Burien Council Censures Jack Block Jr. for Facebook Photo Posting

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by Ralph Nichols

Burien City Councilmembers voted to censure Councilman Jack Block Jr. at Monday night’s meeting (March 18).

Mayor Brian Bennett and Councilmembers Rose Clark, Joan McGilton and Gerald Robison voted for the censure.

Deputy Mayor Lucy Krakowiak and Councilman Bob Edgar abstained from voting, as did Block.

The focus of the censure was a photo of a scantily clad woman in lingerie that Block posted on his personal Facebook page last Christmas Eve.

On making the motion for censure, Robison called the posting inappropriate material that cast the city in a bad light.

After the vote, Block said he is “an imperfect human being” but attributed the censure – which carries no penalty – largely to council politics.

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70 Responses to “Burien Council Censures Jack Block Jr. for Facebook Photo Posting”
  1. Coverofnight says:

    Robison worried about another councilman’s actions casting the city in a bad light? That’s a bit of the pot calling the kettle black, isn’t it?

  2. BurgerMeister says:

    Link to photo, please!

  3. This is another example of politics gone bad. The photo was PG and frankly I’ve seen more skin on broadcast TV or better yet go to Alki on a hot summer day. Just by looking at how the vote went coupled with the fact that the person making the complaint is now running against Jack Block in this up-coming election demonstrates that this censure is purely politics.

    Compare this with what happened a few months ago when a former Deputy Mayor with complete disregard to Roberts Rules Of Order unilaterally recessed the council and stormed out with no incrimination at all.

    Ask yourselves this. For the betterment of Burien, of the two, which is the more egregious?

    Jack gets censured: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pL6pPymhLzE

    Rose stops meeting: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Cp0A_k6DW0

  4. Hotrodgal says:

    Poor Jack. These self-serving nitwits have no better armory than to
    dig through Jack’s PERSONEL Facebook page?? Ludicrous.

  5. Mary says:

    Why was Rose Clark not censured for violating protocol by walking out and ending a council meeting in progress? That action had more relevance to the citizens of Burien.
    This is without a doubt a political move by the current members of the majority on the council who pushed for annexation against the wishes of the vast majority of Burien residents and who also refuse to exercise any oversight on our out of control city manager.

  6. Ghost of Maplewild says:

    I’ve got your back Jack! This is pure retaliation. Not only did the majority of the council go after Jack tonight for something he posted on a personal social networking page, they tried to silence Bob Edgar over his wife’s comments during public comment. They were concerned she was influenceing his decisions. I think Mr Edgar can think for himself. All of this going on while storefronts empty out, lots sit vacant, crime rises, property values going down, viable questions from citizens about what was the real cost of annexation go unanswered …. do I need to keep on going?

  7. SeagateSW says:

    The horror!
    Oh, wait, the photo isn’t of Breeann, Rosie, JoAnne, or Geraldine. So what’s the big deal?
    Sounds more like four people are begging to get kicked out of office for wasting taxpayer time.

    (overheard at 909 .. Geri secretly wished to have been in the photo)

  8. seahurst3 says:

    Sorry Jack. You are better than small town ill equipped politicians.

  9. J says:

    I’m sure 99% of the population NEVER knew about the photo until the council brought it to light. Leave the guy alone…if that’s the best they have against him, it’s pathetic!

  10. John E says:

    I ran against Gerald Robison as did a few others when the opening got filled by him. I’m sort of happy I didn’t get the job as I thought I might be going into a class act but the more I read and the antics of the members themselves, there is no class act here. There seems to be more bickering and back stabbing by the council members than working as a team to better the government of our city.

    Some of the things going on and the decisions that need to be made seem fairly straight forward. Yet they make everything so hard. And if you are not part of the council in-crowd you don’t get your way.

    The problem I see though is these same people keep getting voted into this office by the same people reading this article perhaps. If you voted for the President and are unhappy, if you voted for this council and are unhappy, you only have yourself to blame.

    If you want to change the council or the way issues are going, then lobby for the right people to be there and then vote for them. Sometimes change in leadership is GOOD.

  11. PanderBear Jack says:

    No problems with the pic as I found it on the daily. The problem I have with Jackie boy is that he should have stopped talking after he said I apologize. To throw everyone and anything under the bus reminded me of a child trying weasel his way out of getting caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

    Grow up jack! And for the record Facebook isn’t private.

    Also, for those supporting jack would you feel the same way if it had been Brian or Jerry? I suspect you’d be calling for heads on a platter if it wasn’t someone you supported.

  12. Uh oh says:

    There are a whole lot of folks on the burien city council that need to get some perspective. It is past time to have an elected mayor who runs the city and can be held accountable.

  13. Clark S. Jones says:

    This was not simply a picture of a woman wearing lingerie. It was of a young woman wearing very little, seductively positioned on her hands and knees, with the caption “Merry Christmas, Y’all”, obviously inviting everyone to come and get it. It’s as close to pornography as you can get.

    Besides degrading woman into sex objects, posting it shows an incredible lack of judgment on the part of an elected official. Does Burien really want someone this stupid making decisions for them?

  14. TcB says:

    A Strong Mayor is not the solution, just a different set of troubles. You can vote out any of these members without having to resort to changing the Form of Government. It is not a Panacea to solve Governments problems.

  15. Frances says:

    So a single guy like scantly clad women. I wish the picture was posted so we could see if it’s degrading to women or not.

    It must not as Lucy thought it was ok.

    B-Town Show the picture!!!!!

  16. Ghost of Maplewild says:

    “On making the motion for censure, Robison called the posting inappropriate material that cast the city in a bad light.”
    Soooo.. if the Burien city council wishes to become the PC police for Burien, I’m sure they are all over the Bikini/lingere Barista on 1st Ave as well? Does this not cast our city in a bad light as well? Other cities have cried foul on these establishments. Why not Burien?

    • PanderBear Jack says:

      Oh sure, the city does that gets sued then you complain about mike Martin costing the tax payers money!

      Pretend it’s Brian or Jerry there maple, you d be screaming for heads on a platter!

  17. John says:

    My understanding is that the city has been sued for millions under Mr Martin and we have had judgements against us in the millions because of his incompetence which he blamed on his employees.
    As for myself I was against impeaching Clinton as it really had nothing to do with his job performance and this facebook page of Jacks may have been in bad taste but it certainly did not affect his job performance and as far as I am concerned it pales in comparison to Mr Robison’s failure to recuse himself on numerous occasions where there was a clear conflict of interest.
    It is also interesting to note that Mr Robison is Mr Martins staunchest ally and defender on the council. I guess birds of a feather do flock together.

  18. ATKMH says:

    Jack could have apologized to anyone he may have offended and put an end to the subject. Instead he minimizes the impact of the photo and the fact that notifications of his post went out to hundreds of “friends”. This speaks volumes about his character, the opinions of the people he represents, and the high regard he has for women in general. Bloggers are constantly complaining about council members not listening to citizens. If you didn’t see the meeting where a citizen brought the photo to the council’s attention and described in detail the impact it had on them, then you definitely are going to miss the point here. Others might agree, that the picture is not that offensive and that worse examples exist. That goes without saying. It doesn’t justify or make it correct. The idea that “boys will be boys” is just immature and irresponsible. Jack is afterall an adult, not a college frat boy. It doesn’t matter WHO was offended. Just that many were.

    • Firmly a Feminazi says:

      Let’s get something straight here: The PG-rated “offensive” photo on Jack’s PERSONAL Facebook page was brought to Jack’s attention the same day it was posted, and it was removed. A full TWO MONTHS later, some woman brings it to the council’s attention. The mayor initially dismisses this as a “personal matter.” Interestingly, the same woman is encouraged to run against Jack.

      Jack makes a motion to discuss the city manager. Robinson then moves to censure Jack. Is this a coincidence? No.

      The Gang of Four on the council seek to shut Jack down because Jack has called for:
      1) an end to annexation, which is opposed by the voters
      2) an elected mayor, which the council will not even put on the agenda for discussion
      3) opposition to Ward-style districts in Burien

  19. Debi Wagner says:

    I find it interesting that this action against Jack comes directly following the retreat where a taxpayer dollar paid facilitator tried desperately to get the council to work together better despite their irreconcilable differences on issues and to put aside personal and emotional remarks. Not only was Jack the subject of the current action, he was also the one that Joan, Brian, Rose and Jerry picked on at the retreat. Apparently it is ok for the four majority members above to do whatever they want because they truly believe they are autonomous. Even though Bob, Lucy and Jack might be adamantly opposed, they are expected to sit back quietly like sheep while the four do whatever they want. But when it is the other way around, they have a fit. And the issues Jack brought forward that he is now derided for were people centered, putting to rest the dead PAA and offering us a vote on a change to an elected mayor.

    Not only are some council members chastised, citizens who make negative comments and actions on issues facing Burien were referred to as reprehensible by Joan at the retreat. In my opinion, I believe I am one of the citizens she is referring to since I have been opposed to most of the issues she has been in favor of this past year. I find this comment offensive and demeaning. I wish her to retract this statement and apologize to the hard working citizens she represents and make a concerted effort in the future to not interpret dissenting views as personal attacks.

    • Coverofnight says:

      Debi writes, “…citizens who make negative comments and actions on issues facing Burien were referred to as reprehensible by Joan at the retreat.” I certainly hope Joan includes me in that group. There’s no ivory tower of hers high enough that this cat can’t leap over!

      In typical lawyer fashion, Robison has managed to steer the focus away from the scheming shenanigans of the Hole-in-the-Head gang with, what I feel, has simply turned into a “fluff piece”. Even after having the family-oriented BTB publish videos of that yodeling dominatrix (which I found questionable for this blog) and even that shirtless Parker picture; someone is NOW offended by the posted picture in question? I rest my case – merely a distraction scheme by the schemer-in-chief.

      Let’s get back to real issues – the fight for true representative governance by our elected officials and not the oppressive fiefdom we live in.

      Until one of those issues is revived, I’m heading out to look at those Victoria’s Secret figures – Debi, what mall are those at?

    • ATKMA says:

      There are plenty of instances where council members agree including Edgar, Block, and Krakowik. And others, of the infamous four, disagree. Since Joan didn’t list the people making negative comments, your response is defensive and serves to just stir up issues that don’t exist. Joan has been around long enough to not get worked up when others disagree with her. Jack’s photo and the additional comment are demeaning to women, end of statement. If you worked with the victims of domestic abuse, human trafficking, and sex slavery, you’d have a much broader understanding of the victims this kind of behaviour offends. If you don’t understand what women are undergoing in our society today, you are incapable of understanding how offensive this whole incident is. And could not possibly be a representative of these victims.

  20. Debi Wagner says:

    I would also suggest the offended parties avoid the mall since they would likely find those figures in the window at Victoria’s Secret very shocking.

  21. ATKMA says:

    When did Facebook become personal? Notifications go out to anyone you have “friended”. Employers search it for prospective job applicants. Government agencies post recent events. Not seeing it.Jack removed his picture only after a citizen brought it to the council meeting and shared it with everyone. You can search anyone and go to their home page.

  22. Marcus says:

    Debi, I am trying to understand your position. Are you for or against women being used in pornography? If you are against it than anybody in a public position putting porn on their facebook should offend you. If you are for it, than I would like to know before you become a candidate.
    By the way, no one mentioned that Bob and Lucy abstained. In political circles that is the coward way out. When the picture is shown they can just say “we did not favor it”. They also did not want to take a stand against their new best friend Jack Block for fear that he would go back to the gang of four. I have no respect for a politician who will not be honest and in this case Bob and Lucy were not honest. I know Lucy well enough to know that she would not put up with a woman being degraded.
    So many people on this blog are talking about replacing the 4 city councilpersons but I say replace all 7.

    • Debi Wagner says:

      Marcus: I am completely uninterested in what people put on their private facebook pages. This picture has nothing to do with city business. It is a personal vendetta that the four councilmembers have with Jack trying to get representative government jump started in their absence. And what does my position on pornography have to do with you? I don’t even know who you are so why would I tell you anything. My mother told me not to talk to strangers.

      • Marcus says:

        The problem, Debi, is that Facebook is not private. If you have a Facebook account, it is open to the public. More and more businesses are using social media to screen applicants. Anybody who is in public office is under the scrutiny of the public. You ran for office before and I suspect you are going to run again. Your stand on pornography is of interest to the public. Rest assured that when you run again, the public is going to question your stand on the degradation of woman in pornography and quote you from your reply in the blog. The public is going to question Jack extensively about his posting on Facebook. You are right, Debi, that I am a stranger to you. So is most of the residents in Burien and those are the people who vote.

        • Debi Wagner says:

          Tell me Marcus, what makes you qualified or is used as your guide to interpret moral character?

        • John Poitras says:

          Marcus I don’t think its true or fair to compare yourself to Debi’s public recognition because in case you were not aware of it she ran in the last city council election and barely lost to Mr Robison..
          A few more dollars and a bit more honesty by Mr Robison and she would be sitting on the city council now not him.

          We hope to remedy that in the next election.

          Feel free to throw your hat in the ring too.
          It will guarantee you more name recognition in our town.

          As far as your description of Jacks facebook photo as pornography goes>> I am not a woman but I think its a real stretch to call it pornography unless you want to call a lot of what runs in ads on as pornography too. Case in point Marcus … Rule of Thumb.. As far as defining what is or what isn’t pornography, I think a woman is more likely to have a feel for that than a man.

  23. PJ says:

    If anyone that has commented here either jokingly or otherwise, can not see how disrespectful and demeaning this is to women, then you need your head examined…. As for Jack, he is unprofessional, disgraceful and vile, he should in know way be in a position of public trust or hold any position where he is representing the public…

  24. John Poitras says:

    Its a double standard played by the ruling junta on the council

    Why was Jerry not censured for failing to disclose conflicts of interest on the annexation vote and not recusing himself.

    Why was Rose not censured for illegally ending a meeting by walking out because she did not like the way the minority which was in the majority at the time was voting.

    Why was Joan not censured for making unsupportable attacks on residents whose opinion she disagreed with.

    Why was Brian Bennett not censured for reading a letter from a resident from the mayors seat that contained language unfairly and untruthfully criticizing a sitting council member.

    They went after Jack because they had the votes to do it.. However the planks in their own hypocritical eyes went unmentioned.

    • TcB says:

      It’s funny how you talk of a ruling Junta. If “your” people were the 4 there would be crickets….chirp chirp.
      For all the talk about Democracy there sure is a push to kill it, Strong Mayor, etc…

      You want Majority Rules! but only when you have the Majority doing things you like.

      • John Poitras says:

        You are pigeon holing good people as “MY PEOPLE” when in reality its not about that at all.
        Do the crickets chirp for you when you can reduce everything down to a formatory duality of US and THEM ?
        I support people who have policies that are GOOD FOR BURIEN and oppose those that aren’t ; like those in the current majority on the council that pushed for the annexation of white center which you supported..
        By inference you are in fact endorsing the undemocratic behavior and cronyism of those in the majority on the council.
        Perhaps its your definition of democracy that is in question here or, maybe you believe only your version of democracy is valid.
        Objectivity is not something you seem to aspire to and your version of democracy is to blindly oppose and attack anything I say without supporting it with any substance. Not a great framework for a productive discussion,

        • TcB says:

          Vote for people who you think will represent you.
          If a majority of those on council vote against your interests you do not get to try to reform
          government to fit your personal needs. Simple.
          Wait for another day to vote for more people who you think will represent you.
          We live in a representative Democracy.
          Except for all the drama I read on this blog I have not seen our council make any decisions
          that I would characterize as “undemocratic behavior and cronyism of those in the majority on the council.”
          Did you even read that statement? Undemocratic behavior of those in Majority? Seriously?
          That’s how Representative Democracy works my friend, generally the Majority rules right? Or would you like it when you have voted and you have approved of almost everyone in the council to push your personal agenda, and then a small minority stops the council in it’s tracks. You would be right back on the blog decrying “undemocratic behavior”
          You’re too much.

          • TbC says:

            You know,Tcb, I see john working for what he believes in. He writes letters, attends council meetings, supports his causes financially. All I see you do is try to peddle your drivel here on the blog. Whether I agree with John or not he has my respect. Maybe you should try to walk the walt instead of just talking the talk. Oh,wait! Must be that MK Ultra again! John, are you using mind control on me??????

          • John Poitras says:

            TcB.. I have not seen you publish an article or post anything supporting any of your many opinions about what you think. I have also not seen you at any council meetings voicing your opinions in public..
            As the last poster stated.. You have the talk down but I have not seen any walking to date.
            Sniping from the shadows is generally ineffective if you want to see any change take place. That actually requires a little more effort than exercising your fingers on a keypad.

      • John Poitras says:

        How about answering the questions I posed rather than attacking and distracting? In case you didn’t know you are employing classic Karl Rove tactics. Apparently you are a proud liberal but also hypocritical because you have no problem using right wing tactics to make your point. Does that make you any different?

  25. Mr Voie says:

    Just for context, I almost never agree with Jack, however this is beyond the pale.

    City Council: Really?
    Please focus on City business and leave those who are duly elected to make their own choices (short of criminal offenses) when outside Council Chambers. We can punish them at the poles if they violate our trust or standards.

    You didn’t run for, and weren’t elected to, a morality based star chamber.

  26. TcB says:

    aw man, I got MK Ultra mixed up with CoIntel Pro….looks like I’ll have to put up with my mistake from the comments by TbC (I mean John P)…

  27. John Poitras says:

    TcB … I am not TbC… really… My middle initial is also not K.

    • TcB says:


      I think sniping from the shadows is just reprehensible of me. Just totally unforgivable.
      What I should do, is write lots of letters, get in lots of peoples faces, right up close, but just not actually vote, like you…

      Unless your first name is Dorothy because that’s the only Poitras registered to vote in Burien.

      If you will claim that i’m wrong, and that you’re registered to vote, I will (would have) backed off. But you’ve never refuted me and said “Hey, I’m actually registered to vote in Burien and I vote myself on all these important issues that I am constantly writing letters to the editor about, because that’s how much I care about Burien”

      Prove to me you’re registered and I’ll change my tune.

      If I had my real name out there, and someone said I wasn’t registered to vote, I would have linked them to the database to prove that I was.

      It’s for this very reason that I don’t trust you on these political issues. I wouldn’t care one bit about a (registered voter who was) Libertarian making the case for his views, if he voted on them. It’s the not voting and being so political that I can’t stand. And the fact that you came here from California and don’t vote (prove me wrong) and push your views on those of us who grew up here.

  28. PanderBear Jack says:

    Understood debi, you are telling us that it’s ok for jackie boy to put filth on a publicly accessible site that automatically posts to city of burien employees. Is that what you’re telling us?

    Facebook is NOT private and jacks picture was demeaning to women.

    • Debi Wagner says:

      Panda. i haven’t told you anything. Again what is the moral criteria you use to judge another’s character? Let me be more specific…if I am going to be judged by you I would like to know by what standard, criteria, law, rule, business ethics, religious, etc., you will use.

      • PanderBear Jack says:

        Forget what I think.

        Did you think it was appropriate that the picture Jack posted showed up on Burien employees and elected women’s Facebook?

        Simple question! How, as a woman, did that make you feel?

  29. Fred says:

    Once again we see the Blog Trolls(TcB and PanderBear Jack) raise their ugly voices to personally attack bloggers and get people off the topic of the blog discussion. Then we have ATKMH who sounds very much like Mike Martin and Brian Bennett declaring their own spin on ethics, morality and how important City Managers are for the survival of the free world.

    The real issue here is that Jack Block did this on his own time. He removed it when he was asked to. And the picture was no worse than some shots of the Radio City Rockettes. If it was so outrageous, it should have come up at the first Council meeting of the year. It didn’t. Months went by and then someone marched it into a City Council meeting for the political drama of it. Get real, this is a topic the Council shouldn’t have even been involved in. It is a waste of taxpayers time and money.

    • PanderBear Jack says:

      Aw shucks Fred I was just holding up a mirror and taking from your play book

      Riddle me this – if that we’re Bennett or Robison you know you’d be calling for heads.

      The difference between you and I is that regardless of who posted I would be supporting their censure

  30. John Poitras says:

    What you call facts are for the most part fiction, however I really nave no obligation to prove anything to you or secure your approval.

    I could, but I choose not to>> mainly because your approval has little value to me.

    You talk the talk with your keyboard but snipe from the shadows like a teenager expressing their angst and ignorance at the world rather than starting a thread for example or attending a council meeting and putting yourself out there.

    You claim to have lived here for years but apparently haven’t done any public service work or even attended a council meeting.

    For someone who thinks they know so much about our city government and is so full of opinions about it you have never really participated in the political process although apparently you have convinced yourself otherwise.

    Unlike you I actually have the temerity to care enough about the town I live in to actually do these things and try and make a difference.

    Of course one problem with doing that is you expose yourself to nuts and closet know it alls who attack you anonymously, because they don’t have the courage of their convictions.

    One reason I haven’t responded to your fictional claims about who I am and where I come from is that one tactic when dealing with folks who make unfounded personal accusations is to give them enough rope to establish a pattern of behavior which you have done on this blog quite loquaciously.
    I suggest you take your busy fingers to google or bing and look up the definition of libel and ask yourself if you have crossed the line with your claims about me.

    • TcB says:

      You haven’t answered why you don’t vote. You wrote a lot but you didn’t answer the question.

      Libel must be proved in court, and one of the legal definitions is that you must have a good standing in the community, meaning people know who you are and they hold you in high regard. Well, people do know who you are, but they don’t hold you in high regard.

      So no, you won’t win that one.

    • Lee Moyer says:

      J P.
      You seem to prefer personal attacks to issues (unfortunately not a rare trait on either side of the issues on this blog). Having no obligation to prove a point to those with whom you disagree (and no need to prove it to those with whom you agree) means you can state whatever you like as fact. Hardly productive in a real discussion, but it does explain the false statements you have made about me.

      • John Poitras says:


        In response to your personal attack I would like to know what statements you say were made about you by me that were false.
        However for the record the article you got the Seattle Times to publish about access to Lake Burien quoted you making a number of questionable claims that do not match up with historical reality.

        • Lee Moyer says:

          Re the Lake Burien article in the Seattle Times, you wrote:

          The Lake Burien article in the Seattle Times is “…full of lies and half truths fabricated by Lee Moyer to misrepresent reality…” False, I did not write the article. I did not initiate it and had nothing to do with the tone or timing., I submitted to two interviews and showed the author around the lake. I stand behind my own statements. What lie did I fabricate, or don’t you feel it necessary to back up your statements?

          The lake “…is maintained with private funds, not public…” False,. The local surface water management and street sweeping programs are the biggest factors in maintaining the health of the lake. These are paid for by all of us. The blue green algae samples were taken by volunteers and the testing was done by the county. I didn’t mention maintaining the lake, whatever that means, in the first place. It is owned by the public, however. I am unaware of teh “private funds” you mentioned to maintain the lake. Perhaps you can enlighten me.

          Lee Moyer wants to “…start up a kayak and boat rental on Lake Burien.” False and ludicrous. Why not tell them about my jet ski rental and drag boat racing? That would get people even more excited.

          “This one sided story he came up with…” False. I did not initiate it and had no control over the content. I also told the author whom to contact for the home owners’ point of view, which he did.

          …”the Times is already investigating …and a rebuttal will be forthcoming”. False, unless I just missed it. Where was it?

  31. Mike says:

    Tcb, there are many ways to be politically active. Being registered to vote is just one way. Being politically active is another. What is your position other than supporting annexation and supporting wards? Is it just diverting attention from the question asked: is the Burien city council just picking on Jack because he is opposing the wards,or is it because he is not in the “majority” of the council? Is the picture that was posted for a day really what’s at stake? NO. Why isn’t the council more transparent and blocking a citizens vote on the strong mayor government that’s been proposed? The council majority is all about self interests. Come on man!

    • PanderBear Jack says:

      Being registered to vote is calling putting your money where your mouth is.

      Debi and John like to snipe at any “anonymous” posters yet freely support any and all they agree with. If you’re against anonymous trolls stop looking in the mirror and start posting with your full name. If you do maybe I will as well.

    • TcB says:

      When have I ever said I supported annexation and supported wards?


      I supported the people right to choose. They chose. End of story.

      I have been here many times stating that (and linking to) proof that splitting up the city into voting blocks is politically disadvantageous for many reasons, although it does increase minority participation, the Cons outweigh the pros.

      Also, “there are many ways to be politically active. Being registered to vote is just one way”

      Really? Doesn’t it bother you just the slightest that we have a really really politically vocal guy who moved here from California a few years ago, who can move back at anytime, and who doesn’t bother to register to vote on the issues that he is pushing?

      That dog won’t hunt.

      Now back to the photo. From the description it sounds like it was inappropriate. He was censured. Done. Move on.

      • John Poitras says:

        One thing about making many false statements about somebody in a public forum is that the if the statements are defamatory the poster may not have a choice about remaining anonymous if the victim decides to take action.

        • TcB says:

          You’re not a victim. You are however excellent at propaganda and projection. And there’s no action you’re going to take. I will for my part, not antagonize you any further with posting your obvious shortcomings.

          In any case, back to the issue at hand. Jack Block, Jr.

          Facebook misuse? Perhaps. Mistakes are being made and lessons learned by most people dealing with online privacy and posting information. People in high places are subject to public scrutiny so mistakes are seen by more people than most.

          Let’s look at this as a lesson learned and then just move on. I’m sure his intention was not to upset people in this manner. This is getting blown out of proportion. These aren’t the droids you’re looking for. Move along, move along.

      • Mike says:

        Panderer: did it occur to you maybe he can’t vote. Maybe JP is an anonymous name like PBJack. How do we know your registered? Maybe your an illegal alien?

        Tcb: no it doesnt bother me JP is vocal. I think he is spot on with the issues he raises about the majority of the council.The rest I think your assuming about JP. Maybe he’s registered under another name or alias. Are you registered? Maybe you’re from Canada or SoCal?

        Maybe my memory is bad but I’m pretty sure back before the election you did support annexation tcb.

        The point is that Jack Block was censured for a personal picture on his personal FB page. He removed it. He did this on his personal time. He was against annexation and wards. Is that why he was censured? I think so.

        Why weren’t Rose and Robison censured when they walked out of the council meeting illegally? They did this while conducting business for Burien. Was it because they were for annexation and wards? I think so.

        • TcB says:

          Here are my exact stances on everything just so there is no confusion.

          Annexation : would have welcomed new residents openly, supported the people choosing for themselves.
          Jack block: move on, mistakes are made lessons are learned
          Lake Burien: no opening of lake tp public for environmental reasons
          CARES: not sold that its horrible, not sold that its great.
          Strong Mayor: No way
          Districts: cons outweigh pros
          John Poitras: getting bored of the debates, constant, constant debates.

          And as for who I am, maybe I am any of those things…I couldn’t say anything to hold any weight because as its been pointed out, I am anonymous. Like, “Anonymous”. You know?

          Maybe it’s actually “we”

          Who knows…..

  32. othersideofthetracks says:

    It never ceases to amaze me the stories that get the most comments on this blog.

  33. KBassen says:

    There are much bigger issues this city needs to deal with. If I searched long enough for something to be offended by, I bet I’d find it. On anyone.

    Be better to focus on more important things.I’m disappointed and am glad I’m a registered voter.

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