After Missing for 17 Days, ‘Buddha’ the Bulldog Safely Reunited with His Owners!

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We were the first to report about ‘Buddha,’ a red-brindled English Bulldog that went missing from the Gregory Heights neighborhood Feb. 4, and today we’re happy to report some GREAT news – after missing for 17 days, he’s been found and safely reunited with his owners!

This is the second dog in the last month or so to go missing in the area, only to be successfully found after its Owners did massive publicity campaigns (posters, blog posts, Facebook, TV news, etc.) to help find it (read the tail about the other dog, which belonged to Discover Burien Executive Director Gina Bourdage, here).

Candace shared this update on her Facebook Page on Friday, Feb. 22:

Yes, inquiring minds wants to know the story: Our deepest apologies for when Buddha came home, we all turned everything off, cuddled & SLEPT!!!

On 2/21/13, 17 days after Buddha went missing-we received a phone call @ 10am fr. a man saying he thinks he has our dog. Their story is they bought Buddha from someone off the street for $400. The seller told the couple he found the dog. They took him home thinking they found a new pet until they saw our lost Buddha posters everywhere. The lady is a bus driver who sees the posters everyday. The man said he couldn’t take Buddha out for walks because there were posters everywhere and finally called us to make sure it was our dog. Around 3pm, we met them along with Burien police (to ensure our safety) and lo & behold, it was our Buddha! And yes, we cried the “ugly cry” where your whole body shook uncontrollably & you didn’t care who saw you!

We’re so grateful to each & every one of you who followed Buddha’s story & in our journey in bringing him home. We are very lucky & have learned a great lesson. We will be making our thank you rounds in the days to come, a date w/Buddha’s vet, removing Lost Buddha posters, getting him a new collar-GPS, reinforcing our fence and just enjoying our time with Buddha-our little guy who made such a big fuss!


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8 Responses to “After Missing for 17 Days, ‘Buddha’ the Bulldog Safely Reunited with His Owners!”
  1. Candace says:

    Thank you Scott, & B Town Blog readers! We are so grateful and very thankful for your support! B Town Blog was the first to cover our story! We love our community and our wonderful Burien! Thank you for bringing our little guy home!

    • joan Huddleston says:

      I am so happy to hear Buddha is home again. I felt so bad with him missing and posted the happy news on my fb page. have fun with your sweet boy! Life is good with that boy in your family!!! hugs and more hugs!!!!!

  2. Marie says:

    So happy to see Buddha home. Overjoyed to see that people and community usually always do the right thing.

  3. Shari says:

    Incredibly good news! I know that “ugly cry” very well and completely relate to the whole-body joy you felt at Buddha’s safe return. Tummy rub time!

  4. joan Huddleston says:

    I am so happy to hear that Buddha is home safe. I just makes me feel so much better and so happy for you and so happy for Buddha! hugs all around!!!!!!

  5. Anna says:

    I am so glad! Congratulations all around!

  6. Flashdog says:

    This is so wonderful! I’m VERY glad your lost dog story had a happy ending!

  7. joan Huddleston says:

    didn’t realize it had posted. so sorry for my duplicate (triplicate) but still very happy at this the best of dog news!!!!!!

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