Think You’d Be a Better City Council Member? Here’s How YOU Can Run

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[EDITOR’S NOTE: The last time we did a post of this nature (see it here), it inspired at least one Reader to apply to run for a seat on the Burien City Council – we hope this one does the same.]

If you think you’d be a better member of the Burien City Council, here’s the info you should know:

Candidate Filing Dates will be between May 13 – May 17.

Four positions on the Burien City Council will be open for election in the Nov. 5, 2013 General Election.

The King County Election Division will accept candidate filings for the General Election from May 13 through May 17; more details, including how to apply online, are here.

Persons interested in filing for an open position may file with the King County Election Divisions in person, by mail, or online. In-person filing opens May 13 at 8:30 am and closes on May 17 at 4:30 pm at the King County Elections Building, 919 SW Grady Way, Renton, WA,98057. For more information about candidate filing, please visit the King County website at or call King County Election Operations at (206) 296-1565.

Want to know more about being a councilmember? Check out all of the additional resources available at the Municipal Research Services Center (MRSC), online at

The Burien City Council meets on the first, third and fourth Mondays of each month at 7 p.m. at City Hall (400 SW 152nd Street). When a holiday occurs on a Monday, the Council does not meet. During the summer months of June, July and August, the Council meetings are held on first and third Mondays.

The monthly salary for councilmembers is $600 per month, with the Mayor bringing home a whopping $750/month. All get a low-cost health insurance package as well.

The following positions on the City Council are up for election in fall 2013; each is for a four-year term beginning January 2014:

  • Position 1 (incumbent: Jack Block, Jr.)
  • Position 3 (incumbent: Joan McGilton)
  • Position 5 (incumbent: Rose Clark)
  • Position 7 (incumbent: Brian Bennett)

The Primary election will be Aug. 6, 2013, and the General election will be Nov. 5, 2013.

As of March 27, 2013, here are the candidates we’re aware of:

Okay, so what are you waiting for? Apply online here, then email us your announcement/press release! We’ll be holding Candidate Forums – something we’ve done for the last three election cycles, and we look forward to a lively political season!

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17 Responses to “Think You’d Be a Better City Council Member? Here’s How YOU Can Run”
  1. Coverofnight says:

    I’ll bet a cheeseburger that Joey Moretaxes is going after Position 1…..has he tipped his hand yet?

    Is it just me or has anyone else noticed how silent Joey has been? I’ve even made a special request for him to comment on his position relative to the districting issue, but he’s yet to respond.

    And thanks, Scott for this post…we definitely need concerned citizens to step up and join our local political posse and defeat the Hole-in-the Head gang.

    • Yes Joey Martinez spoke on the issue of wards at the 03-04-13 Burien Council Meeting at about 51:45 into the meeting.

      • Coverofnight says:

        Thanks for the link, Pat. I watched it and could barely hear Joey state that he’s on the fence regarding this issue…..gee, what a surprise!

        And I’m confused as it appears (again, it’s hard to hear his voice on the video) he recommends that they consider the work of former Mayor Nelson if they proceed with it – isn’t she against districting? If the council proceeds, her input will fall on the deaf ears of the Hole-in-the-Head gang and be totally disregarded; in one hole and out the other.

        Come on, Joey – put it in writing here on the BTB – are you for or against districting? Marco Rubio isn’t afraid to take a stand……be more Rubio, and less Robison!

        • Coverofnight says:

          (For those who haven’t seen the video, Joey does an “impression” of Rubio at the start of his comments)

        • Ya, sorry about the sound quality. I have my gain maxxed out to the point that I have to filter the lows to minimize the 60HZ hum coming from the lights. People who speak with authority and project there voices come across much better. Fortunately it is good enough that you did hear correctly.

  2. BTBreader says:

    $600 A MONTH

  3. May says:

    Here Brian Bennett sold his home in 2011 for $295.000
    King county dept of assessment # 374460-0507

    Here he buys another home in 2011 for $750.000
    (KCDOA) # 416160-0040

    Him and his wife must have gotten a wage increase.

    While they are hiring their friends on this council and catering to their special interest friends, we are paying more taxes and paying for cost overruns. So, this poor guy only makes $750 a month on this council. Have you taken into consideration how much money they are lining their pockets with while giving contracts to their friends. These are dirty business dealings. How come they hang on to dear life to keep their measly paying positions. Make no mistake, they are smart people and know how to get around things. They are not doing things because they care for Burien.

    Brian Bennett is a really something. He is laughing at people while they are addressing the council. And his “thank you” are insulting. There needs to be a huge clean up on this council and most people need to be removed.

    And are you kidding me?….Burien City News….
    Michael Noakes gets an citizens award for countless hours of work? Who hired him and who really is he working for. A city council appointed?….who on this council appointed him?

    Financial report recognized.
    Burien got a Excellence in Financial reporting?…I have a better Idea. Lets move all financial business from the city of Burien to an independent Accounting firm and see what happens then.

    From Gold Bar to Kirkland (Seattle Times yesterday) to Burien to who knows where else. There are people that are stealing and resigning all over the place. I have mentioned for the last couple of months of how corrupt things are. Most of the people deal in Real Estate and are connected to one another. When someone loses one position on a council they just get hired by one of their friends on a different council. This corruption in Wash. State will never end until the State of Wash will become involved. However, some people work for the state of Wash and are corrupt. So this problem might never end.

    This is just an unbelievable situation. So, even if you run and win a seat on a council it might be useless unless the majority is with you. As an honest citizen it might just have become useless to run for any type of office because you might be on your own. Just look at Lucy Krakoviak She is doing a great job and works for the people…no wonder Brian Bennett did not want her as Deputy Mayor. .

    • sane says:

      May, do you know how Brian Bennett made all that money? He ran for office and then sued some people for defamation. He might be moving into an even nicer house soon…

      • May says:

        Sane……..Defamation of character?

        Here Brian Bennett sold his home in 2011 for $295.000
        King county dept of assessment # 374460-0507

        Here he buys another home in 2011 for $750.000
        (KCDOA) # 416160-0040

        Him and his wife must have gotten a wage increase.

        While they are hiring their friends on this council and catering to their special interest friends, we are paying more taxes and paying for cost overruns
        You know what I wish?….I hope there are no Wards…except on their faces.

    • Jennifer says:

      Honestly May we get it you don’t like many of the members on the council but, do you need to be so rude all the time?

      • elizabeth2 says:

        Jennifer – I have to agree. Keep it civil as some of the above statements are really close to or are slanderous.

        Just as an FYI in regards to the sale and purchase of houses and their prices – it is a reaaaallllly long stretch to say that people are up to things nefarious just because they sell a less expensive one to buy a more expensive one.

        Many people can be very careful with their money and pay off their mortgage, find a good buy on another house…use money from the other house as a down payment and get another mortgage. Maybe the house they bought is a great buy of a fixer-upper and they intend to do the work on it themselves and provide some financial security.

        Maybe someone in their family passed away and left them some money, enough for a down payment. Lots of different possibilities but cospiracy theories and looking for wrong doing are a real stretch.

        I am no fan of many in local government but I think that some common sense needs to be put into play.

        • May says:

          Elisabeth2 and jennfer…..I know you showed that you are Brian Bennett $ company lovers.because you are part of their team.

          Here Brian Bennett sold his home in 2011 for $295.000
          King county dept of assessment # 374460-0507

          Here he buys another home in 2011 for $750.000
          (KCDOA) # 416160-0040

          Him and his wife must have gotten a wage increase.

          You are not going to win with me. I have done searches for years coming to the conclusion of where I am today and if you do some research you will find it too.
          But you are not interested in the truth. Ask Brian Bennett why they fired an honest man (hemstra) and hired their own friends. And ask him why he did not want Lucy for Deputy Mayor? what did she do to him?..

          • Jennifer says:

            May are you kidding me? You need to step our of your conspiracy thoery for a bit. I don’t agree with everything the council does…in fact I think all of them have lot’s of room to improve but, i don’t constantly try to link them together with other people. Which in my world it is called networking. So please stop attacking individauls that don’t agree with you it is ridiculous.

      • May says:

        Jennifer you got it all mixed up. Brian Bennett and his friends are the “rude” ones.
        You are really something calling me rude when they are the ones doing whatever they like. I have a better idea for you….why don’t you sell your home and stick the money in their bank account.

        • Jennifer says:

          They are only rude because you don’t agree with them. And sorry May can’t sell a home when I am mearly an apartment dweller… but what a crazy comment on your part!

  4. Mike says:

    Has the “hole in the head gang” decided on the wards voting? I agree on the cheeseburger bet . There’s no way JMoretaxes would go against anybody from martins band of bad actors.

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