Burien Mayor Brian Bennett won’t run for re-election

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by Ralph Nichols

Burien Mayor Brian Bennett told the B-Town Blog Thursday morning (May 9) that he won’t seek re-election for his city council seat.

Bennett said he decided not to run again because “I have a demanding job and a young family.”

He said he is endorsing Joey Martinez, who has announced that he will file for Bennett’s council position.

Bennett was elected to the city council in November 2009, replacing Sally Nelson, who had served as a council member since Burien was incorporated in 1993.

In January 2012, he was elected by his fellow council members to a two-year term as mayor.

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30 Responses to “Burien Mayor Brian Bennett won’t run for re-election”
  1. Coverofnight says:

    Let me be the first to put out the call for a viable candidate to run against more taxes, that is, Joey Moretaxes! He supports Martin, bigger government, unions, increased taxes and government budgets, ANNEXATION, democrat cronyism, wants to be part of that Hole-in-the-Head gang, probably red light cameras and that parking enforcement guy…..heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if he even supports the Pittsburgh Steelers, too!

  2. May says:

    Julia Patterson wants Dave Upthegroove to take her Council position.
    Brian Bennett wants Joey Martinez to take his seat? That will never happen. He is another one of their friends.
    We need someone to be Mayor that will clean up this city and this council and will represent Burien at its best.
    Joey Martinez has not shown his ability nor experience to do this.
    He does show ability in wanting to get into your pocketbook and raise taxes. He is so inexperienced. I will campaign against him.

    Dear Mr. Bennett and Juia Patterson please let the people decide whom they want to represent them. Your opinion and the damage you created really reak.

    Mr. Brian Bennett has done so much damage and needs to go. Firing Hemstra and coming up with the Ward system are two examples. I am asking that the Burien Council rehires Hemstra and fire McBee. Steve McBee is also their friend.

    • Mike says:

      May for Mayor, May for Mayor, May for Mayor

      • Eaton B. Verz says:

        Ya, May for mayor!……..

        Hmmmm, wait a second. Mike supports May. Fred makes too much sense. CON seems pretty conservative. John supports democracy. Nobody can stand Joey (MR. waffle) Martinez, and on top of it all I have no friends on the blog since I wanted public hangings in town square! Heck, putting Mike Martin in charge of the beer garden didn’t even help. Sorry May. It all unraveled right before my very eyes. What is REALLY going on behind the scenes????? who are these people???AARRRRGGGGGHH

  3. John Poitras says:

    I do want to thank Brian Bennett for standing up for democracy last year and breaking from his usual pattern of voting with Rose Clark, Gerald Robison and Joan McGilton.

    Instead he voted with Jack Block, Lucy K and Bob Edgar to hold the annexation vote in November, rather than in August, where voter turnout would have been much lower.

    This more than anything else allowed the majority of the voters to have their say and Mike Martin’s attempt at the annexation of white center, as a result, went down in flames.

    Three cheers for that!

  4. Fred says:

    A politically right move to drop out. Brian couldn’t have won if he had run. He has been an ineffective mayor who lacks leadership skills. Joan McGilton spends her time overpowering him at Council meetings What is troubling is he is desperately trying to put Joey Martinez in his position. Joey is the know it all blabber mouth as we have all experienced on this blog. Brian has repeatedly for months dragged Joey to the 34th Dems meeting trying to promote him and trying to get the Dems to interfere in Burien politics. Bennett gave a speech at the Dems meeting encouraging them to mess around in Burien politics. Brian and Joey are still trying to push the annexation of Area Y/ White Center on the citizens of Burien and Area Y. And Joey never met a tax he didn”t like and want to pass on to Burien citizens.

    The Council elections are supposed to be non partisian. Bennett has also donated $500 to the Lauren Berkowitz campaign and is pushing her with the 34th Dems. Lauren is a first year law student who really doesn’t know the Burien community. She recently only moved across the border into Burien. Again Brian is pushing her to moved the Burien Council races into a partisan arena which it is not supposed to be. And he just flat out wants to get even with Jack who he snipes at constantly at Council meetings.

    Hopefully stronger candidates will file to run in this election than we see filed right now because the field looks pretty green and unskilled. Most of them have been unable to identify the real issues facing Burien and where they stand on them. Burien and Burien businesses can’t economically survive need another 4 grim years of a dysfunctional Council and Mike Martin.

    • Mike says:

      Fred for council, Fred for council, Fred for council

    • Ivan Weiss says:

      “trying to get the Dems to interfere in Burien politics” is easily the silliest comment of the year. Just exactly what in hell do you think political parties DO, if not get involved with government and politics at every level? Burien is FULL of Democrats! Are they all supposed to recuse themselves from involvement because you might wish them to?

  5. Lee Moyer says:

    Thanks Brian, for all your work for the citizens of Burien.

  6. anticon says:

    Yeah con man, run for council, at least you`ll get one vote (your own).
    You sure seem to enjoy spouting off your anti this, anti that mouth behind a monitor,
    jump in there. *lol*
    Hell, maybe you could enact some movement to keep anything that has to do with unions out of Burien. I`m sure you would try.

  7. May says:

    Lee Moyer—-

    And what work is that to be exact????

    You know what?….Brian Bennett used to work for Davis Wright Tremaine (law office)
    The City of Burien paid them &34.000 dollars for work done. I am asking what work?

    I want that Brian Bennett pays the Citizens that money back. They are his Friends.
    He is not of the hook yet just because he will not run for re-election.

    And the rest of his friends need to go too. Mike Martin needs to go next.

    You call work done calling in the Ward System? That is just what they wish would happen so they can line up their little soldiers to stand next in line for the council.

    Do you recall him leaving his sick bed and coming in to vote so area Y could be annexed? This would have been more area for his Developer friends. More money.

    Yes, you can call this work well done.

    • Chris says:

      Ok, do we have a ward system? Is there one currently in place or is there a plan to impliment it? The answere is no to all. End of story. It’s not going to happen.

    • shari says:

      I’m still stuck on the part where leaving your sick bed to come in and cast the vote you were elected to cast is a *bad* thing.

  8. Fred says:

    To Ivan Weiss, Elitist Vashon Island Resident-

    Once again you are trying to mess around in Burien politics. Buy some property and pay some taxes in Burien, if you have such a passion for how Burien should be run. The City Council elections are supposed to be non partisian. Council members are supposed to be elected on their skills, talents and committment to city and citizens. Yes, all elections are political in nature but Burien Council elections are supposed to be non partisian. There is a difference between political and partisian. It seems your attitude is that everything should be driven along party lines. That is what’s wrong with American govt. today and why the legislative branch of govt. is so dysfunctional. Elected representatives are so committed to serving their parties that they have lost sight of the fact that their first job is to serve the total citizenary and what is good for the country. They have political party tunnel vision just like you seem to have.

  9. Ivan Weiss says:

    “Nonpartisan” is a sham, and only the naive or the gullible promote it. So stop your nonsense; nobody is buying it. I have voted for Republicans from time to time, having lived in this state most of my life. So your charge of “political party tunnel viusion” is bogus, just the rest of your comments.

    I’ll comment on Burien politics as I see fit. Let’s see you try to stop me. As for your charge that I am an “elitist,” I slop the hogs, shovel manure,and cut firewood every day. So try to know what you’re talking about before you go off on me, pal.

  10. Chris says:

    Alright May, Fred, John Poitras and “Cover of Night,” now’s your chance to run for city council. As it appears you have all the answers and would prefer the local government run a different way, I strongly encourage you to file and run.

    As the saying goes, put your money where you mouth is. Now is your chance to affect change and doing something about the issues you’re passionate about.

    So again, I encourage you to file and run for Burien City Council.

    Looking forward to seeing you on the ballot.

    • John Poitras says:

      Chris.. and I quote.

      ” I strongly encourage you to file and run.

      As the saying goes, put your money where you mouth is. Now is your chance to affect change and doing something about the issues you’re passionate about.

      So again, I encourage you to file and run for Burien City Council. “

  11. Fred says:

    To Ivan Weiss, Elitist Vashon Island Resident-

    Vashon Island is 93.61% White/Caucasian, has only 14% of its population in public schools, has a free and reduced lunch rate of 21% at the public schools, 8% of households have a single female head of house and the island requires a special exculsive ferry run by the state (at great cost to the taxpapyers of Washington State) just to get to and from it. You’re a retired reporter and staff editor from the Seattle Times and chose to slop pigs, shovel manure and cut firewood because you now consider yourself a retired gentleman farmer and political organizer. Once a month you come over to the mainland to tell the 34th Dems how to manage politics and their lives in West Seattle, Unincorporated King County, Burien and Vashon Island.

    Yours is the life of an elitist and life on Vashon Island smacks of elitist living, no mingling with the diverse population riff raff of the rest of the mainland King County population. Go slop your hog wash on Vashon Island and not in Burien. Your claims and comments are just as bogus.

    Chris with your many friends in the Burien City Hall, its time for you to run for office. As you told us many blog comments ago, your friends in City Hall told you….

    • May says:


      Burien City Hall already found their Puppet and that is Joey Martinez. Maybe next time they use Chris.

    • Ivan Weiss says:

      Fred is either tracking me with a drone or has placed a GPS spy device in my truck, so he can tell you authoritatively that I live like an “elitist” and never come over to the mainland, and never “mingle with the riffraff.” Sure, Fred, whatever you say.

      We will see whose “claims and comments are bogus” in due time. Meanwhile, I intend to comment here as I see fit, and too bad if Fred and his buddies take issue with what I have to say.

      • Eaton B.Verz says:

        I can tell you are experienced in politics! Your promise lasted about a day!

      • John Poitras says:

        Ivan I think Fred is just saying that your views and opinions on how Burien residents should vote and think needs to be taken with a grain of salt since you don’t live here.

        You were a vocal supporter of annexation and we all know how that turned out despite all that propaganda from you and your buddies on the NHUAC.

        Your political weather vane may be in need of refurbishment but feel free to pontificate here all you like because frankly, we all need a little comedic relief.

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