Joey Martinez Throws His Hat Back Into the Ring for Burien City Council

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Joey Martinez shakes former Burien City Councilmember Gordon Shaw’s hand at a 2012 B-Town Blog Candidate Forum. Photo by Scott Schaefer.

Joey Martinez, who unsuccessfully ran for Burien City Council last year – losing against Gordon Shaw and Bob Edgar in the primary – appears to be the first to announce that he will be running for a seat in 2013.

“Just announced that I am running for Burien City Council @ 33rd district dems!” Martinez said on his Facebook page Monday night, Feb. 18. (Martinez has since corrected this to say that he actually announced at the 34th Dems meeting Feb. 13).

Martinez works for Seattle City Light, and is also a member of the Burien Planning Commission, with his term expiring in March 2016.

When he ran last year, he originally stood against annexation of North Highline, but later changed his mind.

What’s his platform for 2013?

“The exact messaging is still being worked on BUT the platform revolves around family, community, and especially the kids,” Martinez added via Facebook. “I believe that if we can set up the kids to succeed in life We’ll all be in a better place.”

The deadline to file to run for Burien City Council will be in early June.

The primary election is scheduled for Aug. 6, with the general set for Nov. 5.

As we have done over the last few years, The B-Town Blog plans on sponsoring Candidate Forums, so stay tuned.

Here’s more from Joey’s website, which was last updated Jan. 15, 2013:

Elect Joey Martinez – The smart choice for Burien’s future
Vote Nov. 5th!

Joey Martinez, Burien Planning Commissioner:

  • Wants to make Burien a better place for his family and yours.
  • Working to Prepare for Burien’s success.
  • Striving to fulfill the dreams of our Forefathers while Building for our future.

Ben Franklin once said, “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.” Joey takes this to heart and has engaged all areas of this Great City to find out what we the residents, citizens, and tax payers of Burien want and, more importantly, need to succeed. Since first becoming involved in our community Joey as taken the time visit every neighborhood in Burien and has asked what is important to Burien.

Joey first became involved because of a personal tragedy. While on the way home from work (on public transportation) he got a call that his house was on fire ($200k+ in damage) from his wife – Jackie. After being assured that the kids and dogs were OK he started to work on rebuilding. He, however, immediately realized that he and the family were not alone. Friends, Family, neighbors, co-workers, even total strangers rallied to his families support. The depth and immenseness of this community support was just what his family needed. Joey, however, felt empty. After much soul searching he realized why. He realized that he had been selfish. Not on purpose, he just got caught up in everyday life raising a family.

Thinking back on his life Joey realized that he has been blessed, and lucky. Joey knew what he had to do he had to give back to the community that had given so much to him and his family. However, he didn’t know what to do. It was then that he saw it. A random visit to a local blog (half jokingly) calling for candidates to Burien’s city council. Joey knew he saw his calling. Less than 5 minutes later the wallet was out and fees were paid to run for office. The rest, as they say, is history J

If you’d like to help support Joey please contact his campaign using the email or mailing address on this page. Yard signs will be available if you have a place to put them. You can help build a better Burien by telling your friends about Joey.

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22 Responses to “Joey Martinez Throws His Hat Back Into the Ring for Burien City Council”
  1. Coverofnight says:

    Scott writes, “….You can help build a better Burien by telling your friends about Joey.”

    Oh, I will……there’s a reason he’s known as “Joey Moretaxes” – ’cause that’s what we’ll get if he’s elected and joins with the Martin/Robison Hole-in-the-Head gang to silence the citizenry. ‘Course with Joey though, he’ll blather us into submission.

    Seriously, Joey is about more government and is, I feel, a true tax and spend liberal, or should I say socialist – we definitely don’t need someone like that on the council.

    As tempting as it is to go on, I’ll write more later as others throw their two-cents in……oh look, Joey’s already grabbed my two cents!

  2. Eaton B. Verz says:

    ” Joey takes this to heart and has engaged all areas of this Great City to find out what we the residents, citizens, and tax payers of Burien want”

    So that’s the reason he flip flopped on annexation last time. HHHMMMMM…………

    BTW I have yet to see you in my neighborhood Joey. I see the BS is starting right out of the gate

  3. John Poitras says:

    Ask him if he thinks Mike Martin is doing a good job as city manager or if we need new blood.. That’s where the rubber hits the road …

    I would also like to know how often he consults with his good buddy, Martin supporter and former council member Gordon Shaw?

  4. TcB says:

    You already know that I’m going to give him a listen. Hard core Conservatives CON, Eatin’ and John K P are lining up against him. This breaks down along party lines…..

  5. By Stander says:

    I think this is great Joey. You can thunk ahead and plan. The so called Burien voters that are always finding fault with the city council don’t want people who can think ahead. They want dead wood that sits on their hands and reacts to problems ILO planning ahead and acting on the problems. These people will always be behind as they don’t think any fauther than their own needs and the seem to think that their needs are the needs of all the people. In a word they are short sited selfish people that think that any thinking other than theirs is wrong. Good luck. I hope you wink

  6. John Poitras says:

    TCB you are clueless about my politics.. or should I say Tish Johnston TCB commerical properties real estate baron..

    Btw coming out in support of Joey puts you firmly in the “I don’t really have a clue” camp

    • TcB says:

      I know that you have a conservative PAC called VenturePAC. I know that you donated to Tom Tancredo and many other tea party and libertarian and Republicans types, including one donation for $666 which found interesting.
      I know that you claimed you were a progressive while actually being a “government is best which doesn’t exist” type.
      I know that you are a rich land baron who’s in Burien to make some bucks, to replace what you lost to a Scientologist pyramid schemer (I wouldn’t spend ten seconds with a Scientologist let alone give him 15 million dollars).
      I know that you have been caught using sock puppets online to push your cause.

      I know that you have no clue who I am, and I find it both laughable and unfortunate that you continue to call out that company, which I am not involved with, and no, my denying that I’m involved with that company does not prove I’m with them…that’s a super ridiculous argument.

  7. May says:

    Lets see,

    Joey Martinez—–> Dow Constantine
    Dow Constantine—–> Reagan Dunn
    Reagan Dunn———> Bob Ferguson
    Rob Ferguson———-> Brian Bennett

  8. Ghost of Maplewild says:

    I’d rather vote for Good Space Guy.

  9. TcB says:

    John, Slander is spoken, Libel is written. You have to prove that the things I’m pointing out are lies first….
    They’re just links to proof
    No Libel there…

  10. Seahurst Relic says:

    Please do not elect Mr. Martinez to our City Council. He has claimed time and again that he has his thumb on the pulse of our community. This was proved to be completely wrong by his stance on annexation. Joey does not represent what is good for Burien, please vote against Joey Martinez for Burien City Council.

    Thank you!