Father and Son Who Scammed Elderly People Arrested by Burien Police

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The Seattle Police Department is reporting on its blotter that a father and son team believed to have been targeting elderly people with a car dent repair scam are now in the King County Jail after being arrested by Burien Police.

According to the SPD:

The two are a con artist team with a long history of operating along the Interstate 5 corridor between Seattle and Portland.  The scam would involve the father and son targeting an elderly person, usually in a parking lot of a store.  They would point out something on that person’s car that was in need of “repair.”  The suspects would then apply primer paint or wax to the spot in question.  The suspects would then tell the victim that they, the suspects, could buff it off later or they might make arrangements for the victim to meet them later at a fictious repair shop.  Often, the victim would feel intimidated and provide the suspects money for the “repair.”  There are reports of victims losing $400, $500, or $700 for “repairs” to their cars.

A Seattle Police detective had been assigned this case after there were several reports of this scam happening here in Seattle since January.  The suspects were identified and it was determined that they were using a rental car.  Yesterday, the detective contacted the rental company and requested that they contact him when the suspects returned the car.  The rental company called, and the detective notified Burien Police who arrested the duo on their outstanding warrants.  The suspects, ages 46 and 26 could face additional charges as the Prosecutor’s Office investigates further.

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3 Responses to “Father and Son Who Scammed Elderly People Arrested by Burien Police”
  1. Cind Laws says:

    Great post, Scott. This scam may have victimized more seniors because of their vulnerability, but the criminals have also targeted people like me. I’ve been stopped 3 times in the past month by guys prowling parking lots in the Southcenter area. I have a minor dent on my rear bumper, and the SPD description of the approach is nearly identical. They always “have the tools with me right now – I can pop that out and even replace the broken light cover”. The dollars range from $200 to $400 and it’s always “5 minutes”. The scariest part was when one of these scammers solicited me at home.

    When questioned for a business card to follow up, of course none of these guys have anything on them. None of their cars have license plates, which fits in with the rental car thing.

    Description: Seattle-neat/casually immigrant males who appear to be of Eastern Mediterranean or Middle Eastern descent. Almost always driving Ford sedans. Usually two or more people in their car. They will pull up as you are getting into your vehicle and block your car while they try to talk to you.

    What to do:
    1. MAKE SURE YOUR CELL PHONE IS IN YOUR HAND when you approach your car. Make sure they see that. If you are approached, turn on your cell camera and let them see you taking a photo of them and their car.
    2. Now that police and media are involved, call 9-1-1 if you are approached (after taking a photo)
    3. When they block your car, hit your car alarm or horn. I did this at Southcenter Mall and they scammers drove away quickly and the parking lot security people arrived within a few minutes.

  2. PJ says:

    Another one for the “Good guy’s in blue”

  3. K says:

    Next Can they pick up those people walking around the Fred Meyer parking lot asking for money becuase they have to get to the hospital becuase thier daughter is there and they have no money for gas? I have a bad feeling they have gotten a lot of cash from a lot of unsuspecting people.

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