B-TOWN BIZ: Burien Fred Meyer Will Begin Remodel/Expansion of Store

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The City of Burien announced in its most recent newsletter (download PDF here) that plumbing, mechanical, electrical, and building permits have been issued for a remodel of the Fred Meyer store, located at 14300 1st Ave South.

“In addition to making updates, the store will be expanding into previously occupied tenant spaces,” reads the announcement. “The plans for these permits were accepted, reviewed and approved electronically, saving the applicant thousands of dollars in printing costs.”

It has not been determined yet when construction will start.

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7 Responses to “B-TOWN BIZ: Burien Fred Meyer Will Begin Remodel/Expansion of Store”
  1. Mike says:

    I appreciate the ability to be able to do permitting electronically, but thousands in printing costs?

    • Chris says:

      It’s no joke. All the plans and associated supporting documents for a project can be mind-boggling. So yes, thousands.

    • Coverofnight says:

      Chris is right; a project like this will have architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical drawings (each with at least a dozen 24″ x 36″ sheets) and may even have civil and landscaping drawings – depending on how much exterior work is to be done. The specification manual also adds to the volume. So yes, printing for multiple sets can be very costly. A single full size sheet at Staples can run you between $ 2.50 to $ 3.00 each. Of course, there’s some discount with volume.

      What I’d like to know though, is how do they get away with an electronic review when they’re supposed to have the hard-copy permit set on the construction site at all times? What do all the inspectors look at for reference when they visit the job site? All the various trades have to work through that same permit set for final acceptance. For liability concerns, the General Contractor needs to have that permit set to ensure that subcontractors are in compliance with the approved permit plans.

      I wonder if the small homeowner and/or business owner gets that same level of cooperation from the City or does Fred Meyer get special consideration because they’re a large corporation?

      • Mike says:

        Excellent points. I hope home owners do reap the same benes. Like I said I do appreciate the electronic permitting. I guess I didn’t realize how expensive the hard copy prints are. Thanks for the replies.

  2. Freddies says:

    Dang place is only good for last minute shopping for those of us (like me) who end going out on zero hour to do our Christmas shopping or whatever else last minute shopping.
    Their meat department sucks, their produce is okay, their prices on clothing sucks, check-out sucks, and the way they treat their employees really suck.

  3. TcB says:

    Now all those Meal Makers people will finally have a place to hang out all day. I hope the renovation goes beyond just the coffee shop portion…I don’t think it’s been updated since the 80’s…Some of the Portland renovated Fred Meyer shops are pretty cool.

  4. TbC says:

    We need to all work together to make sure those Meal Makers people hang out there ALL day. Gotta keep them scooters off the streets of Burien!

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