LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Greg Duff Makes Public Apology to B-Town Blog

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[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a Letter to the Editor, written by a Reader:]

At a recent Burien City Council Meeting I referred to an “opinion” that a Reader submitted to the B-Town Blog (concerning my political campaign) as an “article”.

An opinion is unsolicited letter submitted by the public and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The B-Town Blog or its staff. It is not necessarily factual and usually written by a non professional reader of the Blog giving their opinion. An article would have been written by The B-Town Blog staff. It is written by professionals who research the facts and present a non biased opinion to the public.

I wish to humbly apologize to Scott Schaefer for calling the “letter” an “article”. In no way did I intend to question the credibility of the B-Town Blog. Scott and his staff are journalism professionals. The free press is vital to a free society. While we may disagree with the opinion of others, our forefathers fought and died that we can all express those opinions in an open forum.

I applaud the B-Town Blog and all the other blogs in the area for keeping the public informed to the news of the community.

Thank you,
Greg Duff

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9 Responses to “LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Greg Duff Makes Public Apology to B-Town Blog”
  1. This is part of an email I sent Greg directly:

    I was surprised and touched to read your words. So seldom these days is anyone ever willing to admit they made a mistake that when someone has the integrity to do so it’s quite remarkable. I am truly impressed with your sense of fairness, as I believe others will be.

    It is disheartening to hear negative comments from people about the blog, implying that somehow we’re out to “get” people (or the city itself), or that we’re negative when in reality we’re not – we actually LOVE Burien and its people, and are just trying to do journalism and provide a forum for residents to share their thoughts. I personally have made a concerted effort recently to screen comments closer, close discussion threads when they get uncivil, unapprove/delete negative comments, etc. but I still hear rumblings around town about us or even me personally. I guess that part just goes with the job though and we appreciate the support we get from the business community, as well as our growing readership!

    Thanks Greg for showing such integrity!

    -scott schaefer

    • Bonnie moormeier says:

      I also applaud Greg and commend the B-town Blog for their vital contribution to our community. Unfortunately, a few people seem to dominate the blog with a lot of uncivil and inappropriate comments, but since we all know who they are, it is easy to skip over and ignore. Thanks Greg and Scott for showing maturity and grace under fire!

    • Terry says:

      Thanks for stepping up the moderation. I have noticed a decrease in ad hominem attacks lately. Your efforts must be having an effect.

    • Shari says:

      Yes, a very classy thing to do, Mr. Duff. Great example for everyone, including kids, who, perhaps, like me, are feeling pretty pessimistic and discouraged about the integrity, courage, and/or humility of our civic leaders. And I appreciate Scott’s ongoing efforts to thread the needle and allow free expression of opinion while also trying to discourage the kind that actually ends up crushing it for everyone else.

  2. Burienite says:

    Don’t stress over a few errant comments, Scott. Negativity-hungry trolls will always live in blog comment threads. Those who read the blog and appreciate the support you show to the community are many (although usually quiet). I learned a long time ago that negative comments will frequently outweigh the positive in many hyper-local blogs and to take it all with a grain of salt.

    Keep singin’ the song of Burien!

  3. jimmy says:

    I know sometime’s i have been known use negtive words iam trying not to it just hard some people on here like to attack others or bicker its hard not to tell them where to go and what finger to wave at them sometimes i just stay away from comments after I have posted somthing on a topic for a few days and let things settle down or i just don’t post just in case if i hit a nerv but most people on here are nice and can talk with out wanting to hit the capslock button or bicker

    • Elizabeth says:

      Dear Jimmy,
      May I make an appeal for punctuation and capitalization in your comments? Now, this seems this is your style and perhaps in some formats that is what is customary. Problem is, I think you would like others to read your comments or why would you post? I no longer read them. I get to through what would be approximately the first sentence and give up! I wonder how many other readers have given up too? So, how about adding a period or a capital now and then so we can all share in your wisdom?

      • jimmy says:

        iam sorry elizabith but i have some lerning disabiltys and iam unaware of exaclty where to put periods and other thing in my posts most on here are a ware of this i have posted about it a few times i have even been attack about it before on other sites so iam sorry if its hard for to read my post and if you feel the need skip over them thats fine

  4. Jack Block Jr. says:

    Don’t feel bad Greg, I made the same mistake and had to apologize from the dais. Classy move.

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