Jack Block Jr. officially announces his bid for re-election to Burien City Council

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Jack Block Jr. on Tuesday (May 28) officially announced his bid for re-election to the Burien City Council.

“Burien’s citizens have an important choice to make this election: maintain the present dysfunctional status quo, or return the Council’s focus to the real needs of Burien’s citizens,” Block said in a statement.

Here’s more from his announcement:

“In the last election, Burien’s citizens trusted me to work in their best interests. I’ve worked hard to repay that trust:

  • Voting NO on annexation, when the county tried to balance its budget on the backs of Burien’s citizens.
  • Saying NO to the City Manager’s proposal to raise taxes when there were adequate financial reserves to maintain city services.
  • Saying NO to City staff’s proposal to extend our current solid waste contract, when putting it out to bid would reduce rates and result in more city revenue.
  • Pushing to bring City Council focus to the lack of economic development and address the high number of empty storefronts that line our streets.

“Unfortunately, the current majority of the City Council and City Manager have vacated their duty to citizens, and continue to pursue an agenda that is far outside of the needs and desires of our citizens. Burien has real problems, and instead of addressing those, too many Councilmembers have allowed themselves to be diverted by issues that are low priority or opposed by voters:

  • Despite a 65% vote against it, the current City Council majority continues to push for annexation, at a tremendous cost to Burien residents in tax dollars and in the use of staff time to promote the issue
  • Rather than representing all the citizens of Burien, the current City Council majority is proposing to divide the city into districts, introducing the ugly specter of ward politics.
  • Rather than listening to the voices of our citizens, the current City Council majority has refused to even consider discussion of an elected mayor, accountable to the voters, rather than a ‘Gang of Four’ councilmembers.
  • The current City Council majority wasted an opportunity and lost federal grant money that would pay for more Burien Police officers.
  • Instead of doing their jobs of setting policy and ensuring that staff carries it out, too much latitude has been given by the current City Council majority to the City Manager’s agenda.

“Because I am a blue collar worker, a Longshoreman and a former Teamster, I understand how hard it is to earn a buck and how much harder it is to save a dollar. I’ve brought that approach to represent “The People’s Voice” on the City Council. In my no-nonsense manner, I treat taxpayer dollars as if they come out of my own pocket, and I have fought vigorously for things that matter to our residents and Burien’s future:

  • The issue of annexation runs like a cancer through Burien; it is time to cut it out, to remove North Highline’s potential annexation designation
  • To focus on the needs of all of Burien by putting aside the concept of wards
  • To end the CARES contract and establish a professional animal control facility with trained animal control officers
  • For a public vote on changing Burien’s government to an elected mayor
  • For more Burien Police Officers
  • To refinance the City Light debt from the First Avenue undergrounding, which would save Burien taxpayers $300,000
  • To refinance other city debt, saving Burien taxpayers many more hundreds of thousands of dollars
  • To end the utility rate disparity that costs Burien rate payers much more than Seattle
  • To respect private property rights while protecting our shorelines and environment
  • To build a recreation center to keep our kids safe and off the streets
  • To bring Burien city staff priorities and focus back to city projects

“One example of the savings I’ve brought to the taxpayers was by going “paperless”. As an example, the council information and documentation packets of the May 20, 2013 City Council meeting were 619 pages each, requiring 23 reams of paper. When the City of Gig Harbor went paperless, they saved taxpayers $40,000 a year. Yet I am the only Councilmember to go paperless. The little stuff adds up and I will continue to fight to save every dollar.

“It is time for the rebirth of Burien.

“I’ve worked hard for the people of Burien. I’m asking the voters of Burien to return me to office so that I can continue to do so.”

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51 Responses to “Jack Block Jr. officially announces his bid for re-election to Burien City Council”
  1. Erik Robbins says:

    I’ve got your back Jack!! Great news.

  2. Coverofnight says:

    I come close to agreeing with Jack on almost everything; don’t agree with adding more cops, though….there’s a jillion of them always at Starbucks by Safeway.

    • Chris says:

      Nice cheap shot against the cops. Typically when you see them having coffee, it’s usually right before their shift starts, or right when it starts. And often, them having coffee together serves as a briefing as well.

      I stand with Jack in procuring more cops.

  3. Smurfette says:

    So this is the Republican in the race. Got it.

  4. Mary says:

    You have my support Jack , especially since one of the folks running against you specifically is thick with Joey Martinez and is all about maintaining the current status quo with the rest of Mike Martins cabal. The cronyism at city hall needs to end not be perpetuated and you stood up against them. They did not like it so you were attacked. People are not stupid Jack and I believe they see the big fuss about your face book page for the political theatre that it was.

  5. PanderBear Jack says:

    So much for Fred’s take on the 34th dems “interefering” in Burien politics… I see Jackie-boys name is up for endorsement as well!

    I also wonder if Jackie-boy sees the potential future with so many lake candidates or lake backed candidates on the ballot? If the lake or lake backed candidates make their run he’ll be on the outs with the “new majority” STILL!

    And what’s with this slogan? Is it wrestling? I smell what Jackie-boy is cookin!

    • May says:

      PanderBear Jack….

      i can see you have not done your homework again. Don’t you know that the 3 Amigos, Brian Bennett, Dave Upthegrove and Joe Fitzgibbon (34th Dist) used to sit on the Burien Planning commission. Oh yes and Scott Greenberg was the leader. Now two of them are working in Olympia and Bennett is donating to the funds of Lauren Berkowitz and Joey Martinez.

      click on the right “search the database” ..click Candidates…click Local. ..got to page 5 and click on the left of the name. if you click on the C1Report there, you will see that Dave upthegrove brother Jeff is her Treasurer. Interesting.

      I am asking myself why Mr,Mayor did not donate to Jack that always showed him so much respect? But he donates $500 to someone to come against him.

      …and the saga continues.

    • TbC says:

      Sounds like you getting worried there,Pander. The only thing I smell is you sweating.

      • PanderBear Jack says:

        What is this grade-school? I know you are but what am I is sure to follow!

        What Jackie-boy doesn’t get is that he is the sole cause of many the problems on the council and if the lake Burien candidates get control they don’t need Jackie-boy any more. They only deal with him because he’s needed!

        It’s so sad how close we are to having a lake Burien controlled council – Lucy k, bob Edgar, (Armstrong or Rangel), Wagner, and Tosta.

        • May says:

          What Jackie-boy doesn’t get is that he is the sole cause of many the problems on the council and …………….

          Of course he is the problem because he doesn’t follow the “leader”.

  6. Brian says:

    Jack has my vote.

  7. Burien Fan says:

    Jack ditched the Dems when he sided with the rich, conservative Lake Burien NIMBYs. Now watch for the Dems to ditch Jack. You think the Council is “dysfunctional,” Jack? Want to know the cause? Look in your mirror.

  8. SD says:

    You’ve done a great job representing my interests…thank-you!

  9. Debbie says:

    I think I like Jack. Of course I tend to live my life flip flopping every time I have to make a decision. Last time Jack ran he was PRO ANNEXATION. He suddenly saw he could not win this time being pro annexation so he pandered to the vote and now he is anti annexation. How convenient.
    I did not see that Jack says he is running a family friendly campaign. I guess degrading women on your facebook page is not healthy to a campaign.

    By the way, John Poitrus we all know you are writing as May so why do you continue?

    • TcB says:

      I tried not to let that thought happen but if other people are saying it…

    • May says:


      I think you are just upset because Jack didn’t have your picture on his Facebook. Don’t worry you’ll get over it over time.

      Debbie are you really TcB and writing as him/her?

      By the way, John Poitrus we all know you are writing as May so why do you continue?…and what does this question mean?

      “Continue”..does that refer to that somebody is stalking me now?…..I think I figured out who is behind it. It is good to have friends in high places because they get the job done for you, if you know what i mean.

      …and NO I don’t know John Poitrus.The only thing I know about him is that “Friends of Friends” stole 15 Million from him. I call them losers because they can not make a living the honest way.

      • John Poitras says:

        TcB writing as May .. You have again crossed the line with your lying and defamation of my character. I require you to stop lying about me and stop defaming me or I will take action which will remove you from the anonymity you thrive in and shine a light on who you actually are in real life.

    • PanderBear Jack says:

      I am pretty sure Marty and Mary are John Poitras too. They all communicate the same way. “Part and parcel” is a Mt View California phrase!

      • John Poitras says:

        And who are you Pandering Jack? You have not crossed the line into defamation yet like TcB . And there is no law against lying however I suspect you are either on council or on staff and I am sure exposure is something you want to avoid but I would tread carefully if I were you. Someone I know thinks the Pandering Jack is Gordon Shaw so I guess thats a good possibility as well since we know what a cancer you were on council and sour grapes is a good motive.

    • John Poitras says:

      TcB writing as other people is really childish and I hope you get banned from the blog for doing it. People like you ruin it (the blog) for everyone.

      • TcB says:

        Well actually I don’t, but hey..come to think of it…

        You were the only one to actually be caught posting as that whatisname Forrest character weren’t you?

        At least that’s what everyone else here has said.

        Let’s get back to the topic, which is about Jack Block Jr.

      • Debbie says:

        John, who are you trying to kid with your routine about being banned from the blog for writing under an assumed name. We all know you got busted for writing as William Forest. We also know you are May and possibly Mary and several other names you use. We all know the blog took down several of the writings you did under an assumed name to make it look like many people favored your opinion when in reality it was only you. The problem is, I don’t know if you think we are all that stupid or are you so sick that you don’t know what you are doing. I sincerely wish they would ban the people who write under an assumed name because half of your lake people would be off this blog and then it would be a much better blog.
        Don’t forget that the people who maintain the blog can see IP addresses so they know where they came from.
        I guess if you choose to attack people in wheelchairs, John, you should probably not do it from your home computer.

  10. Maxine says:

    I, for one, appreciate Jack using my tax dollars to travel all over the country on political junkets. How much are we paying for all of his flights and hotel bills? Why does he take so many more trips than any other councilmember? I guess this does explain how he treats our tax dollars as if they come out of his own pocket, though.

    • Coverofnight says:

      This traveling that Jack is accused of is interesting as I’m unaware of all the details. Could people post some specifics for the education of all? Preferably, it will include all the council/manager members and not just Jack. Nothing ticks me off more than elected officials abusing public dollars – especially for trips.

  11. By Stander says:

    Its nice to notice that some people are seeing the the great control project by the Lake Burien people. So far they have managed to steal a lake from the State and the Citizens of Burien now they want the whole town. A lot of people on your present council at least look ahead to problems that will be coming up in the years ahead. For this they are called names.. Well look at the 3 of your council members. Lucy is a anti-everything person therefore can never get in trouble because she ops out of most things and she is sitting where she should be working on them. Edgar is a one mind person which only thinks of now and the lake Burien needs. It would be nice if the State would require the Lake Burien people to open the lake to all the people not just a few. And Mr Block jumps around like a jack rabbit. It takes him 20 minutes to say I’m against it. And his main concern is his reelections.If these people get their way in the election then you might have to vote on a name change for Burien (TO LAKE BURIEN). Your present council may have made some mistakes but over all they have made Burien a lot better and a nice place to live Think about it. Good luck.

  12. Marty says:

    Mr Price who goes by the name of Bystander.

    Your credibility is a little suspect since you are a biased fervent pro annexation advocate and a member of the NUHAC who in cahoots with Mike Martin unsuccessfully tried to pull the wool over peoples eyes last November.
    Fortunately the hype was exposed for the folly it was and annexation failed.

    Mr (good luck) Price is now trying to take revenge on the Keep White Center independent group some of whom live near Lake Burien.
    Its no wonder you continue to denigrate those council members who will opposed annexation at this time for a myriad of good reasons.
    I suspect you hope Joey (more taxes) Martinez and Lauren Berkowitz who have stated publicly they favor annexation will be elected and Burien will try to annex again.

    Let me assure you Mr Price that is never going to happen and all of your vitriolic and gnashing of teeth is not going to change that one whit.

  13. PanderBear Jack says:

    All these people posting anonymously (I resemble that remark!) calling each other out for being other people is ridiculous!

    ill stop saying John p is William forest if you do! Or, admit to being William, and truth seeker, and Marty and mike and I will reveal who I am!!!

    • TcB says:

      But that would be like when the two characters on the sitcom finally get together. It ruins the show. It’s the tension that’s keeps em coming back.

    • Pandering Back Jack says:

      Panderbear Jack
      We all know you are either Gordon Shaw or Jerry Robison.
      Its not much of a secret really. 🙂

  14. Mr Price says:

    Marty I don’t know where you got the idea that I am by Stander. But in any case being a neighbor of Burien I am interested in what they are doing and how it affects me and my neighbors. As for power problems. When and if your Lake Burien people do get elected you will really see how the City will suffer. Most of the people running things now can at least think ahead. And you had better watch who you attach names to?

  15. Fred says:

    PanderBear Jack -is a flamer troll. ” One motive (from trolls especially) is the desire for attention and for entertainment derived at the expense of others-Wikipedia” PanderBear Jack is pro-annexation and pro-wards.PanderBear Jack is also a professional politician or wannabe who loves to create a scapegoat person or individuals to create an anger, fear and hate against. This is done by creating an imagined injustice or alleged bad action the created scapegoat indidviual has committed against PanderBear Jack or someone else. PanderBear Jack never deals in facts. It is always about inuendos that he implies. There is never a cited report that we can check PanderBear Jack’s claims against for truth. And PanderBear Jack almost never blogs about the real blog topic but creates a side blog topic to suck in unsuspecting bloggers.

    As a specific example; the weathest citizens in Burien do not live on Lake Burien; they live on the marine shorelines. Check the wealth distibution for the City of Burien in the 2010 census. The specific neighborhoods that have the most wealth and power in elections are Seahurst and Three Tree Point. Joan Mc Gilton lives in one of these neighborhoods and her neighbor is Mike Martin. During the SMP process these neighborhoods donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to protect and push expanding their homes further into the marine shorelines at expense to the environment and salmon recovery. However, we do not see PanderBear Jack creating a hate campaign against them, Joan Mc Gillton or Micheal Noakes.

    If you check the King County assessor’s site you will see that the Lake Burien residents don’t have the highest assessed values for their homes and properties in Burien. Guess where they are? However, it does appear that they purchased their lands and shorelands which extend far into the lake fair and square first from the State of Washington and the previous owners. If you have a gripe about who sold the lake to the residents take it up with the State of Washington. By the way, there are hundreds of privately owned lake properties that do not have public access to their lakes. Check the listing of Washinton State Lakes. Also check out the Supreme Court decision from the 1930’s on shorelands. There appears to be a difference of opinion of who stole the freshwater lakes in the state from who. The first priority of the SMP is not public access to private lands; it is the protection of the environment. PanderBear Jack, ByStander, TcB and Mr. Price don’t seem to have read the Shoreline Management Act. and the court ruling on it.

    Most of the small lakes along the I-5 corridor are a mess in some way or another because of public access and frequently have to be closed because of the environment problems it has caused. Go take a swim at Hicks Lake in
    White Center or in Arbor Lake in Burien. Bet you have a good case of the green apple quick step after that swim. Burien needs a good community center for its citizens with a good, clean swimming pool. That’s what our tax dollars should be going to build. We have been promised that center since 2004. I don’t want to swim in a dirty little mud puddle full of thousands of pounds of human and dog poop, pee, used condoms and drug used cast off equipment and I don’t want to pay millions of dollars a year to have the police try to keep the drugs and gangs away from it after hours. Angle Lake pays $1million+ per year for police and clean up protection for that lake park. If i want to enjoy a shoreline, I can got to Seahurst Park which I already paid my taxes for. I want a good clean, well lighted pool and hot tub area, some basketball hoops, a place for indoor volleyball, and indoor running track, some great play fields,etc., etc. etc. Don’t get distracted by these political, flamer trolls from what Burien really needs. Jack Block has always been an advocate for this kind of community center for the citizens.

    • TcB says:

      Pretty much all true. Gonna be a Pandoras box if the lake is opened (again) to public access. Didn’t work before (But most of you don’t remember, or you haven’t lived here long enough)

    • PanderBear Jack says:

      Oh come on Fred , don’t you know that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?

      For your information I dropped the mic on another recent cares post.

      Fred does live poking from the shadows however and guess at who people are so I can try it with you “Fred”

      I gather that you’re the spouse of a certain someone who is a locally elected official. I base that on your “protectionism” and selective “knowledge” state laws and regulations.

      My same offer stands to you. Come out of the shadows and so will I.

      • Mike says:

        You still didn’t answer the question panderer. Who told you RASKC would be more expensive? Martin or his cronies or someone from KC?

        • jim clingan says:

          A representative from RASKC quoted Burien’s annual cost to contract with them at $432,000. That’s right, Mike, $432,000 per year! This took place at the City Council meeting on April 15. Check the video.

          • Mike says:

            Thank you Jim. That is quit a difference. Is that an apples to apples service comparison? Would raskc take in feral cats? Cares doesn’t. What about loosing 285 animals, would raskc do that? I hope not Jim, but going on the cheap, that’s the kind of service you get.

  16. You have my support Jack, especially on Utility Rates! Our Water Bills have gone up 33% in two years yielding Water District 49 $867,865 to pay for their mistakes.

    • May says:


      As part of this Reform Effort we are asking Michael L. Harris to resign. Below are some of the Major Mistakes made by the District Manager that you pay an additional 33% for:

      1. In late 2011, King County Water District No.49 revealed a $510,719 accounting mistake. More specifically this mistake began in 2006 and just kept growing and growing and growing. Both the District Manager and the Commissioners were either oblivious and unknowledgeable as to this contingent liability, or there was concealment occurring, foolishly hoping nobody would find out and the day of reckoning would never come. I do not believe there was concealment. I HAVE NO EVIDENCE OF CONCEALMENT; but, we all have evidence of our base water bill rate going from $27 in 2011 to $32 in 2012 to pay for their mistake.

      f this is the Michael L Harris that lived at 1300 SW CAMPUS DR 98023 they are talking about it would just explain everything. King County Dept. of Assessment #1821049025.

      Polygon Apt and Legacy LLC are all familiar names. Polygon goes with Jeffrey Gow (donates to Kevin Wallace PDC, Bellevue Council) Seattle Times (May 30’13)article Ethics.
      Legacy LLC goes with (Burien Town Square).

      Polygon also goes with Michael Martin and wife Julie.KV Carriage C LLC and Christoper Eadon at #KCDOA 7297900600.

      It’s just a real small world I guess.

  17. Jack:

    Can you post the research you have on Utility Rates in Burien as compared to Seattle as you mention in your letter above?

    • Jack Block Jr. says:

      You can find the rates on the SCL website. Essentially, SCL was charging Seattle utility tax on customers outside Seattle and lost a court case saying that was illegal, so the Seattle City Council raised suburban rates 6%

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