ELECTION UPDATE: After deadline passes, 13 file for 4 City Council seats

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After the filing deadline passed for the 2013 election on Friday (May 17), it looks to be quite a horse race for seats for local offices, with 13 candidates declared running for four Burien City Council seats.

The Primary election will be Aug. 6, and the General election will be Nov. 5.


  • Council Position No. 1: Jack Block Jr. (incumbent), Lauren Berkowitz, Kip Walton
  • Council Position No. 3: Andrea H. Reay, Joan McGilton (incumbent), Robert L. Richmond III, Debi Wagner
  • Council Position No. 5: Nancy Tosta, Len Boscarine, Rose Clark (incumbent)
  • Council Position No. 7: Chuck Rangel, Joey Martinez, Steve Armstrong

Two candidates who publicly declared they were running but failed to meet the deadline are:


  • Alan E. Lobdell
  • Goodspaceguy
  • Everett A. Stewart
  • Dow Constantine (incumbent)


  • John Urquhart


  • Director District No. 2: Angelica M. Alvarez
  • Director District No. 3: Susan Goding, Miles Partman


  • Highline Water District Commissioner Position No. 2: Daniel Johnson
  • Highline Water District Commissioner Position No. 4: George Landon
  • King County Water District No. 20 Commissioner Position No. 2: Gary Coy
  • King County Water District No. 49 Commissioner Position No. 2: John Levich, Roger Gee, David G. Lutz
  • King County Water District No. 125 Commissioner Position No. 2: Jerry B. Thornton Sr.


  • Commissioner Position No. 2 (short and full term): Julie Hiatt


  • Council Position No. 2: Clarke Brant (incumbent) – withdrawn, Mike Bishoff
  • Council Position No. 4: Kathleen Waters, Marion Yoshino
  • Council Position No. 6: Tom Munslow, Chris Coleman


  • Council Position No. 1: Matt Pina
  • Council Position No. 3: Carmen L. Scott (incumbent), Victor L. Pennington II
  • Council Position No. 4 (unexpired 2-year term): Chuck Swesey, Jeremy Nutting (incumbent), James Payne
  • Council Position No. 5: Melissa Musser (incumbent)
  • Council Position No. 7: Robert Bonds, Dave Kaplan (incumbent)
  • Municipal Court Judge: Veronica Galvan (incumbent), David Gehrke


  • Council Position No. 2: Kathryn Campbell, Othman Heibe, Rick Forschler (incumbent)
  • Council Position No. 4: Suber Adam, Tony Anderson (incumbent)
  • Council Position No. 6: Pam Fernald (incumbent), Joe Van


  • Commissioner Position No. 1: Pete Lewis, John Creighton, Andrew Pilloud Withdrawn
  • Commissioner Position No. 2 (unexpired 2-year term): Courtney Gregoire, John Naubert
  • Commissioner Position No. 3 (short and full term): Andrew Pilloud, Michael Wolfe, Stephanie Bowman
  • Commissioner Position No. 4: Richard Pope, Tom Albro

NOTE: A candidate may withdraw by submitting a signed request that their name not be printed on the ballot no later than Monday, May 20, 2013, at 4:30 p.m.

As we’ve done in the past, we’ll be holding Candidate Forums, so be sure to check back often for updates…

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11 Responses to “ELECTION UPDATE: After deadline passes, 13 file for 4 City Council seats”
  1. kex says:

    I would be happy to make a donation to the campaign of any candidates who will publicly declare that they would vote to get rid of Mike Martin.

  2. Coverofnight says:

    I’m VERY happy with these candidates! I’m confident that we’ll vote in the right people to restore true representation to this council and city manager position.

    A great day for Burien – can’t wait to offer more insight in the months ahead!

  3. Feralcat says:


  4. Mary says:

    His protectors, current incumbents Joan and Rose need to go to!

  5. May says:

    A big THANK YOU for running to

    Jack Block Jr.
    Debi Wagner
    Nancy Tosta

    THANK YOU for caring for the City of Burien.

  6. Uh oh says:

    Nice knowing you mike.

  7. Fred says:

    Hopefully some of these other mystery candidates like Kip Walton and Robert L. Richmond, III will let us know who they really are and what issues they stand for. Of the announced candidates, some of them are also pretty foggy about what they stand for.

    Andrea Reay is a mother of two small children. She and her husband work full time for the Seattle Opera company and I’m not sure where she will get 20 hours per week to give to the Burien City Council. She stands for communication. But it is clear that she doesn’t know a things about storm water which she has stated is one of her key issues. And I don’t understand where she stands on the big issues that are confronting Burien like the budget, the development direction for Town Square, further annexations, wards, the form of governemnt, animal control, retension of the City Manager, just to name a few. And she doesn’t understand the factors preventing transparency in Burien’s govt.

    My point here is when the new candidates announce themselves please give us, the blog readers, an idea of where you stand on the big issues confronting Burien. Hope to see your pictures and announcements on the blog soon.

  8. May says:


    Council Position No. 1: Jack Block Jr. (incumbent), Lauren Berkowitz, Kip Walton

    Interesting. Brian Bennett donated $500 to Lauren B. Jeff Upthegrove (brother of Steve (Olympia) gave $40.00.

    Kip Walton what do you have to do with the Mariners Condo in Des Moines? Is there a connection with you and James Strichartz. (Anyone that is In any way even close to this corrupt Lawyer will never get my vote. Actuall you and Lauren Berkowitz neet to get out of the race. Jack Block Jr will never lose his seat to you. And getting donations from Bennett and Co. will not help you.

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