LETTER: ‘To the folks who have nothing nice to say about C.A.R.E.S.’

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To the folks who have nothing nice to say about C.A.R.E.S.,

I suggest that you take your anger, your distain for Debra George and move on.

Why don’t each of you opt to volunteer at your community animal shelter and see how you feel then about the work C.A.R.E.S does for the community.

It seems most of you writing letters, don’t really care about the critters as much as you just don’t personally like Ms. George.

I don’t think a blog should be about airing dirty laundry. Move on. Lean forward…

Ginger LaBrie-Lamoreux
Bellingham, WA

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35 Responses to “LETTER: ‘To the folks who have nothing nice to say about C.A.R.E.S.’”
  1. Marianne says:

    Dear Ginger, I do volunteer with local animal rescue groups. I have nothing personal against Ms. George. I am just appalled with what the City of Burien has and doesn’t have for its animals in the way of animal control services.

    • Ted says:

      Burien should do the same as Des Moines, the police department provides an animal control person and she does a super job!

      • Feralcat says:

        Sorry but NO Des Moise “animal control” is just as bad as Burien.

        I get calls all the time, from people who need help from Des Moise.

        They have a very high kill rate also. There are only so many vets that can hold animals. They have no shelter. So basically the animal is turned away from a vet. Then what is the person to do? They just let it go.

        I have dealt with that officer and she is horrible, no better than the guy we have for Burien.

  2. Burienite says:

    Well said!

  3. Crystal says:

    Personally I know nothing about Ms. George and have never spoken a bad word against her. It would seem that she does a lot for this community and I can respect that. However I have had a couple of incidents with Burien Cares as an organization that has left me to conclude that the volunteers / staff there (at least the few that I have come in contact with) do not have very good people skills.

  4. Andrew says:


  5. Joe Wills says:

    Obviously Bellingham is friends of you know who? Its plain and simple, WE the animal loving citizens of Burien want the best for our animals; it’s more than apparent that WE don’t have a real Animal Control service in our city. The citizens have spoken out time and time again about their frustration and lack of service and concern from Debra George and her group CARES. This is not an attack on her but what the citizens of Burien have experienced. If she can’t handle the heat, get out of fire! So if we were to lean forward, then CARES would be gone and we would have KCAC back.

  6. Flashdog says:

    I agree, Ms. LaBrie-Lamoreux, if more people volunteered at an animal shelter, they would be truly horrified by what we have at Burien CARES. They would gain a greater understanding of the vital work an animal shelter does — and they would see clearly that CARES doesn’t do that.

    I volunteer with the Regional Animal Services of King County — the excellent animal control and sheltering agency that served Burien for more than 30 years before someone came up with the crazy idea of replacing a competent, tried and true agency with a make shift, do it yourself experiment run by a restaurant manager with no knowledge of animal control or sheltering. That is why I am appalled by the contrast between what we could have and what we DO have. Volunteering at CARES will do no good. The problem at CARES is not lack of volunteers, but lack of training, lack of experience, lack of competent management, lack of integrity, and complete disorganization. In short, the management of CARES is totally incapable of running an animal control and sheltering agency. No amount of willing volunteers will change or make up for that because volunteers are only as good as the people who lead them. Furthermore, people have posted to this Blog (in comments following other CARES related articles) that they have tried go volunteer for CARES and their calls have gone unanswered or they have gotten the run around.

    Respectfully, Ms. LaBrie-Lamoreux, you live in Bellingham. If you own animals, they are safe — out of the reach of CARES. I live in Burien. As long as we have this hopeless mess instead of animal control, MY animals are at risk and I will continue to speak out at every opportunity about the desperate need for Burien to cancel CARES and contract with RASKC.

    “Personally dislike Debra George”? I don’t care one way or the other about Debra George. I care very, very much about my animals and the animals that belong to my neighbors and friends. THAT is the reason I continue to write letters urging that Burien dissolve CARES.

  7. Rob says:

    IMHO- I do know Debra and she is a tireless worker for the community- And also IMHO- as far as CARES is concerned- I hear a whole lot of people give a who lot of lip about it. But I don’t see a whole lot of these same people do anything more than bitch and moan. This is the hand we have been dealt folks, so instead of your bitching, why not get involved? think you can do a better job? then shut up and prove it.

    • Shere'e says:

      FYI, I DID try to volunteer to help out CARES(less) when they first opened up. Not only were my calls never returned but it was made very clear to me by Ms. George that she neither needed nor wanted any help from anyone who was not part of her little click.

      I am not against Ms. George other than what I have personally experened with her and with the worthless organization that she runs. Any “Animal control” or “Shelter” that tells you flat out to put an animal that has been abandoned at your doorstep up on craigslist is NOT an organization that should be helping out animals in our community.

      • leo says:

        I am horrified by all these reports with nothing being done about it. What can I do? I already tried to volunteer. Now I know what seemed weird about the rude way I was treated… I was singled out of the “click”. How do I help become part of the fix of the many problems at C.A.R.E.S. Voting Mike Martin out, but what is a more immediate way to help?

        • Flashdog says:

          Leo, I would suggest that first of all you gain as much knowledge of the situation as you can so that you can educate others. I would suggest that you drop into CARES anonymously, perhaps pretend you are looking for an animal to adopt. Take a good look around. I did that and I was horrified. I could SMELL the place long before I entered it. But, enough of my experiences. You need to go take a look so you know firsthand how bad it is. Then I would suggest going down to the Regional Animal Services of King County shelter in Kent. Take a look around and note the differences. For example, RASKC takes owner surrenders from any of the cities it contracts with AT NO CHARGE. According to the CARES web page, they charge an “owner surrender fee”. RASKC employs 2 in house veterinaries and a vet tech. CARES keeps alluding to some veterinary, somewhere who gives animals medical care, but no one knows who it is or what they do. RASKC networks with privately run rescues and does everything possible to find a home for every adoptable animal — even if it takes months. I will not make a statement about what CARES does in regard to finding homes for animals, but word on the street is not good. RASKC has an army of volunteers to exercise dogs and play with cats EVERY DAY. They also have more than 200 foster families to take care of tiny baby animals and animals with special needs. All that volunteer work is orchestrated by a full time volunteer co-ordinator. I don’t think I have to tell you anything about CARES volunteer situation. If you begin to learn about the night and day contrast between CARES and RASKC, you can explain the diffference to friends and neighbors. Most people don’t know anything about our animal control situation because it isn’t important to them until they have a problem. If everybody in Burien knew about all the wonderful things RASKC does and all the very important things CARES doesn’t do, I believe people would be angry enough to create a storm of protest even Mike Martin couldn’t ignore. In short, Leo, spread the word. Know your subject and spread the word.

  8. Carolyn says:

    Ms. LaBrie-Lamoreux may live in Bellingham now, however, she is a former resident of Burien. I live in W. Seattle and have friends that foster some of the critters that come into CARES. I have done some volunteer work at the Burien shelter and have found everyone to be caring, kind and genuinely concerned for the animals in their care. Lets make 2013’s motto ‘Let it Go’ and move on and away from all this negativity.

    • eaton B. Verz says:

      Hard to “let it go” when CARES does the thgings it does(or doesn’t). I hear the pro CARES people say that everyone is picking on poor Ms. George and it’s time to stop. Maybe it’s time for all the “Friends of Debra” to pull their heads out and look at facts, not whether poor Debra gets her feelings hurt. This is supposed to be about the welfare of our animals.It’s a shame Ms.George and “Tin star Ray” don’t look at it that way…..Time for a change….

  9. TcB says:

    I am going to have to go over to this CARES place and check it out for a story for the TcB show.

  10. VERY TIRED says:

    Ok…when the letter writer includes propaganda slogans from Berry Soetoro in her letter, it’s time to vomit…but I digress.

    My parents have a cat from CARES. They are good people, trying to do what they can for the strays and abandoned animals in the Burien area. They are to be lauded.

    • Marianne says:

      VERY TIRED- Yes, your parents sound like good people, trying to do what they can for the stray/abandoned cat (and any other animal they have helped) that they adopted from CARES. I laud (?) your parents.

  11. elizabeth2 says:

    Remember that when we talk about volunteers and people stepping up to support CARES that this is a company which CHOSE to operate this facility. They are paid $10,000 a month to do so.

    This is NOT a charity run operation and it should be expected to run in a thoroughly professional manner. It is run with public funds and therefore this is not a game where staff at CARES can stomp their little feet in a pout when things do not go their way.

    If they cannot operate efficiently as a public facility with courtesy and professionalism then their contract should not be renewed. Period.

  12. Test name says:

    Pre show test post.

    • Test name says:

      Ah, I see the result of my test. This last post by “test name” was actually me, TcB. I have never tried to post under another name so I didn’t know what would happen. Now I do. I could make 30 posts each under a different name, with the same email. I’m sure most of you knew this…but I just wanted to prove it to myself. I wonder how many real people are against CARES or if its just another operation by a few to move the needle. I’m pretty skeptical about this, especially because I saw about 10 posts go up the other day in the space of about 3/4 of an hour, on a story that was posted at 12 ish, and that really doesn’t happen on this blog. This consideration will definitely be ging into the TcB show.

      • Joe Wills says:

        Dear TcB,
        Rests assure that there a great many against CARES. Not just a few trying to “move the needle” as you stated. The citizens of Burien are fed UP! With the lack of to name a few the service, professionalism, the rude calls and most of all how the animals of Burien are being treated by this make shift group. Citizens have been complaining to our city council for some time now, but NOTHING seems to work, NOTHING happens; our concerns fall on deaf ears. The three council members that could make a difference cant, because they are out voted by the others.


        • Test name says:

          The original idea of CARES, and indeed the name of the organization Community Animal Resource and Education Society is about volunteers. The original intention was, If you don’t like it, then replace the offending members yourself. If you tell me that CARES is actively refusing volunteers, people who really want to volunteer there during the day, or night, then that really would be a good story to investigate. I am seeking interviewees on this matter. please contact me through the editor.

          • eaton B. Verz says:

            This sounds like another jack mayne smokescreen. Sounds to me that you have already made up your mind about CARES. Let me guess. You need everyones name and address so you can post them “Just to let everyone know they are real.” We went down this road with Mayne and it was also a joke. No thanks TcB. I”ll sit this one out and wait to see your results. The animals need some real help not just a pro CARES fluff piece from some attention whore.
            What you need to do is go down there on the QT and tell them you wish to volunteer and then report back on that. Pop in on a sunday and check out the animals and report back on that. Reporting like that would make you more legitamate.

          • TcB says:

            Interesting results from web searches. Did you know that there was a change.org petition signed by Joe Wills and 4 others so far to shut down CARES? Burien has about, oh, 36,000 + residents and about that many read this blog (at least, according to reports, up
            To 50,000 +). This is your big big chance to sign the petition and prove that there are really more than 5 people behind this. Again, full disclosure, I haven’t been to CARES and haven’t had experience with them yet. Bt I’m not going to form it based around what I view as questionable comments ( because of the ability to multiple post under different names).

          • eaton B. Verz says:

            You should add a link to the petition and see what happens. Maybe even write a letter to the editor to let everyone know about it. You can promote your show while your at it.

  13. TcB says:

    You would be a great cohost there, eatin’ and I don’t want to expose anyone, I don’t even know who Jack Mayne is. You should sign up.

  14. theroadrunner says:

    TCB, Web searches??? Maybe try getting off your duff and go down there and maybe make your own assessment based on what you see, hear, smell or otherwise.

  15. Laura Stiles says:

    Eaton, please do not tell people to go to the shelter on days they are closed. The shelter, like many smaller shelters, is closed on Sunday and Monday. Obviously there are folks there taking care of the animals, but there is not staff available to conduct business. I tire of reading complaints from people wanting to conduct business on days the shelter is closed – do you expect City staff to serve you at City Hall on Sundays? And just to remind – yes, animal control is available every day to respond to genuine emergencies.

    • eaton B. Verz says:

      Afraid of letting a reporter in on a sunday,Laura? After all there is someone there taking care of the animals………I bet Ray wouldn’t mind coming down.

      • Laura Stiles says:

        No Eaton, I am not afraid. It’s just not fair to expect the shelter staff to have to work on their day off just because you are curious and determined to stir the pot. Again, do you request that city staff be available to meet on Sundays? Whatever actual, legitimate business you have with CARES can be handled during business hours.

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