock came with lots of styrofoam that trashed the beach. Ingrid assembled a group of five and today we filled twelve garbage bags with the nasty stuff. Maybe we saved a few shore birds.

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