Local Artist/Designer Shelli Park announces candidacy for City Council

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Another candidate has tossed her hat into the B-Town electoral ring – local Artist and Designer Shelli Park announced Monday (April 29) that she will be a candidate for a seat on the Burien City Council.

Park intends to run for one of four available seats, currently held by Brian Bennett, Jack Block, Jr., Rose Clark and Joan McGilton.

She joins three other officially-announced candidates:

The deadline to file to run is May 17; more details, including how to apply online, are here.

Here’s Shelli’s full announcement:

Burien is a beautiful community in which I have loved living and raising my children for nine years. It holds amazing potential and is on a path of establishing itself as an economically vital town, an impressive and critical accomplishment after the economic downturn of 2008. I am running for a seat on the Burien City Council to help drive the forward momentum of this recovery.

I am not only a resident of Burien, but I am also a small business owner (Crimson Park Design) with great interest in helping to create the conditions in which local small businesses can thrive. I have observed and studied Burien’s economic development plan, its vision, and processes. It is clear to me that we must open the conversation to the business community, and consider the impact of the arts/culture/heritage role on viable development solutions currently being brought to the city. The community is working hard to create solutions. City government needs to support these efforts.

I have been involved in various organizational roles in this wonderfully diverse community, in addition to being a resident and proprietor. I have seven combined years of experience working on local community boards, including Highline School District Arts Council and White Center Arts, which I helped found, and chaired for four years. I was appointed to the Burien Arts Commission in 2011, and am Chair of the Arts and Economic Development Committee. These experiences have given me insight into inter-personal and inter-organization diplomacy, group ethics, inspired leadership, and problem-solving in committee for community-wide issues.

My philosophy is that government, no matter its size, must establish a culture that nurtures open communication and transparency. Trust is vital. The Council must work together, though there may be disagreement, the Council-appointed citizen advisory boards must be utilized as the experienced voice of the community, and City Staff must work to realize the Council’s well-laid plans.

As a City Council member, I will be a part of the mechanism that propels Burien along the path of fiscal sustainability. I will be a part of the solution that nurtures and safeguards the people and our environment for the good of Burien’s fiscal health, environmental health, and the health of our community.

The Burien City Council meets on the first, third and fourth Mondays of each month at 7 p.m. at City Hall (400 SW 152nd Street). When a holiday occurs on a Monday, the Council does not meet. During the summer months of June, July and August, the Council meetings are held on first and third Mondays.

The monthly salary for councilmembers is $600 per month, with the Mayor bringing home a whopping $750/month. All get a low-cost health insurance package as well.

The following positions on the City Council are up for election in fall 2013; each is for a four-year term beginning January 2014:

  • Position 1 (incumbent: Jack Block, Jr.)
  • Position 3 (incumbent: Joan McGilton)
  • Position 5 (incumbent: Rose Clark)
  • Position 7 (incumbent: Brian Bennett)

The Primary election will be Aug. 6, 2013, and the General election will be Nov. 5, 2013.

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11 Responses to “Local Artist/Designer Shelli Park announces candidacy for City Council”
  1. Glad to see another concerned citizen step forward. What is your position on annexation, wards, and CARES?

    • Burienite says:

      Pat, what do you care? Do you not live in the unincorporated area? Perhaps you should focus your energies on getting your Seattle Saviors to annex your area OR begin the process of starting your OWN city. Thanks for playing….

      • Lafayette Escadrille Annexation is not dead. There are those in places of power who wish to resurrect annexation including four from the Burien City council. These people have more then demonstrated that their agenda has a higher priority then the needs, well being, or concerns of the people they serve or wish to annex. Many Burien citizens came to us in our hour of need. Yes, I proudly live in Area Y and humbly wish to return the favor.

        Oh and by the way, Seattle is a red herring; they have publicly said that they don’t want us.

        • John Poitras says:

          I totally agree with your observations Pat and strongly believe them to be right on the money correct.

        • Burienite says:

          Red Herring? I would say it’s very-much germaine to the topic. Are you not an advocate for Seattle OR for the WC area to be its own city? Perhaps I had you pegged wrong, but maybe your have a nihilistic stance on the area–preferring to keep things as is.


          • Burienite says:

            Oh yeah, what’s with the “Lafayette Escadrille” comment. Not sure what you ment.

          • If your definition of nihilist is “If something works don’t replace it with something inferior”, then I guess I’m a nihilist. Personally I prefer pragmatic realist.

            For understanding the term Lafayette Escadrille I suggest you refresh yourself with American history. Wikipedia is a good start. Then compare that with the Marquis de Lafayette. Combined they create a story of honor, idealism, sacrifice, and repayment of a great debt.

            Oh and to save a rotation in the spin cycle (replace it with something inferior), I like Burien, but the offer your council gave us had nothing redeeming about it and amounted to nothing less then an insult.

  2. kex says:

    The question I want answered by all the candidates is: Would you retain or replace Mike Martin?

    • Coverofnight says:

      Kex, I agree….would love to hear that first from ALL the candidates running. We’ll know then if they throw in with the Hole-in-the-Head gang or not. I’ve been trying to get Joey Moretaxes to commit his positions on the BTB, but he appears to be laying low (as desperados are known to do) and avoiding the questions. I can’t even get him engaged on my Twitter account (@burientiger) for answers! Let’s hope Shelli doesn’t keep us in suspense!

      I’m encouraged as she (like me) is a small business owner and wants economic growth. However, when she states that we, “…must establish a culture that nurtures open communication and transparency. Trust is vital. The Council must work together,…”, I worry that she’d get eaten alive by Shystro the Indifferent and the rest of the Hole-in-the-Head gang.

      It will be exciting to hear all candidates’ positions on the issues important to the citizenry. I hope more people step up to the plate….!

    • Marty says:

      That is the key. Mike Martin needs to go and his protectors and cronies on the council are the key to finding a competent city manager to replace Mike Martin. We need someone that is willing to work for the residents of Burien and what is best for them rather than what is best for Mike Martin. Its really simple.. If you support Mike Martin you are part of the problem and we certainly don’t need another council member like that. We already have 4 of them.

      • Flashdog says:

        I definitely agree with kex and Marty regarding the vital importance of getting rid of Mike Martin. But I don’t want to see some new version of the Mike Martin fiasco. The whole city manager thing looks like a redundant and inefficient system to me — not to mention being completely out of our control since the COUNCIL chooses the city manager who will wield such absolute power over all of us. I could get very excited about a candidate for city council who would work to take us back to the system where WE elect a MAYOR to lead the council in running our community.

        While returning the control of Burien to Burien citizens would be first on my wish list for the coming election. I will have to admit, I would feel a strong urge to vote for any candidate that spontaneously smiles at the words “Regional Animal Services of King County”.

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