Burien City Council Retreat – Set for Saturday – Has Been Canceled

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The City of Burien announced Thursday (Jan. 10) that “the Burien City Council Retreat scheduled on Saturday, January 12, 2013, has been canceled.”

No reason was given.

The retreat will be rescheduled, and as we learn more we’ll update the blog.

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44 Responses to “Burien City Council Retreat – Set for Saturday – Has Been Canceled”
  1. Hotrodgal says:

    Big surprise…a publicly visible meeting cancelled.

    Yup, a non-member of their “club” got voted in shifting the voting %.
    Now they cancel a meeting so, I suspect, they can plan a defense in secret
    and find a way of making the vote not count.

    Yes, I am cynical.

    Poor them, the old crowd is upset they’ve been forced to
    follow citizen wishes…a council majority that actually acts on
    what Burien residents want.

    Lucy is a great choice…she pays attention, stays out of
    trouble, has a level head, but mostly cares a lot for all of
    us living here… Congratulations Lucy!!

    This town’s shift in leadership is good for Burien.

    Very, very good for us…we need this kind of change in Burien.
    And we need this kind of courage to get it done.

    I really don’t think we need a major change in government type
    and can live with having council-member-style as our current form of
    government, if those council members are less self-serving and
    more devoted to the citizens needs and wishes.

    Sorry I sound the way I do but I have never seen a towns’ leaders
    act so sneaky as I have with the folks running Burien.

  2. Fred says:

    So let’s look at what has been happening with the Council and the city staff in the last few months. Council meetings were cancelled for vacations and medical leaves. Everything important was supposed to stop until all the Council members would be present. Now the Retreat is cancelled. However, notice these folks are still picking up their pay check and medical benefit stipends. They are not refusing to take them because they have not been working. There are some members of the Council who are afraid to meet in public to review the mess they made last year.

    Last year a major portion of the city staff time was squandered on annexation. By March 2012, citizens on Advisory Boards were told the staff did not have time to work with them because the staff time was to be devoted to annexation, Michael LaF., Dan T., Nhan N., Steve B. Then there was the Kids and Cops staff wasted time, too. Miike LaF. and nine of his staff members just voted themselves an award and had 10 days off at citizen expense. The City Manager/ Mike M. was off during the Holiday week and so were several of his directors. Remember Mike M. had 2 vacations this summer also. So who really was runnning the City Hall over the Holiday week? The Planning Commission has not met in months. But the staff still picked up their paychecks. The only ones who seem to be working in the city are the citizens to pay for all of these salaries through their taxes.

    If there is so little work to be done, perhaps it is time to start reducing staff or look at why there appears to be no city work that needs to be done or the citizens need to seek another form of government that really works for the citizens.

    Please recall that Council member Robison stated at the last Retreat that the only legacy he wanted to leave Burien was the annexation of North Highline. Now that annexation has failed, perhaps he and a few other Council members feel they have no obligation to keep working for the city. The City Manager’s evaluation is coming up this month. The cancellation of meetings, failed annexation, spending into the reserves, dysfunction of the Council(just to mention a few things) should all be reflected in his evaulation as poor management performance.

    • may says:


      We in Burien have this mess because people like Mike M. hire their own friends. Friends hire their friends. The reason is also..they do not want to face the public unill the Shoreline Master Plan has been approved. Do you know (and I say it again) most of the people on the council are involved in Real Estate.

      Contractors that will be hired (also their friend) will have it easier to build and do whatever they want. Thanks to some of the people that are so corrupt and run this council.

      Here you have Brian Bennett (Seattle Times 2012) he is a friend of Bob Ferguson.
      Bob F. sits next to Reagan Dunn on the Metropoitan City Coucil.

      Jennifer Dunn (Reagan D. Mother Congresswoman) was in DC and had a helper by the name of Ashley Slater. You can look Ashley up on the internet.

      Ashley Slater works for McBee Stratigic, However, her picture was removed from the companies website when Reagan Dunn ran for State attroney general.

      Who fired the Federal Lobbiest Hemstra (former city of burien lobbiest) and hired McBee Stratigic? Who’s idea was it?

      So here we have..Brian Bennett thats a friend of Bob Ferguson. Bob sits next to Reagan Dunn on the Metro Council. Joan McGilton sits next to Reagan Dunn on some kind of committee. Reagan also has a brother and his name is Bryant. Jane Houge also on the metro council (she is the wife of Edward Springman (Real estate) Bryant had at one time office space in a building that Edward springman owns.

      Now you have McBee Stratigic (federal lobbiest ) and Ashley slater works there. A lady that worked for Jennifer Dunn. How is this possible? They fired a good man in Hemstra and hired their friends….and that is why they are hidding and everything is on hold.

      This goes also with the annexation. More Land ..more money …more contracts.

      How did Michael Martin find Maiya Andrews? if you look on the net you will find there information that there were hair raising questions about her too. A company she worked for got more contracts. Do some research and you will find out alot. I think then you understand.

      its all about Real Estate and it never sleeps. And Real Estate is very corrupt. There needs to be a huge investigation and some of the people that sit on this council need to resign. They do not work for the people of Burien but for themselves and their friends.

      • Sane says:

        Was there any recent program to give out laptops with internet connection to insane asylum residents?

        • may says:

          Do they have “programs” for Uneducated and uninformed people?……….see the problem is that if we had really smart people, the situation with this “corrupt” council would have never come to the point it is now. Why don’t you go and educate yourself. This must not be to hard.

          • Sane says:

            May – Bob Ferguson and Reagan Dunn opposed each other in one of the most divisive races in Washington State history, and the real estate industry supported Dunn. But don’t let that stop you. Mike Martin almost certainly knows someone who knows someone who knows Kevin Bacon, so whatever you do, DO NOT REMOVE THE TINFOIL HAT FROM YOUR HEAD.

          • may says:

            Sane…..your a coward and miss the whole point. I bet this “corrupt” council just loves you. I am not going to argue with an Ignorant person. I believe that the FBI should be involved again. Just like they were in San Fancisco when Willie Brown was Mayor there. There are some great articles written about the “corruption there” …go find them on the Web. This council is doing the same thing here like the mayor did then. Hire their friends.
            This corruption reaks all the way to high heaven. What they are doing is a huge conflict of interest. And you are one of them because you support all if this.

  3. John Poitras says:

    Typical behavior from the current blood sucking, waste of money majority on the council!

  4. jimmy says:

    has anyone ever look up the defenion of conspiracy theory do you guys really think that city is trying to go bankrupt becuse if they do that then they won’t get a paycheck so i don’t think trying to do that yes they might make some errors and you might some differance of opinion on things but to trash talk the city govment over and over whats the point are they even reading any of your comments i mean yeah it gets your view out into the public but then you just end up bickering back and forth with people on here and looking like a internet troll ahh maybe i should the censor the word troll i don’t want to offend any of you ahh owell you guys will bicker anyways

    • jimmy says:

      sorry there’s a extra the

      • eaton B. Verz says:

        Hey TcB, Get your spelling badge out and write a citation!!!! Jimmy is posting again….

        Don’t worry jimmy, I too am a product of the Hiline school distrct..It’s all good

      • John Poitras says:

        If you are concerned about grammar Jimmy, forget about the extra “the” and look up the meaning of “run on sentences”. Also have you ever heard of something called “punctuation”?

    • John Poitras says:

      Speaking of Trolls Jimmy you are the poster boy of internet trolls..
      You stalk and attack anyone that dare to criticize Mike Martin or your do nothing buddies on the council.
      Do you even have a clue what a city council member makes?

  5. may says:


    Ethics ordinance a positive step forward

    June 3, 2011

    By Staff

    The City Council’s recent ethics ordinance — which most notably aims to keep employees from signing off on contracts in return for jobs — is a fantastic step forward. However, this ordinance should also apply to members of the Newcastle City Council.

    The existing code of ethics was too broad and did not hold employees accountable, whereas the new ordinance does — through fines. This new degree of accountability should give residents a higher level of confidence in their government.

    The ordinance — which applies to employees for one year after they leave the city — should also discourage suspicious situations from originating, such as the departure of former Public Works Director Maiya Andrews. After resigning in February 2010, Andrews took a job with contractor CH2M Hill, which she worked with on the Coal Creek Parkway and Newcastle Transit Improvement projects.

    There is no evidence that Andrews used her power at the city to obtain a job with the company. In fact, City Manager Rob Wyman said it would be reasonable to assume she would not have been subject to the new regulations had they been in place when she left the city and joined CH2M Hill.

    Nevertheless, the situation is a hair-raiser. When Andrews recommended change to the city’s contracts with C.A. Carey Corp. and Marshbank Construction, CH2M Hill was given more work to manage and more money from the city.

    Even if there is no wrongdoing, these types of situations adversely impact the city’s image and diminish residents’ trust. The new regulations may not apply to situations like that of Maiya Andrews, but they may discourage them, and the ordinance proves the city is serious about such ethical issues.

    It is refreshing to see this ordinance apply to the entire city staff, but it only makes sense to apply these regulations to the elected members of the council. Although each individual member of the council has no authority on his or her own, each plays a role in making the most significant decisions in the city.

    The ordinance is well-written, and only substantial conflicts of interest would be in violation. If a member of the council is found guilty of such a conflict of interest, he or she should face the same fine as a member of the city staff.

    Other Stories of Interest: City Council, Coal Creek Parkway, Newcastle city staff, Newcastle Transit Center

    Written by Staff · Filed Under Editorial

    • John Poitras says:

      Typical of Mike Martin to hire someone of questionable ethics like Maiya Andrews since he himself has questionable ethics.. This hire is a perfect example of why we need to change our style of government to a mayoral style so a city employee like Martin would be subject to scrutiny and oversight on hires like this one.
      Unlike the way it is now where he as executive hires at his own questionable discretion. Giving this guy executive authority is like letting a fox use the chicken coop as his own private game reserve.

      • may says:

        John….I have a question.
        Can you tell me…where is the area that this council is trying to “downzone”. They talked about there are about 200 or some homes? This is another one of “their” slick operations. I have a feeling that they want to downzone so people are forced to sell. Then their friends can move in and “develop” the land.

        • John Poitras says:

          My understanding is that they want to down zone so they can build high density apartments .. The end result is exactly what you suspect will happen.

  6. TcB says:

    So “downzone” means to reduce the density that you can build in an area, you all know this right? How would down zoning allow higher density development? Bait and switch, obfuscate, fear uncertainty doubt? Why are the experts around the council the least willing to work, they just write letters?

    • John Poitras says:

      Tcb.. I attended the council meeting when this change was discussed.. Down Zone or relaxing the rules on what can be built in a zone is the point. Its no secret the reason the majority on the council and special interests want to do this is to make it possible to build high density apartments in this area of North Highline.. I have commented on it in a previous thread. That fact is not in dispute.

      • TcB says:

        Down zone does not mean relaxing the rules. It means tightening the rules to keep higher density from being built. “Down” in this case means “lower” density. The definition is available from Merriam-Webster http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/downzone

        • John Poitras says:


          A RE-zoning of the area of North Highline to allow higher density apartments is what is being considered by the council.. Don’t get lost in the semantics..

          • TcB says:

            If the word “down” zone is used, and what you’ve been using prior to this point, the the meaning is lower density. If you are now refocusing your argument please let me know. Semantics are not something to “get lost in”. They are central to any argument. We need to understand more, not less.

  7. Sane says:

    May – given the complexity of the schemes involved, maybe INTERPOL would be more appropriate? Joking aside, Washington State has some of the most comprehensive ethics and public disclosure laws in the world. Corruption, and accusations of corruption, are very serious matters. You either need to put up or shut up, unless you want to be accused of slander.

    • TcB says:

      Slander is spoken. Libel is written.

    • may says:

      Sane———–remember “corruption” is the word.

      At least people are thinking about this now and talk.
      Actually my dear….there is more that I have Not talked about yet. But in time I will release that information too and then people will ask more questions.

      By the way….have you looked up Willie Brown and the Corruption in San Francisco? …….and Please don’t talk to me about “ethics”.You need to question their ethics. I stand by what I say.

      I have only spoken the truth. I am tired by these people that are running this show thinking that the cititzens are just bunch of idiots. This is not ok. Time after time I watch people address this council and them being just humilated. Our citizens are just being made fools off. I want them to know that there are people out there that pay very close attention to what they are doing.

      What do they say….the truth always come out…sooner or later.

    • John Poitras says:

      Sane.. or is it Insane?.. You are new or you are a reincarnation of a previous troll so unless you are beyond comprehension naive.. Its not complex at all unless you are blowing smoke which it appears you are.. I suggest that you tone down YOUR rhetoric and be a little more civil . May makes a good case and you are defending the indefensible.. Are you going to accuse me of slander now too? I suggest you get your law book out first and educate yourself as to the meaning of the word..

      • Debi Wagner says:

        May: In case you are new to the blog, the people who usually make very harsh remarks against reason, responsibility and good common sense governing today are, I suspect, the same people who used similar kinds of rude and obnoxious statements against people who opposed annexation to get them to stop posting. Put up or shut up is telling to me. So if you wonder who these people are, Sane & TcB for instance, (maybe just one or two people), follow the money at the PDC. Pro annexation financial support from Burien came from officials on the planning commission and Burien city council. Please don’t let their remarks deter your interesting, well researched details we benefit from hearing.

        • may says:

          Debi, thank you so much. This means alot to me. I have worked on things for a long long time….and watching. I was determined to find out about alot of things. What is going on with this council can not continue. I saw you when you were speaking to this council. Your a smart woman. We all need to get together and talk about how we put a stop to all of this. See the thing is…..talking to them without answers will not get the job done. There needs to be action.

        • TcB says:

          Debi, don’t mention my name unless I ask you to. I originally supported the right of the people of the area of White Center to be allowed to choose their destiny, and they did, and now it’s over. I was not pro annexation or anti annexation, just pro democracy. I am not two people, or some important person hiding behind an anonymous name. I am an actual, real resident, one who was born in the area, grew up here, elementary, middle school, high school. Parents live here. I moved around, it’s true, I haven’t been here my entire life. But i’ve been back at least as long as John Poitras, and I vote. So leave me alone.

          • Eaton B. Verz says:

            Short memory TcB. You were pro annexation all the way. Go back and look at your comments. They have archives here…..

          • John Poitras says:

            We may not always agree TcB but I agree… you are not part of the pro-annexation “Mike Martin can do no wrong” cabal ,although to be fair, unless one if familiar with the entire body of your work it is understandable that people might assume that you are/were.

  8. TcB says:

    After looking at the proposals on the city website, there are a couple of up zone plans on ambaum, in a specific parcel, a fix to some zones on first ave, and some plans for a specific parcel in boulevard park for up zone. A big yawn.

  9. TcB says:

    On a slightly unrelated note, I think all this sniping around would make a compelling radio show for SKIR. Who’s willing to take me up on it?

  10. John Poitras says:

    Talk Radio on SKIR .. Sounds like a good idea to me.. Maybe we can reduce Limbaaah’s audience with a little reality bites? Lol..

  11. Fred says:

    To May,

    Thank you for your comments about Mr. Hemstra. He was a good lobbist for the City of Burien and got us most of the grant monies for the Town Square project. Then suddenly his contract was not renewed. When Council members Lucy K. and Edgar asked that he at least be recognized for his work for the city, they were ignored by Mr. Martin. Then Lucy K. and Edgar asked why he was let go and were told by Mike Martin that Mr. Hemstra charged too much. Shortly after that the new contract was awarded to McBee. This contract was not put out for any bid and actually Mr.Hemstra would have charged less than McBee for the same work. Mike Martin then said that McBee was hired because he was the same lobbist who worked for the Port of Seattle and that is why we should have him. Even more interesting is that Mr. Hemstra actually worked on getting the materials written by the federal govt. that McBee is now going to try and lobby for. Hemstra knows the issues and materials better than McBee and would have cost us less. So the real question remains why was McBee really hired because the Council didn’t request to have Hemstra gotten rid of and they didn’t really ask to have McBee hired. This whole scheme was put together by Mike Martin to hire McBee. Again why?

    Sadly, the City of Burien appeared to be really rude and inconsiderate to Mr. Hemstra who had done a very good job for Burien without so much as a thank you. While the new council members may not have known the whole story at least Joan, Rose and Jack did and still allowed Hemstra to be treated very badly by Mike Martin. Shame on them. But it also shows that the council is not really running the show. They are allowing Mr. Martin to run the show the way he wants and not always to the best interest of the citizens of Burien.

  12. may says:


    I explained everything in my post above. Most of the people on this council are working together.
    They are all in Real Estate. Through my research and serching for information, I learned who is really running the State of Washington. It is the Wallace Family. Every connection leads to them. There have been many articles in the Seattle Times (2012). about alot of their shady friends.

    Do some earching and you’ll find it….for example,

    Hazelrigg knows Mastro….
    Mastro on the run right now in France…had dealings with Wallace.
    Wallace (Kevin or Robert) knows Bennett, Dunn, Springman, and whoever else is involved in Real Estate.

    Before Brian Bennett was selected to be mayor about 2 weeks earlier, I had a feeling this would happen. This is all part of their plan. Was Joan influenced by Reagan Dunn to give up her seat to him?

    They are taking everything over just like they have done in my Condo Complex. My condo complex was blindly coerced into signing and updating our declaration by someone that bought a condo here. Trusting this individual we signed and that was the end of it. With the help of Mr.Strichartz (lawyer and their friend) on Queen Anne Hill, They won.
    Norman Mccue,,,friend of the Wallace Family …won. After this,,,this individual that moved in got his friends to buy condos here and today they took everything over. This is how I became involved in doing searches. And I learned alot.
    So here you have Norman McCue (real estate Bellevue) Wallace…Dunn,,,and the list goes on…all in Real Estate.

    Oh yes, they also work with an insurance agent that gets all the contracts when they take over a complex. I have tried to talk to other homeowners to no avail, when you have ignorant people to deal with, you get nothing done.There is lots of cash involved.
    Year after year they are laughing all the way to the Bank. You can’t vote them out because they have their friends here.

    This is the same with this Burien Council, you can’t get rid of them because their friends are there.
    Nobody can do anything unless something drastic will happen.

    There needs to be a federal investigation because friends are hiring their friends. When you have one currupt person in an organization and they hire another corrupt what do you think will happen ine future? You can not get out of it because soon they take over and run the show. This is what happend to this council. Nothing in the future will pass.

    Brian Bennett to me is a “wolf in sheeps clothing” waiting for his rescue when the ladies that sit next to him are absent. He needs Joan McGilton because she is close to Reagan Dunn.

    See, she is so blinded about everything, she will protect him just like Rose Clark…actually to me this council has become a joke. This needs to be on a reality show every week. I would never address these corrupt individuals.

    As I said before…McBee are Reagan Dunns friends…and one hand washes the other.

    When this council changed over to McBee, I went to their website and saw a picture of Ashley Slater and her Bio that mentiond she worked for Jennifer Dunn (former congress woman and mother of Reagan Dunn) They removed her picture when he ran for State Attorney,

    I am pretty smart and follow them every step of their way. If you go to Facebook.com you will see who their friends are. Guess what…Kevin Walllace is one of Reagan Dunn’s Frends. See they are all work together and get the job done. We have to form a committee and get our job done against them. I am telling you ,,,this story is so huge by the time it all comes out in the wash it will be a huge scandal. . I think they think they can get away with everything because they are all lawyers and know how to get around everything? This is so slick.

    The are others that are involve with this. When the frederal government came out that there will be an investigation about foreclosure practices a few years back, some people that i have been following, removed their connections and friends from Facebook.
    This is so currupt beyond comprehension.

    My next question is…Who hired Michael Noakes to head the work force and change the SMP? …or comp plan ? This man should have never been allowed to deal with the dept. of ecology. Who is this man? ….do you think he is a friend of a friend of a friend..

    The big question is what are they actually proposting and changing? …I think their only worry is how their friends the developers will benefit from this.
    Do you think they really give a crap about the public?

    This plan needs to be looked over by someone that really understands. I bet there are huge loopholes.

    I better stop…there is so much more…..

  13. may says:

    Scroll down at this website below and you will see a picture of Kevin ‘Wallace and his connection to Dunn. There is also a picture of Gregg Bennett (Real Estate???) I don’t know.

    Jennifer Dunn Leadership Institute’s First Annual Class Graduates


    The Development Division of Wallace Properties specializes in sustainable, transit-oriented mixed-usedevelopment projects in urban centers in the Puget Sound. Most recently it completed the 507 Northgateproject, which is the first mixed-use residential project to be completed in the Northgate Urban Center.
    Currently the Development Division is pursuing new projects in the University District and Capitol Hill.

    • Shari says:

      The Development Division of Wallace Properties specializes in sustainable, transit-oriented mixed-usedevelopment projects in urban centers in the Puget Sound. Most recently it completed the 507 Northgateproject, which is the first mixed-use residential project to be completed in the Northgate Urban Center.
      Currently the Development Division is pursuing new projects in the University District and Capitol Hill.

      May, do you think this be a bad thing for Burien?

      • may says:


        Everything is a good thing if they all work for the better of the comunity, Of course.

        It is a bad thing when it comes to the point when they are lining their pockets and go above and against the wishes of the people that they are suppost to work for…That is the issue.
        The Wallace family also thinks that we are just bunch of idiots.

        What were they trying to do?,,,do some research.

        Some of the Wallace Friends were going to run trains through some areas (I believe Redmond and Bellevue, Seattle Times 2012) that were of interest to them and build according.

        That is slick. There were huge arguments on the Bellevue Council when this situation happend..This guy was investigated of conflict of interest.

        Nothing is bad for Burien as long as the people have a say…but they don’t.
        The ignorance of some of the people on this council is what distrubs me. They show no respect for its citizens.

        My point in the above copied statement also is that in the future and by changing, downzoning properties here in Burien they will have it easier to do whatever they want.

        When it becomes a conflict of interest that is when I have a problem. And this will be Buriens future. And we pay for this. Believe me, changes are good but all people should be involved and approve of this.

        In the above statement, I was showing the similarities of the past and the future and what they are interested in. That is all.

        My point was that Dunn knows Wallace. They work together. And believe me…they will hire contractors that they also know. And who will pay the bills to pay their friends?

        • TcB says:

          Please look up Downzone and Upzone, with all the research you claim to do, it behooves you to get your definitions straight.

          • may says:

            Upzone, Downzone inzone, Outzone, Overzone…………whatever.
            It is a way to take property and make it less valuable and this is what its all about,
            And why???????

            “Nevertheless, a city must carefully evaluate whether a proposed downzone might constitute an unconstitutional taking of private property”

  14. may says:


    What is the legality of downzoning for critical areas protection?

    Downzoning is the practice of rezoning an area from a more intensive use to a less intensive use. It is not inherently unlawful to downzone. The fact that the property may not have as great a value after the rezone does not invalidate the rezone action or necessitate the payment of damages by the city.
    While property owners must be allowed some reasonable use of their property, a city does have a right to change zoning in order to prevent a harm or protect critical areas, even if in so doing the property value is diminished.

    Nevertheless, a city must carefully evaluate whether a proposed downzone might constitute an unconstitutional taking of private property. If application of critical area guidelines or regulations to a particular piece of property would prevent development on the property to such extent that the property owner is denied “all economically viable use of any parcel of regulated property,” the city may be liable for damages for a taking of the property, whether the taking is temporary or permanent. Any environmental regulation should be based on a sound comprehensive planning process and supporting background studies. See the MRSC Web page on regulatory takings for more information on this subject

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