NE Burien Resident Marlene Allbright Announces Candidacy for Burien Council

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Northeast Burien resident Marlene Allbright, who works as a Special Education teacher in the Seattle School District, on Monday (March 18) announced her candidacy for the Burien City Council.

Allbright intends to run for one of the four available seats (currently held by Bennett, Block Clark and McGilton), joining other announced candidates (at least known to us so far) Joey Martinez and Lauren Berkowitz.

“I am a resident of NE Burien, who was opposed to being annexed into Burien,” Allbright said in a statement. “I did not feel that the City of Burien would be able to represent me. My fears have been confirmed by the recent proposal of the current four member majority of the Burien City Council, to take away my democratic rights through dividing the City Council into wards. Their rationale for breaking apart our city is that there is a lack of geographic diversity and minority representation on the current council. It is really a blatant attempt by the current four member majority of the council to divide our city so they can maintain power.”

Allbright’s announcement continues:

They argue that only through breaking our city into wards can we have a diverse Council. Another rationale is that they need a council member from NE Burien, and by creating a ward system, they would have better representation on the council. I stand as a candidate before the citizens of Burien as a NE Burien resident, committed and qualified to represent all of Burien. If the four-member majority ram this measure through council they will tilt the odds of the next election in their favor and be able to continue to pursue actions, such as annexation, that are against the best interests and wishes of the citizens of Burien. The people of North Highline voted overwhelmingly against annexation by the City of Burien, and we need to let that vote stand to uphold the democratic process. We do not need to introduce Chicago style ward politics ward or Texas- style gerrymandering to Burien.

I am running because we need to return Burien to the citizens and take it out of the hands of those whose only interests are the advancement and preservation of their own power. That is why in addition to opposing dividing our city into wards, I am firmly in favor of allowing the citizens the ability to choose their own leader, our own mayor, by direct election. This right belongs with the people, not with the City Council! I was opposed to the annexation of my own neighborhood into Burien and stand firmly with the majority of the citizens of Burien in opposing annexation. It is time to dismiss this issue once and for all. It is time that the citizens of Burien take back control of their City Council. I am Marlene Allbright, and I am running to restore democracy to Burien!

*Marlene Allbright is a graduate of Antioch University and a Special Education teacher in the Seattle School District. She currently serves as Secretary of the 34th District Democrats and is a Union Representative with the Seattle Education Association. Marlene lives in NE Burien, and is the mother of two children and her dogs Houdini and Blondie.

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10 Responses to “NE Burien Resident Marlene Allbright Announces Candidacy for Burien Council”
  1. Virginia Herrera says:

    Well stated Marlene.
    Good luck!

  2. Brian says:

    If she sticks to that statement, she has my vote.

  3. You are a breath of fresh air. If you stick to these statements you also have my vote.

  4. Coverofnight says:

    Here we go again with this “diversity” angle……if we seek people to serve for the public’s interest and not their own, want effective government instead of big government which seeks less regulations and reasonable taxation, then it shouldn’t matter how diverse the council is – it could be all hispanic or white, etc. for all I care. Don’t elect simply to have someone from a certain neighborhood or for the color of their skin……remember, it’s just as racist to vote for someone because of their ethnicity as it is to vote against someone because of their ethnicity.

    My concern with Marlene (though she seems to be saying the right things) is that she’s democrat and a union supporter. Another democrat and union supporter said the right things and we’re still suffering through his second term! One thing in her favor though, is that she’s taking a stand on the issues……do you hear me, Joey Moretaxes?…….she’s taking a stand on the issues!

    • Coverofnight says:

      …..and by the way, for the semantic romantics out there, there is some overlap with race and ethnicity. Guess I should have thrown in something about sexism too, and maybe the ignorant – so city managers wouldn’t feel slighted.

  5. John Poitras says:

    Ditto here also. Where can I contribute?

  6. Carol Vernon says:

    This is exactly the attitude Burien needs to come out of the doldrums. Where do I sign up to help?

  7. PanderBear Jack says:

    Talk about not educating yourself on the issues before speaking!

    Claiming that the majority supports this is like saying the tea party is a viable option and provides good governance!

    The facts are that two were in favor of discussing it and two were in favor of having that discussion.

    More facts: in most scenarios we would have had Brian and Joan and Lucy running against each other for one seat.

    Also in most scenarios Bob and Jerry would be running for one seat and oh by the way it appears Lauren would be in the same race

    Reading the maps even more rose would be running against Joey

    • PanderBear Jack says:

      (Stupid iPhone)

      Not sure how this is a consolidation of power! It would allow the anti-Martin, anti progress, anti anything good happening in Burien crowd to more easily take over the council be getting rid of the “evil majority” as they see it.

      • John Poitras says:

        Of course the pro martin pro annexation pro anything that promotes cronyism current majority is good for Burien as they see it.

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