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LETTER: Reader Concerned About Vandalism in Gregory Heights

Hi –

I’m a B-Town Blog fan and thought this might be the forum to find out if any others have experienced recent acts of vandalism near our neighborhood. I live in Gregory Heights on 11th Ave SW between 164th and 166th, yesterday at about 3:15 p.m. someone came down our street and threw a heavy object at a car parked in front of our house, it smashed the passenger side windshield. The car belonged to my father in law who was visiting our home.  He was in our backyard and did not see the car or exactly what happened. When he came out he saw the smashed windshield and a sock laying on his hood. As we investigated further we saw broken glass in our yard and an old Yankee Candle that was in the side of our yard and broken, we are assuming that was what was in the sock and caused the damage.

I am curious if there have been any other acts of vandalism reported in our area. This is the first time in 17 years living in our home anything like this has happened to us.  It’s pretty frustrating to think that someone would do this for no other reason other than to be mean.

Christina Sylvester

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