Car Thief Eludes Police Near Chelsea Park in Burien Tuesday Night

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The King County Sheriff’s Office and Burien Police were active in the Chelsea Park area of town Tuesday night (March 19), searching for a suspect who stole a car from the parking lot of Fred Meyer.

“One of our deputies found the car parked in the area of Chelsea Park not long after the car was reported stolen,” Sgt. Cindi West told The B-Town Blog. “The car was not occupied when he found it but because the deputy found it within a short time of it being stolen, deputies searched the area for the suspect.”

The suspect was not found.

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7 Responses to “Car Thief Eludes Police Near Chelsea Park in Burien Tuesday Night”
  1. SeagateSW says:

    Is there more to this story than was printed? The headline implies police were in hot pursuit but the thief somehow managed to zig when the cops zagged thus escaping capture. In reality the thief likely got where he/she wanted to go and parked the car. A few minutes later a deputy spotted the vehicle.

  2. Truck-Doc says:

    Typical cheap journalism, let’s catch your eye with “breaking news” and a lack luster story that doesn’t match the headlines.

  3. Theresa says:

    I can’t believe this was reported, when just last week, there were police cars at every intersection on 136th from 6th up to Ambaum. There were two helicopters up, and police with guns drawn and a K9 were searching my neighborhood. I even wrote to the editor in hopes of getting some info. This is the kind of stuff we want to know about. Not some huge article about ‘Cove to Clover’ shirts. I read this blog because it covers news in the area that television news doesn’t cover. I love this blog and have been a fan since its inception, but I’m sorry to say it’s turning to fluff.

    • Shari says:

      Theresa, I can totally understand your concern about what the heck was going on in your neighborhood. I would feel the same way. But I hope the Blog has room for both crime reports and stories about positive community events like this one that help send the message both to residents of Burien and to people elsewhere that this is a great community with great causes to get involved in.

      “Cove to Clover is local 501(c)(3) non-profit and disburses all proceeds to other local charities. This annual event has evolved and is a truly grass-roots production. The race was originally organized by a group of friends with the mission of producing a professional and fun event that showcases the Highline community at its best. What’s evolved has been an exercise in positive cooperation among many entities: government, businesses, non-profits, schools and neighbors.”

      • Theresa says:

        My apologies Shari. I was not in any way belittling ‘Clove to Clover’, or saying that I do not want to see stories like this. This event just happened be on the same page. I also agree that this blog shouldn’t be all about the doom and gloom that occurs in our community. It just seems that this blog has become more of a place to read about social happenings around Burien, and not really about what’s going on.
        In the past year, we’ve had several events in north Burien that I was sure would make this blog, (helicopters, several police cars, road blocks). I read it the next morning, only to find who was appointed to the art commission, or an upcoming parents’ meeting at a local school. Seriously, is who got chosen to be art commissioner really news? No disrespect intended, but does anyone really care? The primary and most in-depth stories should be about what people care most about. Then fit in whatever fluff around it. If your car or home has been broken into, I want to know. If there’s been some creepy guy hanging around a school, I want to know. If there’s something going in/out of business, I want to know. If there’s some way I can help a family in my community after they’ve had a catastrophe, I want to know. Even if someone lost their cat or dog, I want to know. If the city is doing something dumb, I want to know.
        If there’s a slow news day, then they can post all the fundraisers, school announcements, flash mobs, and ‘Top Chef’ stories they want. But if something serious went down in this city, I would like to see more effort put into that over anything else.
        I will always have a soft spot in my heart for this blog, but sadly, it’s becoming a blog for sissies.

  4. Bonnie moormeier says:

    You can never please everyone, Scott, so please keep up the good work of posting a variety of local news, community interest articles, and opinions…..something for everyone! It is so easy to see at a glance the articles of personal interest, so I can’t see why it is a problem for anyone.

  5. Jack says:

    I recently stated the same observations about the blog. It would be nice to have more of a realtime format like the West Seattle blog, where folks are tracking crime with tweets to help police. The social stuff is okay, but the political commentators are the same few, who are a little nutty and hard to follow. I am thankful that we have a blog, but don’t read it much anymore for these reasons.

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