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LETTER: Neighborhood group suing City of Burien over Westmark development

[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a Letter to the Editor, written by a Reader. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The B-Town Blog nor its staff:]

The City of Burien has recently issued a permit to clear all but 8 significant trees on the Westmark property ( 9.8 acres adjacent to the east of Seahurst park property). Westmark property (AKA Emerald Point Development) has not yet secured any of the other permits required for building. Logging the forest would make it prone to catastrophic landslides. It is a natural wetland and has a spring that feeds a stream. The non-profit organization Friends of Seahurst has filed a lawsuit against the city of Burien and the Court date with King County Superior Court is set for 9/03/2013.

Also, a hearing has been set on July 8th (time unknown yet) for a review with Hearing officer Ted Hunter.

If this is allowed to go in, numerous apartments will be built in the wetlands to the Northeast of Seahurst Park, effectively closing the loop trail and damaging a beautiful area of what most people assume is a large part of Seahurst Park that  belongs to the City Of Burien. The stream down the north side of the park will most likely disappear, and with it the birds and animals that depend on it. Additionally it will add a lot of traffic to an area that cannot sustain it. This property should be purchased by the City of Burien and added to the park. (That is unlikely given the lack of information about Burien City finances provided by Mike Martin the City Manager. No one really knows how much money Burien has spent nor do we know what it’s been spent on, even though it’s a Washington State legal requirement to provide that information to residents of Burien. But that’s another major issue.) Until then it is at high risk of being bulldozed.


  • Read more on the issue at http://www.Seahurstfriends.org [1]
  • Become a member. Support them with a donation. It is registered as a non-profit. Lawsuits are expensive and they need more support.
  • Go the garage sale at the Sound Vista Condominium (132nd Lane SW & 12th Ave SW) on June 8th and buy something. (All profit goes to the association.)

Thank you,
Jane Martin

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