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Welcome our Latest Advertiser, New Olde Burien Restaurant ‘Whatchuwant?’

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Our latest Advertiser is a brand new, innovative and unique restaurant soon to open in Olde Burien – ‘Whatchuwant?’

Conceived, owned and managed by new Seahurst resident John White, ‘Whatchuwant?’ will NOT have any food on hand.

Nor will there be a menu.

Just fast, efficient cooking implements and the latest high-tech communication devices.

How will it work? White explains:

“When customers come in, they’ll be greeted by a beautiful woman who will simply ask them ‘Whatchuwant?'” White told The B-Town Blog. “She’ll then break their custom order down into ingredients and text a list to two workers standing by at the nearest QFC. These two will quickly shop for the ingredients, then rush them back to the restaurant where the meal will be made, fresh on the spot. We’ll have multiple teams of shoppers standing by at various stores in the area.”

White’s idea hit him recently during a three-month vision quest/Bigfoot and mushroom hunting expedition near Mt. Rainier.

“When you’re on a vision quest – or are hunting for Bigfoot – you must focus exclusively on survival in the wild,” White said. “One day after eating some highly unusual mushrooms, it struck me that to consume the best food, the eater should always create the meal themselves! And now that vision will come true in my new restaurant, a concept that has never been done. Oh, and we’ll also have some amazing psychedelic artwork on the walls and pictures of Bigfoot footprints I took.”

In addition to custom-purchasing and cooking food, ‘Whatchuwant?’ will also create custom cocktails and drinks for each customer.

“If you’d like a drink while you wait for your meal to be purchased, driven here and cooked, you can have a drink,” White said. “Any kind of drink you want, we’ll make. We’ll even brew customized micro beers on-site as well. You just have to wait at least three weeks, depending on what kind of beer you want. And if you’d prefer a fine imported Russian vodka made from organic potatoes, we’ll fly a courier over to Russia for you and get it. Of course, that could take days or weeks, but hey who doesn’t like to just sit around and shoot the breeze while waiting for something good?”

White adds:

“I’m also serving public notice to any and all competing restaurateurs in Olde Burien that I will crush you. I mean it.”

‘Whatchuwant?’ is slated to open at 915 SW 152nd Street – where Fireweed Beads was located – but apparently beads will not be served..

For more information, click here.

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9 Responses to “Welcome our Latest Advertiser, New Olde Burien Restaurant ‘Whatchuwant?’”
  1. Burien Resident says:

    Sounds interesting – except for the “beautiful woman” greeting you. Isn’t this restaurant supposed to focus on fresh food, not objectifying women? Also, is this restaurant starting off by saying it will not hire male greeters? Seems like sexism at work.

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  2. Catnip says:

    This has got to be an April Fools joke 🙁

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  3. Bugg says:

    Burien resident.. calm down and learn to laugh..its a joke 🙂

    Nicely played B-town 🙂

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  4. diana says:

    I was hoping the closing of “Hey Paison” was an April Fool’s joke…He will be missed! Does anyone know what happened???

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    • Burien Bob says:

      I was seriously sad today to see that Hey Paisan had closed up shop. I don’t know why but would also like to know the details.

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      • Laura Z. says:

        Hey Paison is under renovation, I heard. Not sure of the reopening date.

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        • Sarah says:

          Hey Paison is closed?! I remember this winter they had to cut hours because they werent getting the business? This is sad for me.

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          • Laura Z. says:

            Guess the reno rumor was just that. I saw the For Lease sign in the window. Where will I get my one-pound piece of cheesecake now?

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  5. sallie tierney says:

    I’m sure it’s an April Fool’s joke, guys. Really. Whatchathink? Stupid name, stupid concept. LOL

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