Burien City Council Honors Its Co-Citizens of the Year Monday Night

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Michael Noakes and Donna DiFiore at Monday night's council meeting. Photo courtesy City of Burien.

Michael Noakes and Donna DiFiore at Monday night’s council meeting. Photo courtesy City of Burien.

At its Monday night (March 4) meeting, the Burien City Council honored Michael Noakes and Donna DiFiore as co-winners of its 2012 “Citizen of the Year.”

Here’s what the city said about these two awardees:

Michael Noakes
Mr. Noakes is resident who is a point of contact for Burien residents interested in shoreline management issues. Michael was instrumental in working with neighborhoods to provide thoughtful and meaningful input into the effort to update the City’s Shoreline Master Program. He subsequently served as a member of the City Council-appointed Shoreline Working Group formed in 2011. The group was created to negotiate with City and State officials resolutions to the remaining issues stalling the Shoreline Master Program update effort. He has serves as a spokesman for the working group and has been instrumental in crafting solutions based countless hours of research, negotiation and technical writing.

Donna DiFiore
Donna was recognized for her long-time participation on the Burien Arts Commission and for her assistance to the artist who painted the mural last summer on the Dollar Tree wall on 4th Avenue SW. Donna invited the artist to stay in her home for the five weeks she was in Burien to work on the mural. Donna also assisted the artist at the mural site.

The City Council annually choses the Citizen of the Year in a program that started the first years after Burien became a City. The winners are chosen for their contributions in improving the quality of life in Burien.

The B-Town Blog raises a toast in their honor!

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14 Responses to “Burien City Council Honors Its Co-Citizens of the Year Monday Night”
  1. May says:

    Democracy is served by being allowed to VOTE to SPEAK and to ask QUESTIONS for ANYONE that lives in the in the United States.

    I guess now you can’t do that because of Scott Shaeffer getting pressure form the Burien Council.

    I see the truth is to much to handle and some people want to hide it. But the truth allways comes out one way or another.

    Do you see how some people run up to “Daddy”. Now you can see the friend of friends.
    And this is how your Buren Council is run.

    And they want to bring in Chicago Style Mafia Voting? While their friends collect and we pay the bills while they bring in more of their friends to sit on this council. This way they will always be there no matter if someone leaves because some of their other friends will take over.

    • May I don’t quite understand what you’re referring to when you say “I guess now you can’t do that because of Scott Shaeffer getting pressure form the Burien Council”?

      I’m wondering what you base this incorrect claim on? What’s your source/data? Or are you merely speculating?

      FYI, I haven’t received any pressure from the city council, or from the city for that matter…other than the usual disdain, that is (basically they don’t seem to understand that The B-Town Blog provides a forum for residents to share their thoughts about the city – including negative ones – so they blame/reference the blog as if it’s our viewpoint; ie: Greg Duff at the 3/4/13 council meeting referencing an “article” on the blog that was actually a clearly-labelled “Letter to the Editor” from Debi Wagner).

      I just want to clarify that neither this blog, nor myself, has received any “pressure” from any council/city folks to change anything, and we have no plans to even if we do.


      • May says:

        ……………I’m wondering what you base this incorrect claim on?

        I am basing this “incorrect” claim on why you did not post my question that I ask about Micheel Noakes.

        I asked who selected him to run the City’s Shoreline Master Program.

        He recieved an reward for citizen of the year and he is a friend of a friend of someone that sits on this council.

  2. TcB says:

    Congratulations to the winners! It sounds like they went above and beyond the call. Thank you for your work and dedication. I raise my Tea to you.

  3. TcB says:

    Lets try to make this a more civil place, I know it’s hard, but lets agree to try

  4. jimmy says:

    ok may/jonh/mr.forcest now your attacking the editor of this blog nice job you know all he has do is hit a few buttons and make a phone to your isp and have you blocked and internet ban for harasment so might want to mind your p&q’s also your isp can tell if your using a proxy server or some other ip adress hiding ways and might have rules on the use of those services just incase you might want to think about your doing and know that most of us can spot it with out even having to look into

  5. May says:

    Seattle Times March 7′ 13

    CH2M Hill

    They have to pay a $18.5 M penalty for time card overtime fraud. Overstating the number of hours they worked to the Deptment of Energy at Handford

    This is the company Maiya Andrews worked and that got more contracts. This is also the company that donated to the Aaron Reardon Campaign.

    They know how to scheme. There are schemes here there and everywhere these people are.

  6. TcB says:

    Could you point out the connection to the story better?

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