LETTER: Reader Concerned About Vandalism in Gregory Heights

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Hi –

I’m a B-Town Blog fan and thought this might be the forum to find out if any others have experienced recent acts of vandalism near our neighborhood. I live in Gregory Heights on 11th Ave SW between 164th and 166th, yesterday at about 3:15 p.m. someone came down our street and threw a heavy object at a car parked in front of our house, it smashed the passenger side windshield. The car belonged to my father in law who was visiting our home.  He was in our backyard and did not see the car or exactly what happened. When he came out he saw the smashed windshield and a sock laying on his hood. As we investigated further we saw broken glass in our yard and an old Yankee Candle that was in the side of our yard and broken, we are assuming that was what was in the sock and caused the damage.

I am curious if there have been any other acts of vandalism reported in our area. This is the first time in 17 years living in our home anything like this has happened to us.  It’s pretty frustrating to think that someone would do this for no other reason other than to be mean.

Christina Sylvester

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17 Responses to “LETTER: Reader Concerned About Vandalism in Gregory Heights”
  1. Tricia says:

    I’m at 162nd and 9th in Gregory Heights . . . over the last few days, someone has been throwing used baseballs at our house. So far, we have collected 10 baseballs from the yard. Started out with one or two per day and they are stepping up their efforts with 5 baseballs collected yesterday. They haven’t hit the house as far as we can tell, but we expect to come home to broken windows any day now.

  2. Mat Irvine says:

    Hi Chris. The neighbor across the street from our house had similar vandalism problems with their cars. I didn’t see the car that did it. I did hear the car and saw the back end of a white 90’s Honda with loud pipes. I think I know the house where the problem kids are. On 10th. I have been keeping an eye on them. Say hi to mike for me.

  3. Tammy V says:

    Hi Chris,

    This is Tammy, your across the street neighbor. Our house and cars have been egged on three separate occasions over the past year. The next door neighbor to the south of us has had his car egged too. Another time we had stuff stolen out of our car while it was parked in our driveway right under the windows. What happened to your father in law’s car is really horrible, I’m glad no one was hurt. We all need to keep on eye on the neighborhood!

  4. Shari says:

    Christina and others, thanks for letting us all know. I’ve passed a link to your letter and comments to our block watch members (just west of you in GH), one of whom had a theft from their vehicle in the driveway one morning recently (left the car unlocked briefly while they ran back in the house to get something they’d forgotten). Another neighbor had a breakin attempt on their house midday. Not sure if any of this is related, but we’re keeping our eyes open a bit more lately. Sorry it happened to you all. And our storage locker on 1st Ave was broken into and totally trashed the other day (one of 10 that was hit) so all in all it’s a little discouraging now in terms of breakins and vandalism.

  5. Morgan says:

    We live on 11th Ave SW and 162nd. My husband had left his car unlocked one night and someone had stolen several items out of it. Also the vacant house next door to us was broken into a couple of weeks ago. We called ADT to give us a quote on a security system and the guy told us he’s been busy in this neighborhood! Not good news 🙁
    We always have our eyes open for suspicious behavior now, but these things happen in an instant and its so frustrating to feel unsafe in what is generally a very safe area.
    Does anyone know of a neighborhood forum for Gregory Heights? I know Three Tree Point residents have a forum where they all post neighborhood issues. It would be great to communicate with other residents in the area. We just moved in and don’t really know our neighbors yet.
    Thanks to the author of this letter, and thank you to the B-town Blog for posting it!!

    • Shari says:

      Hi, Morgan. Welcome to the neighborhood! There are several active block watches within GH –If there’s not one covering your spot, just reach out to the Police Dept and they’ll make it really, really easy (no kidding: really, really easy) to start one and keep one going. It can also serve as a catalyst for any of the neighbors who want to get to know each other better to do that (and it doesn’t force any who don’t to get involved at all). Our block watch had a street party last August on National NIght Out that was a lot of fun. Gregory Heights is a safe neighborhood with a ton of friendly, cool families– maybe your forum is a good idea because we don’t spread the routine stories of coolness and niceness and positive whateverness to offset the far less frequent crummy stuff. If you want to talk more about the block watch, Scott can connect you to my email.

    • Boo says:

      Welcome to the neighborhood Morgan.
      I’m a block over on 10th – behind the vacant house. Sorry to hear about your car, what time of day/night was the house break in? The main problem I have had is having my mail stolen as well as finding others mail dumped in my yard. If you don’t have a locking mailbox yet I would recommend getting one.
      A neighborhood forum would be great – any idea on how to start one? I could have used one this morning! When I took my dog out at 6:30 there was a strange dog out front – looked like a Husky mix, brown & white about 50lbs. Had a collar but wouldn’t come close enough to me to see if he had tags. Hopefully, he found his way back home.
      Maybe we could start a Gregory Heights Facebook page?

      • Morgan says:

        I think a neighborhood Facebook page is a great idea!!
        My husbands car was broken into on a Saturday night in late December. Our mail has also been stolen, and the mailman was nice enough to gather mail out of ours and our neighbors lawns and sort it and brought ours to my door and informed me of the problem. I don’t know what it takes to get one of those locking mailboxes for several neighbors, but I’d be willing to walk a little further for the security. Does the USPS install those?

        • Boo says:

          I don’t know about the multi box types but you can get a single locking mailbox at any hardware store. They are pretty easy to install – you just need some basic tools. If you aren’t ‘handy’ the neighbor kitty corner from you (to the northeast) has his own construction/remodeling business & could put one up in less than half an hour.

  6. Christina says:

    Thanks to B Town Blog for posting and thanks for all the comments. It is nice to know that so many people have a watchful eye out. This is a great community I know that there are a lot of us committed to keeping it that way.

  7. Diana says:

    I have been complaining about all the speeding in front of my home on 21st ave SW for years. It is an extremely busy pedestrian route for walkers and bikers and the police have our area on ignore. Write, call or walk in to the sheriffs office and voice your concerns.

    • Huh? says:

      The speeding on 21st Ave. is very bad. If Burien needs more revenue, they should have the police camp out all along that road and nab speeders.

      I walk along 21st Ave. several time per week, and people are always going 10 to 15 miles above the speed limit. The shoulder along the road is not very wide, and these people zoom past me within inches. There are school children walking along the road all of the time, and ironically, many of the parents picking up children from school are the big speeding culprits.

      There is a blind curve just north of 159th st, and some girl came speeding along the curve (after school kid pick-up) and broadsided me as I was driving across the intersection. That same intersection where I got hit is a school crossing.

  8. Christine says:

    We called an ADT company last year to get a security system installed. We had to throw them out of our house because they were so aggressive and pushy in the sales pitch we could not buy from them even though we wanted what they were selling! ADT has many companies offering their product so research the installation company before letting them in your door!

    The other thing is that the City of Burien will not respond to alarm systems. They require you to pay your private security system to provide the response and they will only come out if the issue is verified by your private security company. If your alarm is audible outside your home and you do not pay for your own responders, you will be fined by the city. ADT does offer responders at an extra cost but I worry that delay might undermine the effectiveness of the system.

    Nearly all other cities in our state do respond to alarms and I am frustrated that this tool is being undermined by our city ordinances. This is a chart showing the rules by city for home alarms: http://www.waesa.org/pdfs/2012-10AlarmOrdMatrix.pdf

    If anyone has a great security company, we would be interested even though I worry Burien’s rules diminish the effectiveness of the system. We have been hit multiple times with breaking and entering down on the south end of Three Tree Point too.

  9. Pam F. says:

    This might be helpful–until you get your block watch up and running, you can check here for crimes ocurring in your area and keep informed so that you know what the crooks are up to currently and what scheme you need to combat this week…


  10. mars says:

    Several gallons of gas were siphoned from a vehicle parked in front of my house on 21st near 168th the night of Jan 23, I believe it was.

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