Off-Leash Cat Park, New Bacon Dais on Agenda for Tonight’s City Council Meeting

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by April Foo
Special to The B-Town Blob

There are some rather unusual items on the agenda for tonight’s (Monday, April 1) Burien City Council meeting (download PDF here), which starts at 7 p.m. at its new location – The Hobnobber, located at 447 SW 153rd Street:

  • A new issue that’s getting a lot of attention, most likely due to the recent Dog Park discussion – is a new proposal for an Off-Leash Cat Park in Burien. A group that calls itself ‘Parks for Unappreciated Rodent Ridders,’ or P.U.R.R., will be bringing dozens of live cats to City Hall to protest what a press release calls “unfair discrimination against our precious, cute little kitty cats. Ouch, that hurt!” Free Benadryl will be distributed at the door to those with cat allergies.
  • An anonymous, well-placed source has also alerted us that Burien City Manager Mike Martin will bring his beloved white cat “Mr. FluffypuffnSnuggles” to tonight’s session. He intends to pet him slowly while glaring at three councilmembers during the entire meeting.

    Mr. FluffypuffnSnuggles.

  • “The Blog” will be mentioned at least five times this evening, all in a positive light, as in “did you know ‘the blog’ raised $6,370 for victims of the Jan. 28 apartment fire?” and “the blog allows residents a new forum to share their concerns, and we council members read it often and take their comments seriously.” This will provide further proof that “the city doesn’t read the blog.”
  • The council will finally vote on converting the wooden dais at City Hall into one made entirely of bacon. This motion was previously shelved – and actually stored in the city hall break room fridge – during last August’s heat wave. Jack Block Jr. dug it out after Councilmember Joan McGilton complained of “a stench on the council” recently. Block will likely make a motion for the item. FYI, The Hobnobber will serve as the new City Hall while the dais is converted to bacon; here’s a photo of where City Manager Mike Martin will sit:


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10 Responses to “Off-Leash Cat Park, New Bacon Dais on Agenda for Tonight’s City Council Meeting”
  1. Deborrah Waggoner says:

    I can’t believe the city council is going ahead with this Off-Leash Cat Park, without so much as even ONE pubic forum!

    WHEN did the city ask for any public input?

    WHY is the city moving ahead with this tonight?

    WHAT is the rush???


    This is clearly further proof that this city is run by evil scientists who do nothing more than pet evil white kitties in their laps while plotting the destruction of us innocent residents.


  2. FKITTYCAT says:

    I have worked with cats my entire life, so I KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!

    An off-leash Cat Park will also attract Feral Cats!

    Is CARES going to monitor this? I highly doubt it! It’s likely that I will get called to come fix the problems that arise from this new park, AS USUAL!

    FYI…Feral Cats don’t like cute white kitties FYI LOL so you’d best watch your laps cityfolk!


  3. BTBreader says:

    Can we do a B-town blog poll for the type of litter that will be supplied by the parks dept?

  4. J.J. Grevious says:

    Deborrah, I just seen a picture of you in a kitty sweater an your facebook page! HOW DARE YOU! This is the City of Burien! I feel emasculated! (Fancy word,Huh?) A fuzzy white kitty at that. I say CENSURE!!

  5. Banker Bob says:

    The movement to show more appreciation for the kitty cat is underway. Awesome! Seems like I brought this issue up a couple weeks ago. Hmmmm….

  6. ACO Roy Hellms says:

    Off lease cat park? Not in my house!! THAT is not in our contract. I looked. No cat parks and Gravy Train smoothies on Fridays. That’s all it says! I love that little chuck wagon!

  7. Lee Moyerer says:

    MMMMMMM,Bacon! BTW, I will be renting jet skis and cigarette boats for use on Lake Burien at the Ruth Dykman parking lot daily. Now thru Labor day. Bring your family. Tell your friends and neighbors. Feel free to use any of the numerous docks on the lake. I have also arranged for the local food trucks to peddle their wares on weekends! Working on live concerts for Sunday Mornings! Giant wakes rule! YAAAAA

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