LETTER: Neighborhood group suing City of Burien over Westmark development

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[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a Letter to the Editor, written by a Reader. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The B-Town Blog nor its staff:]

The City of Burien has recently issued a permit to clear all but 8 significant trees on the Westmark property ( 9.8 acres adjacent to the east of Seahurst park property). Westmark property (AKA Emerald Point Development) has not yet secured any of the other permits required for building. Logging the forest would make it prone to catastrophic landslides. It is a natural wetland and has a spring that feeds a stream. The non-profit organization Friends of Seahurst has filed a lawsuit against the city of Burien and the Court date with King County Superior Court is set for 9/03/2013.

Also, a hearing has been set on July 8th (time unknown yet) for a review with Hearing officer Ted Hunter.

If this is allowed to go in, numerous apartments will be built in the wetlands to the Northeast of Seahurst Park, effectively closing the loop trail and damaging a beautiful area of what most people assume is a large part of Seahurst Park that  belongs to the City Of Burien. The stream down the north side of the park will most likely disappear, and with it the birds and animals that depend on it. Additionally it will add a lot of traffic to an area that cannot sustain it. This property should be purchased by the City of Burien and added to the park. (That is unlikely given the lack of information about Burien City finances provided by Mike Martin the City Manager. No one really knows how much money Burien has spent nor do we know what it’s been spent on, even though it’s a Washington State legal requirement to provide that information to residents of Burien. But that’s another major issue.) Until then it is at high risk of being bulldozed.


  • Read more on the issue at http://www.Seahurstfriends.org
  • Become a member. Support them with a donation. It is registered as a non-profit. Lawsuits are expensive and they need more support.
  • Go the garage sale at the Sound Vista Condominium (132nd Lane SW & 12th Ave SW) on June 8th and buy something. (All profit goes to the association.)

Thank you,
Jane Martin

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16 Responses to “LETTER: Neighborhood group suing City of Burien over Westmark development”
  1. kex says:

    I support this lawsuit, I think, but what are you asking the city to do?

  2. Mike says:

    You Burien citizens should be suing the city because they haven’t provided financial report since its the law. Only you can take control of this situation. It’s hard to imagine Martin feels he is above the citizens that pay his salary.

  3. Ericka says:

    This needs to be investigated by the city!!! We need you to step up to the plate!

  4. Chris says:

    Wait, I thought the City of Burien was sued by Westmark, the city appealed, and then lost the appeal. Was it not the city who tried to initially deny Westmark on the proposed project, only being sued for interference for 10 milltion dollars?

    Just trying to understand the issues here.

  5. May says:

    What needs to be investigate is this…Who were the people involved at the time that sold this property to Westmark. Who voted for this on the council? Are there records of this?
    Whoever was involved in voting for this is the same situation as is on the council now.

    Friends are helping their Friends to get agendas across because they’re all involved in Real Eestate. This goes from Michael Martin to Knutson and many in between.

    They don”t care about the environment except how thick their wallets are.
    Remember it takes only 4 votes to pass something on the Council. You have 2 people that want something like Bennett and Robison then you have 2 people that follow like McGilton and Rose and there you have it.
    I believe this was the stituation when the property was sold to Westmark. Now you have this big mess.The people on this council create big messes that the citizens of burien now must pay for.
    They clean up foreclosed homes and pay with citizens money
    Bennett former emplyeer was paid &34.000 from citizens money.
    Debra George got an extended contract for CARES,
    What do the citizens of Burien get?…………You get to pay the bill for this mess.
    This is just outrageous.

    • Elizabeth says:

      May, Have you read the previous information that was provided that this purchase and approval for development started with King County BEFORE Burien was incorporated???

      • TcB says:

        She was too busy trying to come up with some marketing schemes for her new blockbuster game “Conspiracies with Friends”

      • ATKMH says:

        Of course not, and why would the council EVER vote on whether or not the property could be sold to someone. If I sell my home, I doubt the council is going to vote on whether or not I could sell to a certain person/company. It’s my property.

  6. Thanks for letting people know how they can support Seahurst Friends (aka Neighbors of Seahurst Park). Visit our website for more information http://www.seahurstfriends.org

    PLEASE NOTE: The NOSP Yard Sale on June 8th will be held at 12864 Shorecrest Dr. SW as part of the annual Shorewood on-the Sound Garage Sale. There will be dozens of yard sales throughout the Shorewood neighborhood.

  7. Robin says:

    Go get em!

  8. May says:

    Elisabeth and TcB

    Whoever was involved they are scammers . King County and the Ctiy of Burien. They have friends in all places.
    They don”t care about the environment except how thick their wallets are.

    • ATKMH says:

      You are wrong May. The City did fight this developement and lost, not only in Superior Court but the Supreme Court as well. Now the Ciy will just spend more money defending the lawsuit you have brought before it, another issue you currently have with the City. The courts have already ruled on this issue. It’s a waste of your time and the taxpayers money to defend the City against this frivilous (legal definition) of this suit. Another lawfirm will fill it’s pockets defending the City when the City has already tried to prevent this developement and lost twice. The courts have already ruled on this issue. If you want to spend the money of citizens fighting a fight that was already fought and lost, I’m sorry. The court can not enter a decision that conflicts with one already entered, TWICE.

  9. May says:

    Elisabeth and TcB —-a message from Melessa Rogers

    Thanks for letting people know how they can support Seahurst Friends (aka Neighbors of Seahurst Park).
    Visit our website for more information http://www.seahurstfriends.org

    Please make a donation.

  10. Fred says:

    To ATKMH –
    The city lost this case on legal procedural error. That means it handled the paper work and legal filings incorrectly. The city didn’t lose the case on whether the development had merit, was vested or was environmentally correct. That is what this group is now challenging.

    And you work for the city or your close relative does and always complain that city staff are greatly overworked. So you should know the real facts in this case. The Planning Department of Burien mismanaged this case and it was under Scott Greenberg’s reign of power. Don’t try to trick May or the rest of the blog readers on the facts.

    • Ms. Weaver says:

      So the paper work was wrong in the Superior Court and the Supreme Court? How did that happen? I am confused. I really am try to understand.

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