UPDATE: St. Francis Shooting Victim Home; Was Hit by .22 Caliber Bullet

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According to a letter sent to parents at Burien’s St. Francis of Assisi School Wednesday afternoon (March 20), it has been confirmed that the 8th grade girl who was struck while walking home from school on Monday was hit by a .22 caliber “short” bullet.

The girl was apparently released from Harborview Medical Center in Seattle Wednesday around Noon, according to Principal Rosemary Leifer’s letter.

“When I talked to the girl today, she said she was feeling good but sore,” Lefier’s note said. “Right now, she plans on returning to school on Monday. We all look forward to seeing her.”

As many concerned parents and residents may have also noticed, there has been a marked increase in police patrols in the area around the school.

The King County Sheriff’s Office is still investigating this incident, but – far as we know – has not released any new details about any suspects.

Here’s the full letter:

Dear St. Francis Families,

This letter is another update on Monday’s shooting. It has been confirmed that she was hit by a 22 short bullet. Our eighth grader ended up coming home around noon today instead of last night. She and her family have expressed gratitude for your prayers and concern. When I talked to the girl today, she said she was feeling good but sore. Right now, she plans on returning to school on Monday. We all look forward to seeing her.

Yesterday, Archbishop Sartain visited our student in the hospital. He sent me a letter saying he had a delightful visit, and he used his power as Archbishop to excuse her from two tests she was supposed to take. He also sends his blessings to our St. Francis School community. The Archbishop’s time and attention was greatly appreciated.

We have also heard from other Catholic schools in the area as well as the Highline School District. Everyone expressed their concern and offered help. The Catholic schools said they were praying for all of us and one sent cards from their middle schoolers to ours. It is wonderful to be part of such a supportive community.

There are two King County detectives working on the case. In the past two days we have seen a big increase in the number of police cars patrolling around our school. They are taking the shooting very seriously.

I will continue to let you know as I learn more.

Peace and blessings,
Rosemary Leifer

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12 Responses to “UPDATE: St. Francis Shooting Victim Home; Was Hit by .22 Caliber Bullet”
  1. Tricia Falcon says:

    This is truly a tragedy for the girl, her family, and the whole community. This is obviously not a teen with a pellet gun. Fortunately, though, there still seems to be a steady stream of joggers and walkers around

  2. jimmy says:

    I wonder if the police did any checking for gun powder resadew on the two boys in case if it some type of cover up they might have gotten in a heated discussion and one might of had a gun and the girl might of try to stop them i know its hard to think that a kid in that area would carry a gun on them but it can and does happen or did any of these three get in any arguments or fights with anyone at school before this girl was shot

    • Carol says:

      Why would the boys be questioned? “They are good boys, from good homes, going to a private school. They would never get in to an argument, carry a gun, or do anything wrong. The shot fired had to be from someone who went to public schools, whom the kids are not associating with.”

      • Danielle says:

        I will gladly address this statement GlobalCitiazan. Really??? The shooter must have been a student from a public school? You sound ignorant Carol! I have two sons, one of which has a full scholarship to The Northwest School and one that is in the Highline district. Neither would shoot anyone!! You don’t have to be religious or go to a private school to have morals and values!! Shame on you for this comment about public school children!

        • Erik Robbins says:

          I would hope Carol is being sarcastic since she put the response in quotes.

        • GlobalCitizan says:

          So now I will chime in. I think Carol was trying to make reference that because someone is at a private school they are “privileged” or “get-away” with things hence her “quotes”. I don’t think that she is saying that it obviously was some student at a public school. But the whole comment and now this whole thread is just coming across as ignorance at it’s best. There are good and bad people everywhere. Public school, private school, in all professions, cities etc. My “oh wow” was that the suggestion would even be made or referenced EITHER way – public, private, home schooled. WE AS A COMMUNITY ARE MISSING THE POINT! A 14 year old, walking home from school was shot with a .22 caliber gun. Look that up. That’s a handgun or rifle and I for one am peeved off about it. I don’t care where she went to school what I care about is that SOMEONE shot her and that SOMEONE is still likely in our community. So, regardless of where you go to school or didn’t go to school or if you were picked on or doing the picking the point is someone shot a 14 year old in our community.

  3. GlobalCitizan says:

    Oh wow Carol, that’s all I can say. I will let someone else address that and keep my karma intact.

  4. Justagirlraisedinburien says:

    I am with you on the “Oh wow” sentiment. I grew up in Burien and lived near Lake Burien Park most of my life and I remember being a 14 year old girl, chased multiple blocks, by a group of St. Francis’s ‘esteemed’ boys who played football @ the park. There intent was to assault the group of us they were chasing; actually had to knock on a random neighbors door and beg to be let in (seeing as there were a solid 6-8 of them in pursuit), where we then had to wait 10+ minutes in, again, a RANDOM neighbors house, before they left. But wait, that MUST have been my fault since my parents couldn’t afford to pay for my schooling (look up the percentage of parents in America who CAN 😉 ) Face it Carol, ALL children–even those who hail from private schools–have problems and; gosh forbid (since you appear to be religious, I will politely avoid using the lords name in vain, even though your previous ‘assertion’ of these “boys”, was VERY offensive) , ARGUMENTS! OH WOW is right!!!

  5. Justagirlraisedinburien says:

    http://thinkprogress.org/health/2013/03/14/1716211/princeton-assault-survey/?mobile=nc Carol, this link is just in case you really believe what you just stated…

  6. jimmy says:

    Carol i sure hope your being sarcastic

  7. Ray says:

    when will we wake up, and understand the difference between having the right to protect ourselves and using that right as an excuse to hurt others.

    we deserve what we tolerate.

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