CRIME ALERT: Reader Shares Sketch of Man Who Tried to Break Into Her Home

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It’s not everyday that we receive hand-drawn sketches of suspicious suspects, but on Saturday (Feb. 16), the following drawing and note arrived in our inbox (click image to view larger version):


The attached is my sketch of a man who attempted to break in to my home this evening. He did so despite activating my audible exterior alarm.

The attempt happened within a few blocks of Lake Burien Presbyterian Church on 14th Ave SW Saturday evening (Feb. 16).

This is a man who attempted to break in to our home. Jiggling the door knob. Stayed at the door for several minutes trying to open the door. After the alarm sounded, he continued to try to ring the door bell, and jiggled the door. After calling the police, which he may or may not have heard was happening, he fled south on 14th Ave SW. He was on our front porch for 10 minutes solid. On a Saturday evening. And, stayed despite having sounded my alarm. He was definitely up to no good.

Please note that some of our construction tools have been stolen over the last six months. Is this the same perpetrator?

Thank you,
Name Removed by Request

BTW, my neighbor was robbed while they were home approximately two months ago. Is this the same bold person?


  • This was reported this to the police, who responded 20 minutes later.
  • The victim says the suspect was approximately 5’6″ tall, had a beard and was possibly “half Black and half Hispanic.”
  • The suspect was also wearing Carhart-style brown or tan pants, along with a blue or dark zip-up style coat.
  • The suspect was also wearing a knitted hat (this may be hard to tell from the sketch).

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14 Responses to “CRIME ALERT: Reader Shares Sketch of Man Who Tried to Break Into Her Home”
  1. P says:

    police responded 20 minutes later!!!!! What good is that?!?!

    • watching says:

      I have always felt that if I need a really quick response to something (life in danger) that I will call the Fire Department. I KNOW they will come RIGHT now. Just to be sure I will tell them that I smell gas. I will happily pay for the false alarm if I end up safe.

      • elizabeth2 says:

        To “watching” – let’s just hope that no one with a REAL fire emergency needs a response while you are busy knowingly filing a false alarm – believe that is probably a crime…..

  2. Looks familiar good to know he has what appears to be two ear holes or maybe that’s one of those large tribal piercings and clean shaving eyebrows. I’ll keep a look out. Glad the guy didn’t get in.

  3. SS says:

    The Police responed 20 minutes later. If her life had been in danger, she would have been dead. Perhaps they should work on their response time. Glad she is ok.

  4. John Poitras says:

    There is nothing like the sound of loading a round into a shotgun to discourage an potential intruder who is threatening your right to be safe in your own home.

  5. TbC says:

    When seconds count the Burien police are only minutes away!

    • TcB says:

      Interesting that you’ve chosen to use a mixed up version of my screen name. I must be scaring you if you want to discredit me. I don’t care, but thought I’d say that I think you’ve got it exactly right. Text book example. Kudos to you!

  6. John Poitras says:

    We also live in this Seahurst neighborhood.. I think we need to organize a watch group. Apparently from what I was told by one of the members of a the neighborhood watch group on 22 Ave SW the police will help us set it up..

  7. May says:

    I guess the criminals know that Burien needs more police protection and it is not supplied. So, they are using this opportunity to take care of business.

    It is very bad that now our lifes are at stake. This is a terrible situation and I believe it will get worse. I think it is time to show up at city hall and ask questions. One of them would be why they wasted so much money on annaxation, on hiring their friends, and all the rest of the shananigans that they are pulling. There are people on this council that need to resign. The first should be Michael Martin.

    If someone in Burien would ever lose their life because of crime and not fast enough Police response, Michael Martin and the rest should be arrested.

    Some members on this council have ask over and over of hiring more Police Officers here in Burien to no avail. What are people suppost to do?

  8. John Poitras says:

    I agree May… Also a twenty minute response time when a perp is at your door and attempting entry is totally unacceptable.. I think we need to find out WHERE were those cops that were supposed to be protecting us at 7:30 on a Saturday night??

    • Ghost of Maplewild says:

      Skyway and White Center. That is where they spend most of their time. How do I know you ask? A little over a year ago when we needed them for a fight in our neighborhood. It took them over 30 minutes to respond. One of the individuals was hurt pretty good. Medic 1 did not respond until the Sheriff arrived and assessed the situation. When they finally arrived I was told they had a lot of DV calls in said locations to deal with that night.
      I think it is time for this neighborhood to put up signs just like the Gregory Heights neighborhood did a while back.

  9. Colin says:

    My home on 18th ave SW was burglarized last night. Several thousand dollars worth of electronics were stolen. Thief entered by breaking a window while I was out. Wonder if it could be the same person.

  10. John Poitras says:

    I spoke with the chief a little while ago and he assured me that if it had been made clear that someone was trying to break into a residents home while the resident was home that every police car in the area would have been immediately dispatched to deal with this kind of a priority situation.

    The reality is that the resident never indicated that the incident reached that kind of priority and she was still on the phone and informed the police that the potential perp had left.

    This reduced the priority of the call..

    After speaking to the chief I am confident that if a situation reaches a level of a threat to a residents safety that the Burien police will be there to respond within a few minutes or less.

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