Ever feel like you’re being watched in Seahurst Park? You are – by a Tree!

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[EDITOR’S NOTE: Thanks to Crystal D. German for the news tip for this story!]

Story & Photos by Scott Schaefer

If you’ve ever felt like you’re being watched while walking through Burien’s Seahurst Park, we think we have found the reason why (click image to see larger version):


Someone has carved and painted a very human-looking eye (complete with eyelashes) into the side of a tree!

And now that the whale carcass has been removed (along with improving weather and natural beauty of course), you have another reason to visit Seahurst Park.

The eye is 20 or so feet high on a tree just east of where the lower parking lots ends, on the south side across the creek from the road.

Just start looking up at trees there and you’ll find it.

Or it’ll find you.

So…who created this amazing work of art? How did they do it? When? Why?

So far, nobody seems to know.

“We have no idea as to who created the ‘tree eye,'” Burien Parks Executive Director Michael Lafreniere told The B-Town Blog. “One day last month, just *blink* and it was there.”

From our initial investigation, the tree this eye has been carved into is not very easily accessible, and we have no idea how it could’ve been carved at that height – which would’ve taken some time. Did someone bring a tall ladder? Climb the tree? How the heck did they do this?

Regardless of the unsolved mystery – which adds to its impact – the Seahurst Park Tree Eye is definitely worth a look!

Here are more photos taken by Schaefer of the tree eye Wednesday morning, April 17 (click images to see larger versions/slideshow):



We’re wondering if any of our Readers know anything about this artwork? If so, please email [email protected] – we’d love to learn more and perhaps talk with the Artist…

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3 Responses to “Ever feel like you’re being watched in Seahurst Park? You are – by a Tree!”
  1. liljo says:

    That’s awesome.

  2. May says:

    It means ………..Burien Parks Executive Director Michael Lafreniere we are watching you. Don’t cut the trees.


  3. Matt Parker says:

    thats cool

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