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Is a ‘Lipstick Kisser’ Prowler Kissing His Way Through a Burien Neighborhood?

It’s not quite a romantic Valentine gesture, but according to posts on a neighborhood Facebook Page [1], a ‘Lipstick Kisser’ may kissing his way through Burien’s Shorewood on the Sound neighborhood:

LipstickKisser [2]

Photo showing lipstick print on a car’s rear view mirror, courtesy Michele Smith.

“Someone kissed my car last night, and while this is mildly amusing, I feel it’s a calling card from whoever prowls our neighborhood at night,” said resident Michele Smith. “We are going to install night cameras very soon that look out over our driveway…”

“The lipstick kisser has been around for a while,” added Bryn Karlberg. “I have two neighbors who have been victims. The first one had this guy break into his house on several occasions and kiss his mirror (he lived over by Shorewood Elementary). The second one had the guy actually break into his house while he and his wife were home. They injured him but he got away. Perhaps we should coat our reflective items with liquid hot pepper?”

“They must not be aware that they leave DNA on the surface kissed,” Patricia Summers-Smith added. “I have no idea how much it costs to test the DNA and trace it (in those cases where the thief broke in and left a kissprint).”

So, is anything being done about this possible Valentine’s-themed prowler?

“I received the e-mail but no one has taken the time to report any of it to the police!” Sgt. Henry McLauchlan of the Burien Police Department told The B-Town Blog.

We’re curious to find out if any of our Readers know about the ‘Lipstick Kisser’? Please leave a Comment below…

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