Shelli Park explains why she chose to not file to run for Burien City Council

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Local Artist and Designer Shelli Park – who failed to meet Friday’s deadline to file – sent us the following explanation for why she has chosen not to run for Burien City Council:

I want to thank those of you who have expressed support for my intention to run for Burien City Council. It is with regret that I have come to the decision to postpone my run for City Council for another two years. I plan to run in 2015. I arrived at this conclusion after serious consideration. I cannot do a responsible job as City Council member until I have gotten my design business in a more stable position.

After considering the current candidates pursuing the open seats, I am endorsing, and fully supporting Lauren Berkowitz and Joey Martinez in their run for City Council. I feel that they can bring the strength needed to continue building a better Burien!

Twelve candidates have declared that they’re running for four Burien City Council seats:

  • Council Position No. 1: Jack Block Jr. (incumbent), Lauren Berkowitz, Kip Walton
  • Council Position No. 3: Andrea H. Reay, Joan McGilton (incumbent), Robert L. Richmond III, Debi Wagner
  • Council Position No. 5: Nancy Tosta, Len Boscarine–WITHDRAWN, Rose Clark (incumbent)
  • Council Position No. 7: Chuck Rangel, Joey Martinez, Steve Armstrong

The Primary election will be Aug. 6, and the General election will be Nov. 5.

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4 Responses to “Shelli Park explains why she chose to not file to run for Burien City Council”
  1. May says:

    Brian Bennett donation to Lauren Berkowitz…..$500.00
    ” ” to Joey Martinez $300.00

    That is what Burien does not need. His friends and supporters and more of the same crap.

    • jimmy says:

      so may if you are ever mayor are you going tell all your friends off and not support them at all even if they able todo a job or a task this seems realy small minded of you when you have friends that you trust and respect then you should support them in there goals so your little conspiracy theories is what we don’t need in burien or on the b-town blog so in others words get a dam life already and quit posting bs just becuse your upset with yourself get some help for your problems not everone in the world is out to get you and just becuse some one is friends with someone does not mean its a bad thing Iam guessing your just a person that has never had a good friend and with the way you post about people that not to suprising

      • May says:

        Jimmy—–this is why people do what they do because of people like you. You are so right…it is easier to lie and screw people over then believe the truth,

        Jimmy you know nothing. Most people would continue living with corruption then speak up. This is why we in the US have so many problems. Of course I’m a bad person because I don’t cover things up but bring things out in the open.

        • Burien Fan says:

          You don’t “bring things out into the open.” You accuse people of being “corrupt,” without a single shred of evidence, other than that they might know somebody else. You see conspiracies everywhere, but you offer no evidence whatever, let alone proof, that any such “conspiracies” exist, except in your own imagination.

          You are, in short, an irresponsible bomb thrower, without a scrap of credibility. You, and the rest of your supporters who infest the comment threads on this blog, deserve to have all the candidates whom you support go down to defeat, and all the candidates whom you oppose probably should be elected. Spite and spitefulness beget more spite and spitefulness, and whatever spite comes back at you, you should hold yourself responsible for it.

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