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LETTER: Pet Owner Who Paid for ‘Robo-Calls’ for Missing Pit Bull Apologizes

I would like to say that I am sorry about anyone not liking the calls received about our missing dog and clear up some misunderstandings of how they happened.

First, there is a company that was referred to me through a rescue group call Pet Amber Alert, and on their website to help you find your missing pet you may pay a fee to send the information out to a specified area in your community by number of households.

I did not receive or ask for any information from the City of Burien.

I was not given anyone’s personal information, address, phone number or otherwise. Only a general map of the call area.

I did not use anything associated with Discover Burien in this process.

We have gone to great lengths, through social media on Facebook and YouTube even getting celebrity attention. We hired a search dog to try to track our dog. We post to Craigslist every day. We’ve postered and will continue to poster the community. We have a local utility and local delivery people passing the dog’s information out to keep an eye out on their routes, and some workers have on their own time driven the areas he might have been picked up or taken in. We’ve called every vet in the area and given his chip number and visited all local shelters. There is even more than this that we’ve done and I list this all to help people understand that while I have not purchased another round of the call service to any area, we love and miss our family member very much and are running out of options. Our hearts are broken, as well as many more people whom have met and fallen in love with G, and we want him home very much.

While I am not a fan of sales calls, I am and would be empathetic about any of my neighbors losing a furry family member. Please keep in mind while the outpouring of support has been overwhelmingly positive, we still have no idea what happened to our dog.

– Gina Bourdage

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