UPDATE: Burien Shooting Suspect Arrested Friday Night

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UPDATE 4/6/13 10:30 a.m.: Friday night (April 5), shortly before 7 p.m., the King County Sheriff’s Gang Unit detectives arrested Linley A. Valdez, the suspect wanted for a shooting in Burien on Thursday.

He was booked in the King County Jail.



Burien Police Officers and King County Sheriff’s Detectives announced Friday (April 5) that they are looking for a man wanted in connection with a shooting that occurred in Burien on Thursday (read our previous coverage here).

Detectives said a warrant for Assault 1 has been issued for 26-year old Linley A. Valdez (pictured above).

Valdez is suspected of shooting an 18-year old man in the stomach.

On Thursday around 5:15 p.m. police responded to the 15600 block of 4th Ave South to the report of a gunshot victim. When police arrived they found the victim with a gunshot wound near the stomach. The victim was transported to Harborview and was treated and released later in the evening.

The victim told investigators that prior to the shooting he had arranged to meet with Valdez. The pair had made some type of deal involving electronics. During the meeting Valdez pulled out a gun and shot the victim.

Valdez is described as a Hispanic/Asian male, approximately 5’10”, 165 lbs, with black hair and brown eyes. He has distinctive tattoos on the left side of his neck and a cross tattooed on his right upper arm. He is known to be skilled in martial arts.

He is currently homeless and considered Armed and Dangerous.

If you have information about Valdez please call the King County Sheriff’s Office at (206) 296-3311 or 911(24 hours a day).

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13 Responses to “UPDATE: Burien Shooting Suspect Arrested Friday Night”
  1. Zef says:

    What a poser. Supposedly has a black belt, uses a gun.

    • Lori Payseno says:

      You’ve got some nerve posting this…It’s crazy that people feel the need to use social media in this way…there are families hurting now…get a life loser!

      • H says:

        @ Lori, first of all Zef can post whatever he wants, just as you have. Second he has a perfectly valid point. If you have a black belt, why would you need to shoot someone? What a disgrace to martial arts and the purpose of it. And I take it you are a friend or relative. So why didn’t you guys get him help? Doesn’t reflect well on you. You bash people for saying how horrible this is, yet it happened. People don’t want people on the.street like this. Wake up.

        • Erik H. says:

          This is for H..
          I am a family member of linleys and no matter what happens I stand by him as a family member in full support towards a positive change for him as family should. One thing you have to realize and open your eyes is this kind of stuff is always going to be around and will never ever go away no matter where you are. Bad things are going to happen for the rest of mankind because we have the ability to make wrong choices and some of us make those choices with out knowing where it will lead us in the future. I as a family member do not appreciate anyone who does not know what’s been going on in this family for the past couple years speculate on what could of happened or should of been done. There was plenty we as a family tried to do in a positive way for Linley but being a grown man which he is decided to make his own choice. So please if you are going to comment on this be respectful of his family and the family of the kid that got injured and keep it positive. That’s the only way things will change in this world and that’s to stop being negative which you are and change it around

        • H….. First of all be a man and use your name. I am Linleys mother and how would you know anything about what we as a family have tried to do for my son. I hope you never find yourself in a situation with a grown family member in need of help because I am here to tell you it is not that easy. First of all there are very limited resources. Second of all my son was attacked and this supposed “victim” was the attacker. The truth will come out and the evidence will show this. You are clearly ignorant and should jump off a bridge because that would be one less stupid person in this world. Get a life and shut the [email protected]# up

    • Zef…… thats all you got a poser…… My son is a black belt with skills you wish you had. But Im sure you are some punk that got beat up everyday. Scamper off and get life. Punk

  2. Nicole says:

    Really Greg?!? How dangerous is his family?!? His brother is home with his family, works full time, is a good person. His family didn’t commit this crime. Grow up…

  3. Mark k. says:

    Pretty stand up dude from what I know. I think people like Nichole and others who actually him and his family should comment. Why is his innocent, non involved family brought up. Someone get picked on in highschool maybe?? Going to school with someone adds zero credibility to know about sometimes character and especially family values! His family has supported him and don’t deserve slander good job Nichole, for the honesty

  4. mike says:

    just heard through the police department that they have this guy in custody as of early this evening.

  5. D says:

    How dare any of you defend this man. He was
    Selfish,dangerous, and an asshole. He spent his last couple months stalking and threatening someone so dear to me and then hurting someone within my heart. I hope he spends the rest of his life in there. I knew this. I knew he was dangerous and I voicedy
    Opinion I just wish it was heard. Damn you Linley.

  6. Situations like this are tragic and sad for all involved. People always want to voice there opinions and make judgments when they know nothing. People should worry about what is going on with their loved ones and what is going on in their family. Greg who are you to make any comments? What skeletons are hiding your closet? Let me guess you are one of those people that think you and family are perfect…. you people are the worst! My son is a black belt with amazing skills. He is also a good man that loves his family and friends. But sadly as for many Americans things happen in life that change people and to all of those people my prayers go out to them because they understand what I am talking about! Dont believe everything you read there are always to sides to the story and sometimes the “victim” is the culprit!

  7. tophat topcat says:

    Seems like this is happening alot in Burien lately. Just heard about all night teen party on 24th So. and 126th where shots were fired on the street early this morning. Neighbors said it took cops approx. 20 mins. to respond. Anyone else hear about this?