PHOTOS: Here Are the Results from Wednesday Night’s ‘Top Chef’ Contest

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Over 120 people gathered Wednesday night (March 20) at the HomeTask offices in Burien for the qualifying round of ‘Top Chef,’ along with 30-40 members of participating restaurants and film crews for each restaurant.  

Guests voted for the “People’s Choice Award” and Food Critics voted on each dish as presented by each chef on the “Food Critics Choice Award.”

“Now, it is up to the public to decide by watching the videos that come out from this in the next couple of weeks and plan to attend the 2013 Burien Bites event on June 2nd,” said Jerrod Sessler, CEO of HomeTask.

Participating restaurants included:

  • 909 Coffee & Wine
  • Arcadia
  • Archie’s Mexican
  • Bison Creek Pizza & Pub
  • Chef 2 the Rescue – Joe Ladine
  • El Fogoncito
  • Emerald Cove Catering
  • Mama Sambusa’s African Kitchen
  • Mark Restaurant & Bar
  • Mick Kelly’s Irish Pub
  • Osteria de Primo
  • Sidestreet Kitchen & Bar


  1. 1st place with 56 points – Mark Restaurant
  2. 2nd place with 51 points – 909 Coffee & Wine
  3. 3rd place with 44 points – Sidestreet Kitchen


  1. 1st place with 98 points – 909 Coffee & Wine
  2. 2nd place with 93 points – Joe Ladine of Chef 2 the Rescue
  3. 3rd place with 89 points – Sidestreet Kitchen


Julia has lived in Burien for about 6 years. She is a food and wine enthusiast with special experience in fresh, healthy, family meals that are easy to make. She’s passionate about the health benefits of a proper diet and bringing that truth to light in her own work at home and abroad.

Candice Clem is a nutritional consultant in the local area.  She combines that with a delight for exercise as a certified kettlebell instructor.  She
loves to share the good news about eating in a sustainable way to balance blood sugar, avoid gut and systemic inflammation, and optimize fat loss.

Annie Easter is the mastermind behind  She enjoys re-engineering recipes from the 50’s era of fat, salt & sugar to a healthier genre of teaching and feeding people, including her family how to eat healthy yet delicious foods.  She was taught to cook at a world class fly-fishing resort in Alaska, and was head chef at RimRock Inn for a tourist season.  She teaches basic technique cooking classes privately.

Deanna’s love for baking and cooking first began when she sat upon a baker’s stool as a little girl. Her love for people grew in the midst of church
potlucks. Today, she expresses these loves creatively through speaking engagements and writing for her foodie blog at, as well as hosting guests (including celebrities) at her award-winning B&B in the Snoqualmie Valley. Deanna has been seen on both local and national television in which her Saucy Balsamic Burgers have knocked ‘N Sync’s Joey Fatone to his knees. Besides her children, Deanna’s mud pie is one of the most beautiful things she has ever created.

Film crews have a week to complete and submit their videos for sharing.  Once we have them loaded and ready for distribution on our YouTube channel, we will pass on that information.  The film crews were all volunteer and are also competing for some amazing prizes.  The result of all of this will be a) improved results for the restaurants of Burien; b) income for charities in Burien.

For more information, visit

Following are photos shot by Michael Brunk at the event (click images to see larger versions/slideshow):

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5 Responses to “PHOTOS: Here Are the Results from Wednesday Night’s ‘Top Chef’ Contest”
  1. justacook says:

    The Mark???!!! You mean they finally prepared something edible??!!
    How can this be objective with the connection between the worst restaurant in western washington and discover burien?

    • re: justacook

      It is discouraging to read your post but I fully understand that there are many locations in Burien that need help to consistently provide the results that we would all like to see. I too have been disappointed in the Mark and in other restaurants at times in the past. My disappointment has never been with the quality of their food however. That comment is a direct attack on the chef that worked really hard to achieve this accomplishment. It has nothing to do with anyone else that you may be attempting to hurt. Your comments hurt the hard working chef that did a great job along with the other 11 chef’s involved in the competition.

      The fact that the Mark entered this event while over 100 other restaurants in the area did not indicates that they are interested in bettering themselves and making changes to learn and grow.

      I really enjoy Burien and have lived and grown up here. I see much brokenness in business and in peoples lives. My approach is to try to live in a way that shows people that there is hope, there is joy and there is a reason to be happy today. I also feel that hosting events like this and seeing the resulting photos, stories and videos (coming soon) make our little town much more attractive to people to come here and enjoy a meal AND it causes the chefs to step up their game with regards to the food they allow out of their kitchen. These events also allow space for people to build relationships and for me and others to help people in a real, tangible way as we get to know each other. I am not perfect at any of this but I find it more productive in many ways over simply complaining and whining about stuff I really don’t know that much about.

      I am not ashamed of anything that I saw so I am going to put my name under this post. I would encourage others to do the same. The only reason I read the post is because someone mentioned there was an inappropriate and down right mean comment posted. If you are not willing to admit who you are then you don’t have the right to attack a local business that is busting their ass to support their 20+ employees and serve their community. As a Discover Burien board member, I would also take a strong position with your comments attacking that group. It is a group of gifted, caring, loving people that are not paid to help move Burien forward as the best place to live, work, worship and grow a family.

      So, if you would really like to see your thoughts achieve some production other than elementary whining and complaining then show up, volunteer and get engaged. The community could use some strong leaders that are willing to stand up for what they think is right.

      Jerrod Sessler

      • Girthman says:


        Your comment states that the previous poster (‘justacook’) was complaining and whining about stuff he/she really doesn’t know much about. While I’m not a chef or food critic, I’ve been around enough to know that The Mark is by far the lamest restaurant in Burien, bar none. You can frequent that establishment all you want, but just because you enjoy substandard service and horrid food doesn’t give you the right to put another commenter down because they don’t agree with you. I’m glad that the Top Chef competition was a success, but I agree with ‘justacook’ that The Mark winning the People’s Choice award is highly suspicious.


      • justacook says:

        Hi Jerrod-
        That is a great letter-I can see that you care deeply about the community and and Burien, and I appreciate the fact you are a board member.
        It is that same tpye of passion that I have that frustrates me so much. I know the Mark does lots of great things for the community, and I deeply appreciate it.
        My personal actions and what I do for the community are beside the point.
        I have given The Mark so many chances, and I may be more critical and a little pickier than most, but I am very objective about food and I know how hard it is to run a good restaurant.
        It’s not just the fact that I’m not happy spending money on mediocre food (at best), or the fact that they couldn’t even serve me a simple gin & tonic without 3 tries- it’s the way I’ve been treated.
        To see owner(s) with a chance to create a friendly welcoming environment then watch her/them walk around with a scowl on their face is infuriating to me. I was personally ‘scowled’ at by the owner when a group of friends and I politely declined a menu as we were just going to have a beer for the moment.
        This town would be more attractive without owners of a high profile business acting rude and inappropriate.

        If busting their ass is producing this sort of an outcome, they are in the wrong business and doing our city a disfavor.
        I feel for the chef, and for all the employees that work and have worked there-to work for someone with that sort of disposition must suck.
        I also cannot forget the time at the 4th of July Chili contest when my wife and I had to spit out our bite of the Mark’s Chili, then we went and asked at least 20 people if they thought it was even edible, The consensus was it tasted like someone spilled soap in it and we couldn’t even believe it was being served. Then what are we supposed to think when it won?
        My original message was a bit harsh I admit, I can be bilious and opinionated at times, but anyone who wastes their money on such poor treatment has the right to be offended and I appreciate the fact that this forum is here.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Thank you, Jerrod! This town needs a little more positivity and a little less tolerance for the toxic nature of this blog and so many of the unhappy people we see comment here. The instructions to comment say clearly “keep it civil.” Perhaps it is time for the moderator to step up and hold commenters to that standard.

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