Results of Citizens Salmon Investigation (‘CSI Highline’) Now Available Online

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The 2012 Citizens Salmon Investigation (CSI) survey results about Coho and Chum Salmon returns to Miller/Walker Creeks in Normandy Park are now available online here.

Here’s an except from the CSI findings for 2012:

Even though good numbers of Coho (432) return to the streams this year, some 88% died of Pre-spawn Mortality (PSM), meaning the females died before/without spawning.

Recent NOAA studies have narrowed the problem to chemicals washing off roadways/parking lots during rain storms.  The exact chemical(s) have not been determined.  Tire compounds, gasoline additives and catalytic converter exhausts are being studied.  Copper from brake pads have already been shown to affect salmon. Copper was substituted for asbestos in brake pads. Copper will be eliminated in brake pads purchased in WA. State after 2014.

Salmon Monitoring Results for 2012 – New!
Final 2012 Salmon Survey presentation (Adobe, large file) 

In 2012, surveys started on October 10, and ended on December 24, since no live salmon had been seen for a week.  Volunteers walked each day to look for salmon in sections of Miller and Walker Creeks where eleven property owners gave written permission.  The survey reaches were approximately 2/3 of a mile long in each stream, and were not continuous.

Volunteer monitoring teams in 2012 reported seeing the following adult salmon (last updated 3/15/2013):

  • Coho (live):  432 (of these, 216 were in Miller Creek, and 216 were in Walker Creek)
  • Chum (live):  113 (of these, 56 were in Miller Creek, and 57 were in Walker Creek)
  • Unidentified adult salmon (live):  69
  • Coho carcasses (dead):  240 (150 females, 90 males)
  • Coho Pre-spawn Mortality (died before they spawned, females only):  8! 8%, or 1 00 of 115 females of known spawning condition
  • Spawned Coho Females:  14% (21 of 150)
  • Predated Coho (marks indicating they had been eaten by a predator or scavenger):  27% (56 of 274 coho, chum and unidentified carcasses recovered)

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One Response to “Results of Citizens Salmon Investigation (‘CSI Highline’) Now Available Online”
  1. seahurst says:

    The Seahurst Community Club is going to meet on March 28th (Thursday, March 28, 2013 6:30 pm Seahurst Elementary Multi-Purpose Room 14603 14th Ave SW). One of the main topics will be that a few Seahurst residents want to gather storm water and pipe it straight to Puget Sound. That storm water is currently infiltrating into the ground at Eagle Landing Park, and then it comes out of the ground near the beach, filtered of copper and oil. Elsewhere in Seahurst, on 150th, residents made rain gardens so that storm water infiltrates at the source, before it ever gets to the storm drain. That seems like an excellent solution to the Eagle Landing Park storm drain: let it infiltrate before it is ever collected. That way, Puget Sound and the salmon will have cleaner water, and residents in the area of the storm drain won’t need to worry that extra water is being dumped on them.

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