Burien Little Theatre Auditioning for Upcoming Playwrights Festival

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Burien Little Theatre announced that it will be holding auditions for its upcoming 2013 Bill & Peggy Hunt Playwrights Festival of four brand spanking new plays on Tuesday and Wednesday, March 12 and 13.

The festival is set to run from May 3 – 26 at Burien Little Theatre in Burien.

Auditions will be held Tuesday, March 12 and Wednesday, March 13 from 7 to 10 p.m.

Callbacks are scheduled for Sunday, March 17 from 6 to 9 p.m., and there may be additional callback dates.

Performances of main-stage plays are Friday and Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons. Rehearsals for some shows will begin around March 25, and others will begin around April 7.

These scripts have never been produced elsewhere.

Each play will be part of a double-bill, and each will have six performances.

The producer is seeking actors to portray 19 male and female characters ranging in age from 16 through 60s, including five that are specifically black, plus some ethnic-neutral roles. Actors of all ethnicities are encouraged to audition. Details on shows and characters are listed below.

Please make audition appointment: [email protected] or call 206-242-5180. Come prepared to perform a short comedic monologue and a short dramatic monologue. Please also bring resume and headshot. Callbacks will consist of cold script readings. Stipend of $35 provided.

Auditions will be held at Burien Little Theatre, located at 14501 4th Ave. SW, Burien. For directions, go to www.burienlittletheatre.org.


“Angry at the Daffodils”:

A full-length play written by D. Richard Tucker.

Synopsis: Dan struggles to deal with his wife, Greta’s, grief over losing her only son. Having never had children, Dan begins to question his life, when an ex-girlfriend shows up and tells him he’s the father of her 28-year-old daughter. Dan tries to become part of his daughter’s life in an attempt to make up for lost time and create the father-child bond he never knew he wanted. Drama.

Character list:

  • Dan: Male, 49.
  • Greta: Female, 42, his wife.
  • Scottie: Male, late teens, Greta’s dead child.
  • Candice: Female: 48, Dan’s ex-girlfriend.
  • Julie: Female, 28, Dan’s daughter, a helicopter pilot.

“Parsing Race”:

A full-length play written by David Miller.

Synopsis: “Parsing Race” explores relations between blacks and whites in the northern United States today. Racial misunderstandings provoke the breakup of a black woman, Yolanda Jefferson, and her white ex-Marine boyfriend, John Furman. Yolanda’s father, Walter, fuels the breakup with his insistence that interracial relationships don’t work. Yolanda turns for counsel to her white friend, Maddy, who faces her own issues in her marriage to the black Franklin. Saleem, a young black “gangster” wannabe staying with Maddy and Franklin, discovers that his mother was half-white and his white grandmother wants to take him home.

Character list:

  • John (Jack) Furman: Male, 35, white. Previously married. Assertive, slightly bulging in the tummy, balding. Served as a      Marine captain in Iraq. Now a salesman for an industrial kitchen-equipment manufacturer.
  • Walter Jefferson: Male, 59, black. Medium build, dark-skinned, gray-haired. Slow-speaking, affecting gravitas. Slight Southern accent. Conventional, somewhat melancholy in temperament. Served three years in the Marines in Vietnam as enlisted. Now works as a men’s clothing salesman at a department store. Father of Yolanda.
  • Yolanda (Yolie) Jefferson: 28, black. Fairly attractive, self-assured, skittish about men. Works as a nurse at the VA Hospital.
  • Franklin Cooper: 39, black. Muscular build but soft-spoken, generally serious. Grew up in a tough neighborhood and was a member of a gang named the Black Mambas. Went to prison for assault where he got out of the gang life with the help of his prison chaplain. Works as the director of a youth center. Married to Maddy.
  • Madison (Maddy) Cooper: 32, white. Practical, not easily flustered. Married to Franklin. No children. Works as a  receptionist at the VA Hospital.
  • Saleem (Henry) Washington: 18, black. Trim, light-skinned, tattooed, acts nonchalant and semi-tough, but really just drifting through life.
  • Trey: 22 or 23, black. A minor gangster, street tough, and dressed and tattooed appropriately.

“Bottom Line”:

A one-act play written by Judy Jacobs.

Synopsis: A lottery ticket is the solution to a couple’s financial problems…or is it? A struggling young couple, Jack and Crystal, dream of winning the lottery. This week, Crystal is determined to create “just the right” spiritual energy before they buy their ticket. She convinces Jack to participate in “just the right”  ritual to change their luck. When the ritual actually works, their conflict over how to spend the money reveals struggles that just might go deeper than the financial surface. Comedy-drama.

Character list:

  • Jack:  Male, early 30s, trim and muscular, a frustrated sheet metal worker.
  • Crystal: Female, early 30s, Jack’s wife, an equal blend of logic and woo-woo.


A one-act play written by Stephan Feldman.

Synopsis:  Professor Doris Cannon has reserved and paid for two adjoining seats for her personal comfort on a flight to Boston from Seattle. The airline insists on boarding a standby passenger to take one of the seats. Arguments ensue regarding common sense and airline policy. Comedy.

Character list:

  • Doris Cannon: Female, age 40-60, elegant.
  • William Johnson: Male, age 18, high-school student.
  • Pam: Female, age 21-60, flight attendant.
  • Captain Scully:  Male, age 40-60, airplane pilot.
  • Passenger:  Male, age 50-70, well-dressed.

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