THANKS READERS! March Sets Record for the Blog – Over 90,000 Readers!

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THANKS READERS & ADVERTISERS – March 2013 came in like a lion, and continued to roar all the way through for a record month for The B-Town Blog – which had over 90,000 Unique Visits and more than 173,000 Pageviews!

That’s a month-to-month growth of nearly +34% for Unique Visits and nearly +35% for Pageviews, and a year-to-year growth of nearly +71% for Uniques and over +74% for Pageviews!


The blue line is March; the green Feb. Click image to see larger version.

March stats – as per Google Analytics – were:

  • Unique visits: 90,842 vs 67,827 (for previous 31 days) +33.93% growth! (vs same period in 2012: 90,842 vs 53,278 +70.51%!)
  • Pageviews: 173,151 vs 128,371 (for previous 31 days) +34.88% growth! (vs same period in 2012: 173,151 vs 99,401 +74.19%!)

And we couldn’t do it without you – your community spirit, your involvement in the blog, and especially, your continued support of our Advertisers!

We’d like to thank the dozens of local businesses who count on us to market their messages! And if you’re interested in receiving our Media Kit/Rate Card, please email Sales Manager Theresa Schaefer here.

And – if you haven’t already – please follow us on our growing social media network, currently at 7,926 and climbing:


We’re proud of our success here, because we’ve worked very hard since December 2007 to continually serve the Community we live, work, shop and spend in by updating our website daily with professionally-produced, award-winning local Journalism (we were named ‘Best Hyperlocal Website‘ in the entire northwest by the Society of Professional Journalists for two consecutive years!).

A couple of other notes for our Readers, as well as any businesses considering Advertising:

  • We are (far as we know) the only local website in the entire country that is absolutely transparent in its website traffic statistics – something you will NOT see on any other competing “local” websites, both new and old. Click on the Sitemeter or Quantcast graphics below to see our LIVE stats (keep in mind that statistics vary with each independent measuring company, something that’s not in our control, and part of the risk of being transparent):

    Click to learn more about our Pledge to the TAO of Journalism.


  • Transparent” of course means that, at any time, YOU the Reader can click on one of these statistics links in the footer of the website (at the bottom of any page), and see what kind of traffic we’re getting right then and there from totally independent, external sources. Ever see any other website do that? Neither have we…
  • We strongly believe there is no more room in the media world for self-produced, fabricated circulation numbers. We’d also like to remind any potential Advertisers out there to shop around and ask for actual, independent proof of website traffic statistics (ie: Google Analytics) from other sites before buying, because you deserve honesty, transparency and professionalism.

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One Response to “THANKS READERS! March Sets Record for the Blog – Over 90,000 Readers!”
  1. I would like to congratulate you on your success and the service you offer. Personally I was not even aware of the B-Town Blog’s existence until the final weeks of the annexation vote. This led me to wonder if there is a correlation between your reporting of local politics and your recent success.

    In this endeavor I decided to count up all the comments to various articles / letters to editor given in this blog for the month of March. I found that of the 16 articles that had 10 or greater comments, 11 (68.8%) where political in nature.

    I then looked at all the comments given per day and made a graph to compare with the one you provided. Now granted total comments to a given article often come days after the original posting but I think some valuable information can still be gleaned from the results. For instance your peek visits for the month of March happened on the 18th, which coincides with the largest peek of 148 comments given to articles posted on that same day. This is 2.5 times more then the second largest peek of 58 comments that coincide with your 3rd largest number of visits on the 29th. Granted this theory does not account for your 2nd largest visits on the 11th, which might be in part the result of the seal pup video posted on the 10th.

    Of the 598 total comments, I count 327 (54.7%) that are on articles I see as political in nature. Now compare this to the 170 total articles of which I count only 19 (11.2%) as being political in nature. So given that 54.4 % of the comments are given on only 11.2% of the articles / letters to the editor I would think that politics has played a significant role in your viewership. Granted I am sure you have more detailed analytics then I can provide.

    Considering the significant amount of outrage toward your present government that I have seen on this blog and elsewhere, I think there is an opportunity for you to have a very successful year. I think many are hungry for local information, a place to post their concerns that otherwise are missed, and a forum to share their thoughts with others. One concern is you may want to pay more attention to comments like Fred’s dated 4-3-13 in regards to the article CARES Passes Review… I think that attitude may be more prevalent then you may think.

    If you want to make your own graph for comparison, here is some of the data I collected.

    Comments per article posted on a given day:
    Days 1-10: 0, 24, 0, 11, 20, 4, 27, 8, 2, 10
    Days 11-20: 2, 19, 4, 12, 5, 9, 23, 148, 12, 42
    Days 21-31: 49, 11, 6, 0, 41, 24, 22, 0, 58, 0, 5

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