LETTER: Pet Owner Who Paid for ‘Robo-Calls’ for Missing Pit Bull Apologizes

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I would like to say that I am sorry about anyone not liking the calls received about our missing dog and clear up some misunderstandings of how they happened.

First, there is a company that was referred to me through a rescue group call Pet Amber Alert, and on their website to help you find your missing pet you may pay a fee to send the information out to a specified area in your community by number of households.

I did not receive or ask for any information from the City of Burien.

I was not given anyone’s personal information, address, phone number or otherwise. Only a general map of the call area.

I did not use anything associated with Discover Burien in this process.

We have gone to great lengths, through social media on Facebook and YouTube even getting celebrity attention. We hired a search dog to try to track our dog. We post to Craigslist every day. We’ve postered and will continue to poster the community. We have a local utility and local delivery people passing the dog’s information out to keep an eye out on their routes, and some workers have on their own time driven the areas he might have been picked up or taken in. We’ve called every vet in the area and given his chip number and visited all local shelters. There is even more than this that we’ve done and I list this all to help people understand that while I have not purchased another round of the call service to any area, we love and miss our family member very much and are running out of options. Our hearts are broken, as well as many more people whom have met and fallen in love with G, and we want him home very much.

While I am not a fan of sales calls, I am and would be empathetic about any of my neighbors losing a furry family member. Please keep in mind while the outpouring of support has been overwhelmingly positive, we still have no idea what happened to our dog.

– Gina Bourdage

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14 Responses to “LETTER: Pet Owner Who Paid for ‘Robo-Calls’ for Missing Pit Bull Apologizes”
  1. Bob Barker says:

    I would ask that when you find your beloved dog, you please take the time as the resposible pet owner that you profess to be and have him neutured. Your dog is seven years old and an unaltered male. As I am sure you are aware, too many pit bulls await loving homes and too many are euthanized each year never receiving those homes. Altered male dogs live longer and healthier lives.

    • Gina says:

      Thank You Bob, that is 100% my intention. Since he belonged to my Fiance’ before we met I had let that be his decision until now. It will keep him healthier and safer.

  2. Sara says:

    Gina – I’m hoping today is the day that G is found!! I’ve been keeping an eye out for him this week and will continue to do so until I see a post that he’s back and safe and happy at home with you guys! I admire the great lengths you have gone to try and get your little boy back!! Keeping my fingers crossed and eyes open.

  3. wheels says:

    I would be happy to get ten robocalls for G, if it helped find him. I don’t think Gina should have to apologize for this. A member of her family is missing, and she is just trying to get him home.

    • Laura says:

      Completely agree! G is an important party of their family and most people would go to great lengths to see the return of their family member! I also feel instead of scolding the owner over things she did or didn’t do, we need as a community to support her and her family!

      • elizabeth2 says:

        Our family dearly lovs, adores, and cherishes out dog and we would be heartbroken if she were to disappear.

        However, I cannot agree that robocalls are ever justified short of a local or national emergency. Even with an unlisted telephone number for which we pay every month, we are still subject to anyone and everyone’s robocalls.

        I have great sympathy over the missing dog but let us not go to the extreme to justify intrusions into our private homes because of that. Wrong is just wrong.

  4. Michele Smith says:

    Gina, I’m so sorry you are going through this, have you contacted the police? This all sounds very familiar to the situation a friend of mine experienced recently, their dog was stolen. I’ve shared your page and story with everyone I know in Burien, I truly hope you are reunited with G as soon as possible.

    • Gina says:

      We received a tip (from the robo-call) that G was seen Wednesday in the neighborhood of 8th Ave South and South 142nd – 146th. I respect everyone’s feeling on this matter and hope to be able to find him soon.

  5. Shere'e R. says:

    Actually, the company you use doesn’t respect the “do not call” list. How do I know? Both of the numbers that they called of ours are listed on the Do not call list.

    I do empathize with you and really do hope that you find your dog soon. I am keeping my eyes open but do not appreciate having my answering machine filled up with 1 spam voicemail. (yes, I use an aswering machine instead of paying for VM every month!)

    • Gina Bourdage says:

      Shere’s I believe I owe you a coffee or lunch or my complete gratitude. We found G and had we not see eye on the strategy we may never have found him. I am sincerely grateful, to the Blog and a word of complete strangers, amazing friends and dedicated family!

  6. othersideofthetracks says:

    Reads more like a facebook page..*lol*

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