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Freggies Offering ‘Burien Only’ Special on Fresh, Raw Organic Fruits & Veggies

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Freggies in Burien wants to promote healthy living in their home city so they are offering local residents organic produce for less than their cost.

Anyone outside of Burien can order organic produce to be delivered by visiting the Freggies’ website.

Burienites who want to sign up for their produce at cost can find all the information below in the section labeled “The Gift.”

It’s no longer news that consuming fruits & veggies (aka: freggies) of all kinds, colors and sorts causes good things to happen inside our physical bodies.  The part that has not connected for many of us is that it can also taste good and be just as satisfying if not more so than eating cooked, processed, fattening, unhealthy foods.

Thirteen years ago, Freggies founder, Jerrod Sessler, was faced with a real choice. One of those choices that someone never forgets. He was told that he had a 5% chance of living through the cancer that was growing in his body.

The docs said that he should take the chemical treatments because statistically they would improve his survival odds from 5% to about 15%.  Or, he could listen to the skinny people telling him to change his diet. So, he was at a serious inflection point. Would he listen to the doctors that have clearly been trained in the importance of nutrition and healing? Or, would he listen to those that say he could be healed by simply eliminating the toxins that existed in his body and by giving his body the tools it needed to do the self-healing work it is designed to do?

Sessler admits he is a risk taker and he is extremely competitive. ”Fifteen percent just didn’t seem like something I was willing to risk losing with.” he remarked.  In the end, he decided to strengthen is body to fight the fight instead of using convention medical means.  He says he had peace about it and he knew it was the right thing to do.

Once the choice was made, he turned his energies into learning how to live in this strange, new, seemingly “tree hugging” sort of way. He met people he was sure were crazy.  He knows people personally that are known more for their “food name” than their real name. He met people that made him nervous and people that simple make others want to jump for joy right into their loving kindness.

In talking about getting started, Jerrod remembers, “I needed a high volume, low cost source for good quality, fresh, organic produce.  I wanted the best.  The best tasted better.  The best contained the highest amount of nutrients.  I wanted it!  I wanted to enjoy my food.”  The options he found were surrounded by dollar signs.  It was impossible to get good quality produce without really taking a beating at the cash register.

As a result of all this, Freggies was started in his garage.  He would send a spreadsheet to friends and family with a list of various types of produce.  He would collaborate weekly on a big order to local farms.  This eventually led to the formation of Freggies’ website and on-line ordering and payment systems.  As the Freggies fans and crowds grew around the Freggies mission, Sessler began delivering the Freggies Organic Produce to better meet the demand. Freggies has now been delivering for a number of years.

So what does all this have to do with you and Burien?  Well, Jerrod grew up in Burien and dearly loves this community and the people of Burien.  He has had the opportunity to travel the world and he chooses to live and raise his family in Burien. He wants everyone in Burien that thinks eating organic is important to enjoy the benefits of Freggies. So, Freggies is offering Burienites the opportunity to purchase a weekly or bi-week box of Freggies organic fruit and veggies for less than it costs Freggies to provide it! Yes, they are going to lose money on each box that goes to Burien.

Those who participate will get a $40 (value) box of fresh, raw, organic fruits and vegetables for only $24.  That is nearly half price and this isn’t some short term deal.  The growing Freggies team wants Burien to be healthy and they are putting their best product where our heart is.  Enjoy!

Call 206-792-7326 to sign up. Ask for the “Burien Only” deal. It will take a few minutes to get you signed up but once you are, you can log into your private area at Freggies.com and manage your service. One of the support team will need to create your account the first time for you so you can take advantage of this deal.  You can pause or stop the service at any time! This special offer is however automatic.  If you forget to pick up your order then you will still be charged as we will have it packed and ready for you. If it is not picked up then Freggies will donate it to the Highline Food Bank. The pick up time is from 4:30pm – 6:30pm on Tuesday’s. Don’t worry if you’re early or running a little late, someone will probably be there to help you! The Freggies warehouse is in the heart of downtown Burien in the alley behind the HomeTask offices at 6th & 152nd.

Please return your Freggies boxes so they can be reuse.  If you like to play in the dirt then come and help pack boxes!  Freggies can always use help in the warehouse.

To your health and beyond!

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