Shooting Near Moshier Field Thursday Sends 18-Year Old Man to Harborview

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Photo courtesy Sgt. Cindi West of King County Sheriff’s Office. Click image to see larger version.

UPDATE 4/4/13 6:23 p.m.: A shooting near Moshier Field in Burien Thursday afternoon (April 4) has put an 18-year old man in serious condition at Harborview Medical Center, according to the King County Sheriff’s Office.

Sgt. Cindi West of the KCSO Tweeted about the incident, saying the shooting took place in the 15600 of 4th Ave South (map below) Thursday afternoon around 5:30 p.m.

Numerous police cruisers and media choppers were seen in an area near Moshier Field.

As we learn more, we’ll update this post.

Here’s West’s Tweets:

Cindi West@kingcosoPIO 4m

Confirmed shooting. 18 year old man shot near apt in Burien. In serious condition at Harborview.

Cindi West@kingcosoPIO 22m

Burien– 5:30pm On way to 15600 blk of 4 ave S with victim of assault possibly shot. No further till I get there!

Tweets from other news sources:

KOMO News@komonews 13m

BREAKING: A man was shot in the abdomen in Burien. He was taken to Harborview. There’s no word on his condition.

KIRO 7@KIRO7Seattle 26m

There are reports of shooting at S 156th St & 4th Ave SW in Burien. Police say one man is injured. Watch KIRO 7 for more.

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16 Responses to “Shooting Near Moshier Field Thursday Sends 18-Year Old Man to Harborview”
  1. Rebecca says:

    Any word on the shooter? Is someone on the loose or is someone in custody?

  2. mike says:

    What the heck is happening in Burien? Is this guy on the loose, i work night shifts and my wife is alone at night. What is happening.

  3. Chelsea says:

    When I spoke with the dispatcher while the helicopter was circling, she said they knew who the shooter was and that it was a “domestic” situation. I was calling to ask if it was safe for me to be outside to walk my dogs and she said it was not random, and that there was no immediate danger to the public.

    • Burienite says:

      Ok, let me get this straight. You actually CALLED 911 to inquire about the circling helicopter overhead!?!?! Wow. Curiosity is not a reason to call 911, and in doing so, you simply take up a 911 line and tie-up a operator needlessly.

      Poor decision making.

      • Chelsea says:

        Actually no, I did not call 911 to inquire about the helicopter. I stepped out to walk my dogs, noticed the helicopter, and called the NON EMERGENCY line to see if it was safe for me to be outside. I don’t consider inquiring about whether or not my life is danger when I step outside as a waste of resources and I urge you to be more polite to others in the future if you don’t have all of the information.

  4. SM says: is reporting that the person shot was a teenager shot in the torso . They aren’t giving any details but I can’t help but wondering if there is a connection with the St. Francis student shot in the torso. Scary. ..

    • Burienite says:

      OK, give me you analysis of how these two incidents could be connected. That’s like saying that car wreck at Shorewood Drive and the one at Five Corners is related. Come on now, use some common sense.

      • SM says:

        Wow, settle down there. I didn’t conduct an analysis, nor did I say that they were related. I was simply sharing a thought that I was wondering if they could be related given the timing, location and injury- based on what had been reported at the time. It’s just as much a possibility as not. I must have been mistaken that the point of “comments” was to share thoughts and opinions. . . . hmm common sense.

  5. N.W. says:

    I live in the Apartment complex next to Cedar, this has always been a little bit of a sketchy area, but lately it has been a shooting every other week. What is going on in Burien? Do we have a random shooter? Or just a lot of angry people?

  6. h.s says:

    i live next door the shooting, was blocked in all night. couldnt get in or out. all taped off… yet they know nothing Ghetto area, time to move

  7. N.W. says:

    I have been watching for updates on this, but nothing so far.

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