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PHOTOS: Volunteers Clean Up Styrofoam from Washed-Up Dock in Burien

Burien Parks Board member and past winner of the city’s ‘Environmental Citizen of the Year’ award Jean Spohn sent us the following photos, showing a group of “good folk” volunteers who recently went down to Burien’s Three Tree Point to clean up Styrofoam that had littered the beach after a dock washed up (read our previous coverage and see pics here [1]).

Volunteers included Ingrid Hansen (Organizer), Janet Sisson, Roger Neubauer, Mike Moreland and Jean.

Far as we know, the dock is still on the beach, and when the waves hit it hard the Styrofoam flotation on the bottom gets broken up into little pieces.

We’re 99% certain that the dock’s not from the Japanese tsunami, and one comment on our Facebook Page [2] implies that it may have once been stuck on a beach on Blake Island.

Click images to see larger versions/slideshow:

20130110_124921 [3] 20130110_124916 [4] 20130110_115651 [5] 20130110_115616 [6]

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