LETTER: Has the City of Burien Revived the Emerald Pointe/Westmark Project?

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[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a Letter to the Editor, written by a Reader. It is not an “article,” nor does it reflect the opinion of The B-Town Blog:]

Below is a letter I received from R.W Thorpe & Assoc. regarding the City of Burien approving a Clearing Permit for the Emerald Pointe 179 unit apartment project (read the blog’s previous coverage here):


Click image to see larger version.

I am very concerned about the resurrection of this long-opposed project for many reasons, some of which include the very steep slope, environmental impact to habitat, ecosystem, slope integrity, etc.

Additionally how will 12th Avenue SW handle the increase of traffic this complex will create on an already narrow and dangerous curved road which is used by school buses?

I thought this project was killed when NAVOS relocated to SW 136th and denied right of way for the drive entrance off 136th. I do not recall seeing revised plans since.

This has been a long-standing project full of opposition which seems to have really snuck back up on us. Notice that this courtesy letter was only sent to those within 500 feet of the proposed property.

Appreciate further information on the current timeline and plans for this project.

Thank you,
Angela Appleton

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2 Responses to “LETTER: Has the City of Burien Revived the Emerald Pointe/Westmark Project?”
  1. Ghost of Maplewild says:

    Did the City get the money back it had to pay for the lawsuit from Westmark in 2010? Wasn’t it around $500,000.00?

  2. May says:

    A good question would be “who is the Lawyer they hired to take care of Westmark”? Here again I think they are paying their friends.

    Do you know (I got the information from Facebook.com) that Kevin Wallace (Real Estate) has a friend of MBarrientos.(Developer). She and Urban Partners shared the same address at 2003 Western Ave.at one time. If you type in your search ingine Urban Partners and 2003 Western Ave you’ll find it. Actually, I don’t know if they still have an office there.

    What is behind the selling of the parcels at Burien Town Square, I don’t know.
    I guess this council asked that the parcels be sold to Legacy?

    Michael Martin and wife lived in a Condo where the units were sold by KV Carriage C LLC.

    KV Carriage is

    Jeffrey D Gow. is the agent.

    Well Jeffrey also is involved with Legacy and they know one another.
    Click on Property Detail, croll down and open the documents. Open the Doc. of 2007 then scoll down and you’ll see.

    Here is my question? This council hired a lawyer of Davis Wright Tremaine (this is were Brian Bennett used to work) to take care of this transaction. Why did they do this when they all know one another?

    Our City money goes out to their created Drama?
    And they use us to pay for this?…our money? And we are paying Lawyers of Brian Bennett former employer? This is really something.

    We have so much trouble as a city with all these corrupt individuals running us into the ground. This is so serious that these people can run us into bankrupcy. All this money goes to their friends and we are paying for this?

    And now they want to create Wards?….This is really something.


    DPK stands for David Paul Kiyohara
    They are building 1st Ave. One of their sons lived at the same address as Michael Martin.
    Someone mentioned a $9.00 fee on their Seattle City Light Bill? The Wallace family is also friends with People on the Seattle City Council.

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