LETTER: ‘What is Behind Changing Burien Council Positions Into Neighborhood Districts?’

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At the last three City Council meetings, Council member Robison has stated he wants Burien Council positions divided into districts. This means that council members would be elected by their neighborhoods rather than being elected by and representing all citizens. Why has this issue come up? It came up because Robison was angry over three council members wanting to allow citizens a right to vote on the form of government for Burien-Nov. 2012 meeting. If the citizens voted for the strong mayor form of government, the current City Manager, Mike Martin would lose his job of being in charge of the city and all of his powers would then transfer to an elected mayor.

It seems strange for Robison to support having neighborhood elected council members because he has always opposed neighborhood plans, doesn’t like to listen to citizen comments at council meetings, is opposed to citizen created coalitions and has stated that council members should work for all of the citizens. So why would he be taking a position now that is contrary to his previous statements about citizens and government? Currently anyone from any area of the city has the right and opportunity to run for a position on the council. It is an open field but they must win the majority vote from the entire city to get the seat.

One can only speculate about Mr. Robison’s motives for switching his previous position on neighborhoods and citizen voice in local government but here are some possible reasons for why he may have turned into a switch hitter:

  1. Currently a council member has to win about 5,000 votes to get a seat on the council. Under Robison’s plan he would need to get only about 900 or less votes to win his neighborhood. This mean less campaigning and depending on the district, less voters than other neighborhoods.
  2. Now a council candidate has to run against anyone who challenges him in the city. Under Robison’s plan he could only be challenged by his neighbors. If no one in his neighborhood ever challenged him in an election, he would have his seat forever. This would also be the case for Rose Clark too.
  3. During an election, potential council members have to reach out to 11,300 voters to win a seat. Under the Robison plan he would have to only campaign to approx. 1,600 voters in his neighborhood. And he would not have to even coordinate what he wanted for the city against any of the other council members running in their own neighborhoods. In the end there would be seven council members each with their own agendas and none coordinated for the overall good of the city.
  4. Pushing for this city wide change so close to the filing date for the election, changes who can run in this next election as candidates. And Mr. Robison would like to knock out some of the potential candidates by creating districts/voting wards/neighborhood wards rule. He clearly has picked behind the scenes people from specific neighborhoods who he wants to get into office in this next election and wants to knock out any opposition. He wants to keep the council composition from changing. He wants to keep the controlling 4 member vote in his favor and he wants to keep Mike Martin as the City Manager.
  5. Creation of these small voting districts would split the power of Council members on city wide issues because members are all vying for their own neighborhoods to get re-elected rather that working for the whole city. Weak council members like this are much easier for the City Manager to control.

Lastly if Mr. Robison is so concerned with democracy and representation in this city, why is he so opposed to an elected city mayor? In fact, he is opposed to giving the people a chance to vote on whether they want a mayor. Mr. Robison has voted against allowing citizens to vote on what form of government they have in Burien. That would be the first and best step in giving the citizens a voice in their city. His proposal for districts does not even need a vote of the people but can be done by a council majority.

Robison’s reasons for why he wants the city to be districted seems to be driven more by the desire for personal power than about giving the citizens a voice in the city.

– Debi Wagner

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44 Responses to “LETTER: ‘What is Behind Changing Burien Council Positions Into Neighborhood Districts?’”
  1. TcB says:

    One thing is for sure, you’re not going to be happy no matter what. Me? I’m happy! Everyone over to my house for a tequila slammers! Because that’s much more fun than this is about to get……

  2. John Poitras says:

    Jerry Robison is the worst council member we currently have. He is completely obsessed with his own agendas, he has multiple conflicts of interest and imo if it was possible he should be impeached.. So needless to say I think his attempt to subvert democracy is absolutely off the wall and should be opposed by anyone that cares about the future of Burien.

    • PanderBear Jack says:

      I think you’re wrong Johnny boy,

      Bob Edgar is the worst council member we currently have. He is completely obsessed with his own agendas, he has multiple conflicts of interest and imo if it was possible he should be impeached.. Always focusing on his Lake Burien and trying to keep the masses out of it. So needless to say I think HIS attempt to subvert democracy is absolutely off the wall and should be opposed by anyone that cares about the future of Burien.

      • John Poitras says:

        Yeah right Pandering Bear or should I say Gordon Shaw! You are not fooling anyone.. Your maligning of Bob’s character is totally off the wall.. Jerry is a cancer on the council .. Bob is the CURE..
        Why not come clean Gordon and admit it you are still a sore loser after more than a year of getting demolished in the vote because of your unrelenting support for annexation and your buddy Jerry took up your torch .. You were bad for Burien and Jerry is even worse.

  3. PanderBear Jack says:

    Sounds like sour grapes to me! Debi get over losing to Jerry!

    I did just a little research and it would seem that Debi Downer is WRONG again!

    The Primary would be limited to those in that District. The General election is still City Wide!!!

    That’s right!!! The ENTIRE CITY would STILL vote in the general election for ALL seats up for election!!!

    SO sad that you pick and choose your facts to try to fit your narrative.

    • May says:

      Remember …..if at first you don’t succeed…dust yourself off and try again.

      Debi will try again. However, she has one disadvantage….she is honest.

      Guess what…when your corrupt and know someone on a council, you easily will get a seat and a position. Look at corrupt Mike Martin giving out jobs to his friends. Maiya Andrews is one of them.

      And I still like to know…who hired Michael Martin?…..he was fired from Kent and got a job in Burien? Who was behind it?

      I also like to know who on the Mercer Island council hired Scott Greenberg?

      Brian Bennett friends that sit on the Metropolitan City Council deal with diffenent districts….I believe it is distict 1-9.

      District 1 was just handed to Rod Dembrowski and this area is NE Seattle, Shoreline, Lake forest Park, Kenmore, Bothell and parts of Woodinville and some of Kirkland.

      Yes, it was basically “handed to him”. You should have seen the stars in Reagan Dunn’s eyes when that happened. He was the happiest camper on earth. He has a reason to be, votes to an agenda will pass more easily. Very Very dangerous.

      I think dividing the Burien council position into neighborhoods comes from this Idea. I would no be suprized if this brilliant idea comes from Brian Bennett and his friends.


    • Debi Wagner says:

      Pander McDreamy…you are right that the whole city votes in the general election…problem is they will be voting for the hand picked friends of Jerry and Mike Martin because they will be drawing the lines to keep me out of the primary, Gordon Shaw in and nobody will run against Rose in her district or Duff, Moretaxes, Joan or Brian. This scheme is tailor made to continue the cronyism, keep the city further from accountability (nobody will vilify their neighbor for trying even if there are 6 votes against them). This is how regional councils work, the person representing their city or county is outvoted by 99 to 1. So they can be cheered by their city representative while never having a chance to keep the prison or airport from being cited there.

  4. Mike says:

    If Robison would have been honest about his backing of annexation and support of Martin, he would have lost. Ms. Wagner was honest about where she stood.

    • Lee Moyer says:

      Robison has aalways been open about supporting annexation. That is why I voted for him. That openess was what seemed to be called a conflict of interest by Edgar. Of course, no actual conflict was shown to exist.
      In spite of the personal attacks and name calling as shown above, Robison has not retaliated in kind but continues to do what he thinks is best for all of Burien. That is why I still suppiort him.
      It is OK to disagree on issues but the unfounded personal attacks tell me that the facts don’t seem to be enough for those who disagree someone who takes a stand.

      • May says:

        Come on, we all know that Robison is a coward that took intimate walks with Michael Noakes. Who elected these people to deal with changing and making any recommendations about fixing “their” SMP or Comp plan? Don’t you think we all know they are working for the good for their friends the developers?…they are cowards and don’t want to admit their own agendas….Please don’t even get me going about these corrupt individuals. They need to resign..

        • Lee Moyer says:

          Anonymous nane calling and inuendo. You made my point.

          • May says:

            Tell me Lee Moyer,

            I like to know if Don Warren is working for a real estate company.

            Shoreline advisory committee:
            Jim Branson
            Cyrilla Cook
            Joe Fitzgibbon
            Patrick Haugen
            Lee Moyer
            Don Warren

          • Lee Moyer says:

            I don’t know where Don Warren works. I only go by waht he stands for, which is generally contrary to my position on public access or environmental protection improvement.
            I don’t recognize it. What committee is that list supposed to be?

      • Debi Wagner says:

        You voted for Jerry because he favored annexation or because he was open about his position? If you voted for him as a Burien resident because he favored annexation then you were voting for something that had nothing to do with how he would represent you as a Burien citizen since this folly to annex had nothing to do with Burien citizens (unless you like higher taxes) and if polling is correct, something the majority didn’t want. The vote showed two things: 1) Area Y residents overwhelmingly didn’t want it either and 2) the NHUAC districting representatives knew nothing about what their citizens wanted even though the Nesbitt report told them the majority wanted to stay unincorporated. It is apparent the districting plan seeks to place people similar to how NHUAC operates. People got elected to the NHUAC by 2 votes. Maybe you like this plan because you know that your favorite candidate will never be elected otherwise.

  5. TcB says:

    I’m getting out my lawn chair and setting it up on the sidewalk at 152nd and 6th. This is just getting started…

  6. Coverofnight says:

    Try to ignore the slanderbear; he’s just trying to engage and misdirect you like that Moretaxes guy did with the annexation issue – you can see he’s all tongue and no teeth!

    May is spot on regarding Debi and her honesty. In my opinion, ALL lawyers are selfish and those that want to “serve the public’s interest” are the most dishonest of the bunch – for they ultimately are only seeking power and/or monetary gain.

    Citizens should take very seriously the points that Debi makes regarding the potential abuses that can occur with this districting tactic. If she, as a concerned outsider/watchdog of the council, can immediately see this very viable scenario, then I wouldn’t put it past the deaf, controlling council members to game the system with these Chicago/BHO-style maneuvers.

    This council and its manager actively work to suppress our voice. Debi has spotted what now may be a concerted effort to subvert the democratic process that we currently enjoy in the City of Burien. Don’t be distracted and taken off-topic by the attacks against her – that type of deceit worked very well in the last two national elections by the democrats and liberals; at least we can prevent that from happening on our local level in the next council elections if we stay focused on integrity in government.

    Once again, thank you Debi, for your efforts to restore integrity (yes, it seems to have been lost) with our council. I feel however, that we will need many new faces on it before we can say, “mission accomplished” (OK, OK, let me have it for that last one)!

    • Coverofnight says:

      Side note to the anti-Martin crowd – just saw on Joey Moretaxes’ facebook page that he’s making another run for city council in the next election……has a picture of him with his first contributor.

      • May says:


        After the appointment, Ferguson immediately announced his endorsement of Dembowski. King County Executive Dow Constantine congratulated Dembowski and thanked the citizen panel that helped select the finalists.


        July 1, 2012 · 7:39 PM

        King County Executive Dow Constantine has appointed 20 local business and civic leaders to a task force charged with developing and recommending a funding strategy for King County Parks, once two levies that currently support parks operations and new acquisitions expire at the end of 2013.

        “Parks, trails and open space are part of what make King County a great place to live,” said Executive Constantine. “I have asked the task force to map a course that keeps our parks open and continues to build the system for future generations.”

        The Task Force meets for the first time tonight, Tuesday, June 26 from 4-6 p.m., at the Mercer Island Community and Event Center, 8236 SE 24th St., Mercer Island. Additional meetings are being scheduled for July and August.

        The Executive has asked members of the new King County Parks Levy Task Force to recommend a funding strategy that will ensure the vitality and sustainability of King County’s parks and trails in 2014 and beyond. The Task Force is expected to submit its recommendations to the County Executive by the end of September.

        Joey Martinez was on that task force appointed by Dow Constantine.
        Dow endorsed Dembrowski, Reagan Dunn endorsed Dembrowski.
        Burien Council fired Hemstra and hired McBee (Reagan Dunn friends)
        Brian Bennett is Friend of Bob Ferguson (endorsed Dembrowski)

        Joey Martinez can never be allowed on the Buren Council. Never Ever Ever….then this group of corrupt individuals have all their friends there. Mr. Martinez does not even know he is being used by these people.

        • John Poitras says:

          I agree May.. Joey is part of the same group of cronies that we are currently ruining our local politics . He is part and parcel of this same group and his attempt to run to be on the city council of Burien must be vigorously opposed by everyone that wants to clean up local politics, take it away from the influence peddlers and give it back to the people.

          • TcB says:

            Why are you so interested in Burien when you don’t care enough to be a citizen of Washington State or register to vote in our local politics? You never ever answer the question. I assume you will trot out one of your sock puppets to defend you now. I think Joey is a pretty smart guy for my two cents. We all have a vote. Stop saying you want what’s best for Burien, when we know better.

  7. John Poitras says:

    Lee first of all lets correct the record about Jerry being open about supporting annexation. That claim is false.. Jerry was a stealth candidate. If you voted for him because he supported annexation then you were in the minority and knew more about him than 99% of the voters did.. In fact many in the electorate thought they were voting for Jerry Robinson. Not Jerry Robison a real estate lawyer who was gung ho for annexation but did not advertise it .
    Nowhere on his campaign literature or his website did he claim he supported annexation… For good reason, because if he did he would have gone down in flames like Gordon Shaw.. Bottom Line is neither Robison or Edgar is up for re-election this year. So this attempt to subvert democracy by Jerry who is flip flopping from his stated position on neighborhoods during his election is a crass move to protect Martin supporters Rose Clark , Joan McGilton her crony who always votes in tandem with her and their enabler “scratch my back I’ll scratch your back” Brian Bennett all of whom strongly support Mike Martin and with pal Jerry Robison are all part of former council member Gordon Shaws cabal. All of these council members still consult with Gordon Shaw who hired Mike Martin and when he lost the election, his cabal including Jerry hid behind the curtain until after the election then took up Shaw’s torch for annexation. These folks gave Martin the green light to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars of city tax dollars on an ill fated attempt to annex white center. All of these council members need to go. We need new blood on the council, people that are willing to challenge Mr Martin instead of kow towing to him. Jerry knows that if Jack Block is re-elected and if all of these unfit for office current council members are not re-elected then his power on the council will evaporate. This is an act of desperation by an individual who wants to hold onto power at all costs regardless of whats best for Burien.

    Best Regards,


    • Lee Moyer says:

      No one puts their stand on an actual issue on their campaign literature. Edgar didn’t say he is staunchly against public access to Lake Burien. He didn’t even admit he lives on the lake. Robison was active in the White Center Kiwanas Club and the north Highline unincorporated area committee where he supported annexation and he was bitterly criticized on this blog before the election for supporting annexation, so his position was widely known

  8. Fred says:

    TcB strategy aka troll-In Internet slang, a blog troll (pron.: /ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is someone who posts inflammatory,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as a forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.

    Panderbear Jack, J.Lutz, Daniel Bone, Daniel Boone, Dr. Mc Dreamy strategy- aka Flamers. Flame trolling is the posting of a provocative or offensive message, known as “flamebait”, to a public Internet discussion group, such as a forum, newsgroup or mailing list, with the intent of provoking an angry response (a “flame”) or argument over a topic the poster often has no real interest in. While flaming can occur as a result of legitimate debates or grievances, flame trolling implies the intentional posting of inflammatory, grossly offensive or menacing rhetoric or images for the fun of it in order to cause others harm.

    Experienced participants in online forums know that the most effective way to discourage a troll or flamer is usually to ignore it, because responding tends to encourage trolls or flamers to continue disruptive posts – hence the often-seen warning: “Please do not feed the trolls and flamers”.

    Information source-Wikipedia.

  9. Fred says:

    Research on the practice of districting, especially in small cities, shows it as an expensive and devisive practice. Researchers state these reasons for not using districting in city governments;
    1. it is undemocratic in the way that the lines get drawn
    2. it is intended to give some districts more power than others
    3. it is an intended way to neuter an elected mayor who in intended to implement policies he/she was elected to do
    4. it costs far more to run the Council because it requires the expense of re-districting constantly-quoted $20,000 to $50,000 each time districts have to be redrawn.
    5. reduces the democratic impact of all of the citizens in a city
    6. it creates political factions among council members who are always vying for what they can get for their little districts in order to be re-elected
    7. creates favoritism/ward bosses favors in pockets all over the city like old time mob politics
    8. diverts the council toward working toward unified goals for the entire city and all of the citizens
    9. it is intended to keep the imcumbents in office because they control how the lines are drawn.
    10. it sets up a system of Gerrymandering in the city. Gerrymandering is a practice that attempts to establish a political advantage for a particular party, group or individual by manipulating district boundaries to create a political advantage or to remain in office .

    Less than 4% of the cities in California use districting. I believe that Mike Martin and Jerry Robison know this. In most areas of the US it is considered as an undemocratic, politically devisive system and cities generally shun the use of it.

    Lastly to Lee Moyer-I have Mr. Robison’s campaign mailer sitting on my desk , the one he mailed to thousands of Burien residents, and no where on it does he say he supports annexation. He completely ignores the topic of annexation. There is just his picture, the American flag and every organization he ever belonged to since he was in kindergarten.
    Also listen to his radio interview with Steve Shay, August, 2009. It is online. Robison never corrects Steve Shay when Steve refers to him as Jerry Robinson(really the newspaper editor) or names him as the attorney for the NHUAC. Steve refers to him this way several times during the interview. During that interview, Mike Martin refers to Jerry as an icon. This interview happened before Jerry was appointed to the city council. So tell me these guys are not seriously entwined with each other and Jerry is determined to have Mike Martin keep his job and Jerry(himself) his Council position until he dies. Districting would give him and Mike Martin the mechanism to guaranteed this while the citizens of Burien get screwed. Time to speak up folks, to protect your democratic rights, at the next council meeting.

  10. Right on Fred! Excellent summary!

  11. Brian says:

    This issue should be taken to a larger media outlet. Just like this story that was posted on the homepage of The Seattle Times.


    • Coverofnight says:

      That story in the Times is such a NON-ISSUE regarding public access to Lake Burien (turns out that it’s not a unique situation in Washington State), I wonder if it was more of a self-promotion piece for Lee Moyer, with his picture, etc. The fact that he still supports Robison even with his districting subversion is even more disturbing, yet the article states that he, “…asks uncomfortable questions of officials…” – yeah, right! Time to focus on the bigger issue of the attack on our democratic representation, Lee Moyer, or should we refer to you as Lee Tory for your support of the local oligarchy.

      Yes, it would be nice to see an article in the Seattle Times exposing the shenanigans and waste of this council/manager. However, if that did happen, the liberal, secular morons that support that paper would probably just skip over it as “no big deal”.

      We WILL be in control of our government as these self-serving politicians and managers are exposed and voted out and/or fired. Until then, we need to stay vigilant and vocal against their tactics and stand up to the misinformed (like Lee) who are comfortable with their situation, don’t want to “rock the boat” and jeopardize future generations and the quality of life that can exist in Burien.

      Along with my continued thanks to Debi, thanks also go out to Fred for his excellent summary/observations. Looks like the anti-Martin/Robison sentiment is turning into a groundswell!

      Now, if we could only do something to get rid of that parking enforcement guy……!

    • John Poitras says:

      This story was an aberration. It is full of lies and half truths fabricated by Lee Moyer to misrepresent reality.. For example this Lake is maintained with private funds not public to start with. Lee Moyer is a special interest whose main reason for misrepresenting this issue is so he can start up a kayak and boat rental on Lake Burien. He has never been concerned about environmental issues . That is the rub and the reality.. This one sided story he came up presented a false picture of reality. Stay tuned because the Times is already investigating what they published and a rebuttal will be forthcoming.

  12. May says:


    Lee Moyer moved very very quick. I wished I would have been that fly in the room when he made the “emergency phone call” to Brian Bennett.

    Now, who’s brilliant Idea was that? It really really pays to know people in high places. Why don’t any of you try to get into the front page of the Seattle Times. You must know someone.

    This whole thing was a set up for you to be quiet. This is some kind of punishment.
    What they are trying to do is get away from the real issue…and that is the corruption on this council.

    Cry me a river Mr. Moyer. This whole thing is a set up to show Burien what good mayor Brian Bennett is…..after all he tried,,,to build a small park But the “other” council members would not go for it. Because it is such a highly sensitive issue.

    You see how they shift the blame. They want to make themselfes look good. OHhh just look at us…we tried.

    But the bad people are really the others on the council…they would not go for it.

    So anyway…who is Erik Lacitis?

    He is the one that wrote the article in the Seattle Times. His wives name is Malorie.
    Well guess what she does for a living? Right….Coldwell Banker Danforth Real Estate.
    So, Isn’t that interesting. To write and article in such a short time….Please…….

    So Mr. Moyer it does pay to have connections…and please stop crying.
    And if you and your friends continue writing articles I will file a complaint.

    Furthermore, wasn’t it the Seattle Times that endorsed Reagan Dunn?….

    BTW…you love Burien so much and want a park….how come you did not bring up the issue why they fired Hemstra and hired McBee? ….if you care so much for your city.

    • TcB says:

      I just gotta know, what with this evil mastermind cabal of Real Estate people that you are, well, mentally unstable about…
      What is the evil Real Estate cabal trying to do? Are they trying to develop against our interests? What are our interests?
      What is the grand solution by them?
      You come off as a real tinfoil hat, either because you are, or you’re trying to discredit anyone asking questions about Real Estate (there’s your False Flag).

      • May says:

        Yes my dear,

        It All has to do about Real Estate. Wty are they sneaking around trying to change documents so their developer friends can make a mess and do and build wherever they want.

        It is all about Real Estate and millions of dollars. This group of people do not have the best interest at heart for anyone in Burien. Actually, you know what they are doing?….they are stealing peoples homes. Why do you think they hold on to their positions on the council for dear life.

        Please don’t discredit me, it just makes you look ignorant. I think the people have a right to know what they are dealing with.

        And why don’t you ask…..Why did they fire Hemstra and hire McBee?…Look up some information about McBee and their shady business with the Port of Seattle on the internet. They are as corrupt as corruption goes.

        • TcB says:

          It’s very compelling to read. Stealing people’s homes? How? Develop wherever they want? Our city has a pretty well developed zoning plan, so I assume they can develop whatever they’re legally allowed to on property they own.
          I live in an area where right now it’s houses but its zoned so that town homes could be developed. That’s at least 50 percent of Burien right now if I understand the density zone allowances. Basically single family homes on the west side and higher density on the east side. This isn’t really new.
          If some developer came in and bought property the zoning is already set up…
          I understand that.
          Developers aren’t necessarily evil, they’re trying to make a buck like everybody else.
          It’s when you fight to keep white center un annexed because you know you can build 36 units per acre and Burien only allows 24 units per acre that I think you’re evil.

  13. John Poitras says:


    Trish we have quite a bit more information on you that we are prepared to publish if you keep defaming the people on this blog. You have been given fair warning…

    Btw the mental condition you are apparently experiencing is called “projection”. I strongly suggest you contact your mental health professional and ask them about treatment options.

  14. TcB says:

    I am not Trish…

    Bu I won’t tell you my real name.

    Thanks for playing

    • Debi Wagner says:

      TcB: Don’t you realize that everyone knows you are hiding your identity because you have some horrible secret about yourself that you don’t want anyone to know. Hiding only makes people suspect the worst.

      • PanderBear Jack says:

        Why not chastise your good friend John Poitras / William forest for the very same thing? He was caught red handed yet he won’t admit it or all the work TCB uncovered!

        I do fear for this Trish person since the nuthouse has been unleashed on them .

        • John Poitras says:

          The only one caught red handed is you Gordon Shaw.. Btw all you do is spew hate about Debi Wagner, Bob Edgar and myself because they exposed you for what you are even if you do hide behind your Pandering Jack alias.. You lost your council seat Gordon and trying to play godfather from the shadows is catching up with you because people are not stupid. Man up Gordon and publish under your REAL name!

  15. PanderBear Jack says:

    We already have districts at the fed, state, and county level and seem to get along just fine

    If we didn’t have kc districts all the council would be from Seattle. Hmm sounds familiar?

    • TcB says:

      Is that what we were talking about?…. oh yeah it is…

      • TcB says:

        You’re totally right. I allowed myself to get completely pulled off topic. Bad!
        So from my research, there are pros and cons of neighborhood districts, for instance, gerrymandering is a great concern with neighbourhood districting, but, it allows for greater representation of the disparate corners of the city, rather than just a powerful elite.

    • John Poitras says:

      Sorry Pandering Jack that logic does not pass the smell test. In fact it makes no sense whatsoever when applied to the city of Burien.. Oh but wait if anyone on you cabal on the council does not get re-elected then you lose all that behind the scenes power you currently wield. People are not stupid Gordon apparently you don’t get that. You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

  16. TcB says:

    Here’s a link to Fairvote.org. It would seem that looking at the chart and reading about this that SMP (if that is what is proposed) might not be the very best way to choose councilors, but there may be similar ways to do it that would be preferable.


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