18-Year Old Highline High Senior wins Sunday’s Cove to Clover 5K Race

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On a day with scattered showers that decided to take a break just in time, 18-year old Zach Todd, a senior at Burien’s Highline High School, won the 2013 5K Cove to Clover fundraiser race Sunday with a time of 21:44.

Todd made his move past early leader Aiden Basco about a third of the way up Snake Hill, and never looked back.

“I had no idea I would win,” Todd told The B-Town Blog after the race. “But I’ve run in three of these before and always finished in the top ten.”

Todd is on both the cross country and soccer teams at Highline High, and he had to fight off a sprint at the end by #2 finisher Nick Baisch, who was just five seconds behind.

The top finisher for women in the 5K was Sage Gibson, 12.

For the 10K, top male finisher was Eric Taylor, 35; and female finisher Brianna Hall, 26.

The top male finisher for the Half Marathon was Cameron Stedman, and the top female finisher was Kathryn Hofstetter.

Oldest male finisher was 69-year old Neal Stoddard, of Burien, and 68-year old female finisher Patricia Bergman, of Seattle.

To see the full results:

Look for another post later with more photos.

Here are the race results:



  1. Zachary Todd, 18, Burien, 21:44
  2. Nick Baisch, 27, Seattle, 21:49
  3. Edwin Arroyo, 14, Seattle, 22:36
  4. Brent Norton, 41, Lake Forest Park, 22:38
  5. Aiden Basco, 14, Seattle, 22:40
  6. Erik Harang, 13, Normandy Park, 23:36
  7. Bryan Howisey, 38, Buckley, 23:40
  8. Andrew Young, 14, Normandy Park, 23:49
  9. Adam Ogdon, 14, Seattle, 23:49
  10. Tristan Knutson, 34, Normandy Park, 23:54


  1. Sage Gibson, 12, Seattle, 24:56
  2. Heidi-Lyn Mensonides, 35, Seattle, 25:38
  3. Taylor Johnsen, 11, Normandy Park, 27:23
  4. Bronte Shirley, 12, Normandy Park, 27:44
  5. Ellen Dorr, 38, Seattle, 28:06
  6. Bianca Norton, 39, Tacoma, 28:45
  7. Lisa Cowden, 51, Normandy Park, 28:47
  8. Ashtin Hall, 25, Bakersfield CA, 28:51
  9. Tera Bucasas, 26, Seattle, 28:56
  10. Daniella Martinez, 26, San Antonio TX, 29:27



  1. Eric Taylor, 35, Burien 43:51
  2. Dan Zollman, 26, Seattle, 44:24
  3. Grant Shaver, 27, Seattle, 46:34
  4. Gordon Guthrie, 34, Burien, 48:34
  5. Marc Loiselle, 33, Shoreline, 48:38
  6. Justin Gruba, 27, Seattle, 48:38
  7. Peter Stirling, 48, Seattle, 48:39
  8. Kim Clark, 34, The Dalles OR, 48:43
  9. Rodolfo Fierro, 30, Des Moines, 49:07
  10. Benjamin Fader, 22, Burien, 49:33


  1. Brianna Hall, 26, Burien, 45:59
  2. Laura Fleming, 36, Normandy Park, 49:38
  3. Jessica Howisey, 34, Buckley, 49:51
  4. Karina Parada, 13, Normandy Park, 50:23
  5. Christa Weddle, 34, Des Moines, 51:01
  6. Kelly Bolma, 15, Normandy Park, 51:28
  7. Karianne Bolma, 13, Normandy Park, 51:29
  8. Jessica Flennoy, 32, Burien, 51:55
  9. Kimberley Glore, 22, Seattle, 52:11
  10. Lacey Ashbrook, 31, Burien, 55:12


1.Cameron Stedman1:31:26
2.Joseph Burdine1:36:02
3.Jeffrey Weiss1:36:47
4.Matt Parker1:36:58
5.John Hanrahan1:38:29
6.Chad Squire1:44:13
7.Tyler Sandell1:44:17
8.John McCurdy1:44:39
9.Alexander Ankuta1:45:21
10.Shawn Robertson1:45:25
1.Kathryn Hofstetter1:44:29
2.Heather Stephens1:49:23
3.Karen Leahy1:52:38
4.Jennifer Rozler1:54:39
5.April Graves1:57:35
6.Rebecca Alexander1:58:40
7.Amy McCurdy1:59:26
8.Saroun Samuels2:05:39
9.Teri Ashbaugh2:08:39
10.Linda Rowe O’Neal2:10:24

Here are some pics of the race, as shot by Scott Schaefer from the Burien Toyota Pace Truck (click images to see larger versions/slideshow):



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3 Responses to “18-Year Old Highline High Senior wins Sunday’s Cove to Clover 5K Race”
  1. Breck Ivy says:

    Nice work, Zach!

  2. Christine Terry says:

    A big thank you to the cities and city officials of Des Moines, Sea Tac, Burien and Normamdy Park for allowing such a fun community event in our cities!

    • Seconded.

      An even bigger thank you to the organizing committee who plan the event.

      The residents along the roads who put up with the inconvenience of road closures and come out to cheer for the residents.

      Also a big kudos to the hundreds of volunteers (Joe McDermott/other dignitaries, many police, fire fighters, course monitors, water stations, split timers, pace cars, snake hill cheer station, audio/stage, awards, gear check, shuttle drivers, start line crews, registration, social media PR, banners/signs/street flags, finish line crew, beer garden, pub crawl, school registration contest, data entry, angel program, last gasp registration party, snake pit dinner, sani-cans, traffic control team, course marker, pub crawl, poster/brochure distribution, other race PR teams, t-shirts, website, race timing and bibs, entertainment, uprising setup, root beer/hot dog garden and uprising warriors) who implement the event in such a seamless and professional way.

      Of course, we can’t forget Burien Toyota and Chevrolet and all other sponsors/vendors who help to pay for the race infrastructure.

      Finally, thanks the many people who register to suffer; so we can make a significant contribution to our local charities.

      It makes me proud to live in a place where this can happen. Our community is the gold standard for others to follow.

      Great job to all involved!

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